-This is a work of fiction based on The Gashlycrumb Tinies, a poem and alphabet primer by Edward Gorey. It is rated T for violence resulting in accidental and intentional deaths. This work is written purely for entertainment value. Please don't sue me.-

V is for Victor
by Elisabeth Henry

'I'm uncomfortable,' Victor complained.

'Oh, don't whinge on about it,' said his oldest brother, Donald.

'We won't be long,' said his second brother, Eric.

'I was the captive princess last time,' said his youngest brother, Basil. 'We all took a go.'

Victor wiggled against the ropes that bound him to the railway track.

'Bully,' he said grumpily. 'Just hurry it up, won't you?'

'Yes, yes,' his brothers said, as they rode away on their imaginary horses.

After a few dozen metres, Donald cocked his head. 'D'you hear that?' he said.

'What?' asked Eric.

'Mum's calling us!' said Basil.

There were fresh cookies in the kitchen when they arrived, breathless, back at the house.

'Where's Victor?' their mum asked, as she poured them some milk.

There was a train whistle in the distance. Donald blinked. Eric stopped chewing.

'Oops,' said Basil, as he helped himself to another cookie.

V is for Victor squashed under a train...