OMG...I made one of the Akatsuki gay. At least we know that Konan and Deidara are close. Rating is up.


Kilee Drifter

After a weeks worth of probation and beatings from Pein, Itachi was once again on a mission with Konan, Deidara, and Kisame. The mission was not to recover a Jinchurikki, but rather just some intelligence gathering about Konoha's troops. That still meant three days for the four Akatsuki to reach the distant village they were headed to. They camped out in the woods.

"Itachi-san." Kisame said politely. Itachi lifted his head in response.

"I have a confession to make." Kisame said nervously. Deidara and Konan looked on curiosly.

" see: I'm gay." Itachi raised his eyebrows.

"Why are you telling me this Kisame?" Itachi asked.

"I'm gay and I want you to marry me." Kisame squeaked in a nervous yet very deep shark-like voice. And everyone else passed out.

---An hour and a half later---

Konan woke up in Deidara's arms.

"Konan-chan are you ok? Un?" the explosionist asked.

"What happened Deidara-kun?" she replied.

"When Kisame confessed, Itachi, you, and I all passed out. Itachi woke up first and then I woke up and I was scared because you hit your head and didn't wake up. Un. Anyway don't scare me like that again, un?"

Konan just reached up and kissed Deidara.

---At the same time over by Itachi and Kisame---

"Kisame, please tell me what you said was a lie." Itachi pleaded.

"No." The samehada wielder deadpanned, "Wait, Itachi-san what's that noise?"

"Sounds like grunting." Itachi peeked into the bushes where the noise was coming from to find. Deidara. And Konan. Need I say more?

"WHAT THE!?" Itachi screamed, "Deidara! You're in the forest, not your house!"

Konan screamed. Itachi found a fist in his face.