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I put down the golden journal; this man had just answered so many questions I had wanted to ask. I didn't know him, but I felt a great attachment to him already. Like he had been my father, for he might as well have been.

I had to go looking for him, but that could wait until later, like after my birthday party tomorrow.

It shocked me that I had known some of the names mentioned in this story. My best friend Kenny had a father named George Weasley. And I had two friends named Ashley and Toby who had been adopted by a Remus Lupin, could it possibly be the same one?

I knew one thing was for sure; I had a bunch more questions now then I had before, and if I couldn't find Severus Snape to answer them I had a feeling I knew someone who could.

If Narcissa had been Draco's mother then she was Aries's grandmother, and that meant she was the ghostly shadow who was often seen pacing the corridors outside of her room.

It was time to pay a little visit to the women I had lived with for years, but never met once.

She had known my mother; maybe she would talk about it.

"Where are you going?" I heard Aries yell as I ran past his room towards the front door.

It was still pouring outside as I threw open the front doors and stood on the front porch just getting rained on. I could hear Aries's pounding feet as the little boy caught up with me.

"What the heck are you doing?" Aries said, tugging on my arm and trying to pull me back inside.

"Looking for an friend," I said with a smile as I gave in and let the little boy pull me inside. I swear as the doors closed I heard a deep laugh come from outside. Something told me that the Half-Blood Prince hadn't left just yet, and I was glad.

"Your friends will be here tomorrow," Aries assured me, his crazy cousin. He didn't know that one of them was probably here tonight.

As I went back upstairs with Aries, intent on paying a visit to his grandmother I had to smile to myself. It was weird to think that the night before my mother's sixteenth birthday she had been with my father. And even weirder to think that the night my father died no one had known I even existed, not even my mother. But it wasn't weird at all finally knowing about my family and their past. It wasn't weird at all. Now I actually felt complete, which was odd, because I had never even realized I had been missing something before.

Now if only I could find Severus, which I doubted after reading his story would be too hard. I would start looking tomorrow. Chances are that's when he would start looking for me.

I knocked on the door of Narcissa Malfoy, her grandson standing next to me with a look of perpetual confusion plastered on his face.

Slowly the door creaked open, and the woman inside peered out curiously.

"Hello Cissy," I said handing her the notebook.

She smiled with a sigh of relief upon reading the first words, showing me that she did indeed know The Half-Blood Prince.

"Well, come in darlings, I bet you have some questions. Now Cassie, have I ever told you how much you look like your mother?" she said, pulling us into her small little living room, ready to tell us a story.

The End

And even though I tried to stop myself from using these characters (Reggie, Cassie, and Matthew) by killing off Reggie I had to go and write this one, and the way it ended I'm thinking if I have time in the next week I could write Cissy's version. But I won't, because I don't have that time, and I really need to start a new story and get away from using these characters.