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Kyo was back to being his usual angry self. He had let a moment of weakness slip out, and it wasn't about to repeat the experience. He demanded that Yuki left his room before getting changed into a pair of cargo pants and a loose red top, usual attire for the cat. He walked downstairs and into the kitchen, seeing Yuki inspecting the food that Tohru had left them curiously.

"Don't tell me you're seriously thinking of attempting to cook that yourself?"

"It can't be too hard …"

"Move out the way, you damn rat. I'm not letting my lunch go to waste. Shift!"

Yuki stepped out of the way obediently, causing Kyo to raise an eyebrow. He knew that they had kissed and all that crap but where had the Yuki he had known gone? He shook it off, preparing dinner rather lazily.

"Go sit your ass down. I'll bring the food out when it's ready, and you standing there and staring at me isn't helping! Go on!"

Yuki blinked slightly, realising he had been watching Kyo intently without realising. He nodded his head, heading into the dining room and sitting down. Kyo rolled his eyes, working on their food silently.

Half an hour later, Kyo was laying out their food onto the table. He knelt down next to Yuki, snapping apart his chopsticks and eating the food that Tohru had made for them. It wasn't as good as it would be if it was fresh, but it wasn't terrible either. It was still pretty good, and much better then either he or Yuki could make from scratch.

"This tastes wonderful. Thank you Kyo."

Kyo stared at Yuki for a few seconds, stopping eating. Yuki was being … nice? He looked away once again, nodding his head in acknowledgement of the compliment. Where was angry, hateful Yuki that he was used to? This new one was … odd.

When all the food had been devoured, both of them leant back in a relaxed manner. There was a comfortable silence for a few seconds before Yuki spoke up, the reason to why he had been acting a little bit strangely becoming clear.

"Kyo, what's going to happen when you go into confinement?"

Kyo froze. He didn't say a word for a minute, and when he did it was obvious he was angry. He always got that way when that subject was brought up.

"Nothing! I won't be put into confinement! Nothing's going to happen!"

"Don't kid yourself."

"I won't!"

Silence fell again, but this time it was far from comfortable. Both of them felt awkward, and they both opened their mouths to speak at the same time, the same word tumbling from their lips.


They looked at each other, violet eyes meeting red. The two junnishi smiled, nodding their head in acknowledgement of the others words. Slowly but surely, Kyo leant forwards, capturing Yuki's lips in a soft kiss. Their eyes shut softly, and before either of them knew what was happened, Yuki was lying on the ground with Kyo straddling his hips.

"What brought this on?"

Kyo didn't answer, kissing Yuki once again. The rat didn't pursue the subject, welcoming the warm lips against his own. Without warning, he felt a tongue running gently over his lips, asking for permission to enter. He opened his mouth gently, feeling that same tongue gently slip between his teeth. Then … Then was when things went wrong.

There was the faint sound of steps coming up to the door, the slight tap as said door was opened, and the sudden silence that followed. Both of the males broke off, looking over to the person that had appeared in the doorway.

"Yuki … Kyo … What are you doing?"


:o Who is it that has walked in? All will be revealed in the next chapter!