Disney owns, I don't. I am weak and pitiful, and not worthy of being sued. This is being done at the request of Calamite. He brought the idea up in the review for Valentine's Surprise, and I had to admit, it was a pretty good idea.

So basically, this could stand alone, but it also ties in directly with my story Valentine's Surprise, chapter 12. Enjoy!


The Epic Struggle

Rufus slept comfortably in his quiet little home, dozing peacefully for most of the day. He understood that this was a big day for his humans, it was all they had talked about all weekend, but in his mind, they worried over nothing. His pet Ron should have known that better than anyone. After all, his motto was 'Never Be Normal', a philosophy that Rufus understood well and lived by. After all, what was normal anyways.

Rufus was roused from his sleep by the sound of conversation. Since he could feel that his human was sitting and could hear him talking, that could only mean one thing; lunch time.

Poking his head out from his pocket, Rufus blinked in the light, easily taking in his humans around him. Granted, they weren't his like Ron and Kim were, but they came by often enough, especially the loud one that his human liked now. He was still getting used to her, considering she wasn't very nice until recently, but he figured he could adapt. After all, she was still learning.

That was when the unexpected movement on the table caught his attention. The blond female's food, which she wasn't paying attention to, seemed to be moving all on it's own, with no help from the fork in her hand. Rufus had seen what this stuff could do at times, and highly doubted that anything that could move on it's own would likely be up to any good.

Glancing around the table, he saw that none of his humans had noticed the problem, leaving the situation up to him. Jumping up from his pocket, he landed deftly on the table. Taking a couple of hops, he landed in front of the blob, forcing it to halt in it's tracks.

For a moment, the two eyed each other, frozen, waiting for the other to make the first move. With no warning, a pseudopod shot forth from the blob, catching Rufus in the stomach, knocking the naked mole rat back. Rufus groaned as the air was knocked from his lungs, and he dropped to three paws. The pseudopod flailed about as if in victory, but froze when Rufus looked up.

Rufus' eyes were hard and cold. No food did that to him, no matter how rotten it had gotten. His eyes flashed blue for a moment, and he thought he could see the blob shiver in fright. With a roar, Rufus leapt at the vile concoction, his paws striking out with precision.

With the first strike, his paw dislodged what appeared to be a kernel of corn, but it was hard to tell. His second strike knocked loose a piece of meat, and the blob fell back under the assault.

The blob fell back to the table, it's pseudopod raised in surrender as it tried desperately to back away. Rufus stalked after it, confident.

The blob saw it's chance. Grabbing the fork from a gawking student, it swung the weapon at Rufus, intending to take the mole rat's head clean off. Rufus ducked under the blow, backing up quickly out of the thing's range. The blob moved in quickly, aiming to take advantage of the situation. It's pseudopod wrapped around the fork, it danced forward like a fencer, attempting to stab Rufus.

But the blob was an amateur, and Rufus had dealt with ninjas. The blob's feeble attacks were nothing compared to those. On the third strike, Rufus stepped to the side and forward, putting himself inside his foe's attack. He stepped down quickly on the pseudopod, restraining it, before the blob had a chance to pull back.

It's pseudopod trapped, the blob struggled mightily to pull free to no avail. Rufus just raised a digit, waving it back and forth, all while smiling. With a blop, the blob cut itself off from it's pseudopod and it's weapon so that it could pull back.

That was all the opportunity Rufus needed. Stomping down on the fork, he flipped it up into the air. The move distracted the blob, which eyed the weapon carefully, but Rufus already knew how this battle was going to end.

His paw shot up quickly, grabbing the fork, and drove it quickly into the blob. Gravy shot out from the wound, covering Rufus as the naked mole rat drove the fork in deeper into his enemy. The blob burbled and burped in protest, but it was far too late for it to save itself now. With one final twist, the blob fell to the table, unmoving.

Rufus took a deep breath, savoring his victory. Raising his paws, fork in paw, over his head, he let out a triumphant cheer. Lunch, the cafeteria, and his humans, all were safe for anouther day.


Author's Notes – This is just a short little thing, actually managed to stretch this thing out longer than I thought possible considering it made up only five partial lines in Valentine's Surprise. Hope you enjoyed!