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Chapter 2: You've Got To Be Shitting Me

"Him?" Jake questioned. "You want me to guard him?" The young dragon looked at the boy sitting before him. It was the new kid. Only now his appearance was slightly altered. There was a dark ring forming around his right eye, and he had a split lip, not to mention various other scraps and bruises.

He clutched the blanket, which Jake's mom most likely wrapped around him, closer to himself, as he lowered his eyes. From what he could see of the smaller boy, it looked like he put up one hell of a fight against his attackers. That's the only reason that they would have beat him up the way they did.

Mrs. Long looked at her son. "Jake dear, why don't you take him upstairs and lend him some cloths. We can talk about this after you come back down."

"Yeah whatever." Funny. For some reason, every time Alex is around, Jake seems to get irritated. "Follow me."

Jake faintly noticed a slight limp in the smaller boys step as he followed behind him, but he didn't pay it any mind. It wasn't until he tripped on the stairs, that Jake even paid any attention. Reaching out a hand to help him up, he noticed that the siren flinched away from him.

"I'm fine." Alex said. "I'm just a little clumsy." Ignoring the offered hand, he pushed himself up, and signaled for Jake to show the way.

There was silence as Jake showed Alex to his room. The older boy walked over to his closet and pulled out a shirt and a pair of pants, before he tossed them on his bed. "You can were those." he said as he walked over, and sat on the top of his dresser.

The smaller boy dropped the blanket that was wrapped around him, and gave Jake a full view of how bad the attack had actually been. His shirt and pants were all torn up, and multiple scratches and bruises could be seen underneath what was left of his clothes.

Alex suddenly felt very uncomfortable having the other boy watching him. "Umm. Do you mind?"

Raising an eyebrow, Jake hopped off of his dresser and turned around. This, however, didn't do much, because he was now facing the mirror, and could see every movement the other made as he undressed.

For some reason, the older of the two couldn't take his eyes off of the younger boy. The slow, deliberate, movements seemed to hypnotized Jake. 'This,' he thought. 'This must be why everybody is after him.'

A voice startled him out of his musings. "I'm done."

Turning around, Jake was glad that he had given the younger boy some of his old clothes that he was growing out of, otherwise, he was pretty sure, they would have fallen off of the lithe frame of the boy before him.Walking over to his closet, he pulled out a belt and handed it to Alex.

"Thanks." he said.

"We should probably head back down so we can get this situation figured out." Jake frowned when all Alex did was nod. He seemed a lot more shy now then he did in school. Maybe the attackers got a little closer to their goal then he would want to admit.

"So." Jake began, as he lead them both down the stairs. "How did you get away from them? Your attackers I mean."

For the first time since he arrived at the Long house, Alex smiled. "I kneed them in the balls and ran like hell."

"Oh man, that's just wrong." Jake said, a noticeable cringe forming on his face at the thought. "I guess it was effective though."

Both boys walked into the kitchen, where everyone else was talking in hushed whispers. When Trixie noticed their arrival, she gave a grim smile. All the other occupants of the room turned to see the new arrivals.

"Jake." his mom said in a disapproving tone. "Couldn't you have, at least, given him something that fits. Look, those cloths are practically falling off of him."

"It's not my fault he's like, anorexic or something. God, somebody give him a doughnut or a cookie Yo." The last part was meant to let everybody, especially his mom who was giving him a very dirty look, know that he was only kidding.

There was an uneasy laughter in the room before Trixie spoke up. "Listen Jakey. Spud and I are gonna head out, so you all can figure this whole thing out. Call me later with the details. Cool?"

The mentioned boy nodded his head, and watched as his friends left the room. Having out a rather large sigh, he turned to look at his grand pa. "So. What kind of deal are we looking at here?"

"Well Young One," his grand father began, in a steady voice. "Basically, you will need to get him to, and from, school safely. You will also have to protect him during the school day as well. We have no reason to believe that the people that are after him, would hesitate to try and get him at school."

"What about after school? You can't think that he'll be safe there." It was true. If whoever was after him would be willing to attack during school, then what would stop them from attacking him at home?

Grinning, Alex was the one to answer. "My family and I have taken preventative measures to protect our home. The Witches of Woodstock have put charms all around the house, so I'm safe there. I just need protection for when I'm not there."

There was silence in the room, as Jake took in the new information. This family went to somebody else before they went to the American Dragon, and honestly, it was a bit of a blow to his ego.

"Does this mean you're going to help?" Alex asked apprehensively. He could tell something was bothering Jake, and he really didn't want to face a pissed off dragon.

"I guess I don't have much of a choice."

Alex spent the next two hours at the long household, until his parents arrived. Everybody involved sat and discussed all of the details of what this assignment would mean. Times that Jake was expected to pick up and drop off Alex, and what to do during classes that they didn't share, among those details.

It was about eight o'clock when Alex and his parents left. "I'll see you tomorrow Jake." he said, as he walked out of the door.

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