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Alex had a smile on his face when Harry told him that. "Do not worried Harry, my pet. I will not rape you right now or today. But you will do something for me. But first let me get something..." said Alex. Then Harry saw Alex pick up a ring. Alex then place the ring on Harry penis. Then Alex petted Harry on the head.

His hair was being grasped, and his head pulled so he had to look at the man in his full glory. Harry looked at it, the big, hard shaft surrounded by bushes of smelly pubic hair. He was so terrified he felt tears welling up in his eyes. Alex take his cock in his hands. He pushed it against Harry's pursed lips.

"Open up now, little girl, if you want to live to see another day."

Alex slapped him hard in the face when he kept his mouth closed, and again, until he would listen.

Hurt, terrified and horribly humiliated Harry opened his mouth.

"Oh yeah," he heard an enthusiastic moan while he felt the organ slide over his tongue, "now don't try anything funny, sweetheart, I promise I'll give you food and water if you do this for me."

Harry closed his eyes, trying to keep himself from bursting out into tears. He pulled his mind away from what was happening. He tried to think about music, beautiful music.

"Come on, suck on it baby," Alex kept moving the slave's head over his shaft. His hand moved to the back of Harry's head so he could fuck his face harder.

He had given up resisting, and his lips pursed around Alex' cock, making the Dark Prince moan in pleasure. "Yeah that's a good little bitch," he gasped.

Music. Harry desperately tried to hang on to it. He gasped when Alex's cock finally left his mouth. "Here I come, baby…" Alex groaned.

Just when Harry opened his eyes, Alex's cock shot a hot load of cum in his face, against his left cheek. It mingled with the tears.

"Swallow it," the penis got pushed into his mouth again, and before he could even think he tasted the man's semen. It made him want more, he felt the power that the Dark Prince had.

Then it was finally over, Alex put his pants, smiling triumphantly. "Thanks, that was really good." He commented, and then went to the closet and got his slave a blanket to put over his self.

Still on the bed Harry wiped off his cheek and chin with his hand. Tears were still rolling over his dirty face. He could hardly grasp what had just happened to him. His voice was shaking when he finally dared to speak. "M… master"

"Oh right…" Dark Prince went outside to get his slave some food. What Alex had got Harry was some type of soup and a glass of water.