Hello all! Well, this is my first fanfic for anything ever, so don't expect it to be perfect. Please, I appreciate constructive critiscim so chyeah ... This is a Yuki and Kyo pairing, so if you don't like it, don't read it.

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"What?! You're leaving me alone with this damn rat?!"

Kyo's voice rang through the air, disturbing the silence. Birds flew high into the sky, startled into flight. Kyo didn't care, he was too pissed off. How could Shigure do this to him?! He knew how badly he and Yuki got on, but he was leaving them on their own anyway! Well, if he came back to a ruined house it was his fault.

Tohru looked worried, her expression one of great concern. Kyo sighed, shooing her away with his hands. He may not like being stuck in a house with Yuki for a weekend, but he wasn't about to let all his hard-earned money go to waste. She could waste Yuki's if she wanted, but not his. He had had to work hard with Yuki for that, and it had been hell. She was going to go enjoy her holiday, even if Kyo had to force her.

"I'll be back later today to pick up my stuff and then I'll be gone! Be good!"

Kyo growled loudly, clenching his fist into a hand. Damn dog … He really chose his moments to go see his friends … He spun around, barging past Yuki. He didn't care, he never did. It was just that stupid rat anyway. He climbed up to his faithful perch on the roof, laying there with anger coursing through his veins. Stupid Yuki … Stupid Shigure!


The orange-haired youth looked up, spotting Yuki climbing up over the top of the roof. Kyo blinked, his anger evaporating to be replaced by confusion. Why had Yuki come here? It couldn't be to talk to him! That was ludicrous!

"Kyo, can I talk to you?"

Kyo looked startled, but not at the others words. It was his eyes … They didn't hold hatred, anger or any other emotion he had come to expecting from the male, but caring, compassion … and maybe fear. He wasn't scared of Kyo, was he?

"There's something I've been meaning to tell you for a while and … it's been hard for me to say it. But I think I can now … with Shigure and Tohru out of the house."

What was going on? What was the rat trying to say?

"I … I love you … Kyo …"

Kyo stared wide-eyed at Yuki. He hadn't just heard those words … He had not just heard those words come out of Yuki's mouth … He hated him! He knew that! Yuki hated him! And he hated Yuki! He did … didn't he?

"Kyo? Are you okay?"

"No! No I'm not, you damn rat!"

His gaze hardened, but then he looked deep into Yuki's eyes, and Yuki looked into his. And then it was simple. He didn't hate the rat … He didn't want to beat the rat, he didn't want the rat to stay out of his life … He wanted that wonderful creature to be with him all the time … Every single second of every single minute … He picked himself up, slowly walking across the slated roof. His bare feet barely made a sound on the tiles, and his eyes were alight with, not anger, but love. He wrapped one arm around the others waist, pulling him closer. He could feel Yuki's heart beating fast inside his chest, but Kyo's own heart was steady and calm. He had to be steady and calm for what he was about to do.

Their lips met, and Kyo melted. He was in love with someone he hated …