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Lindsey watched them walk through the door curiously. After all, how often is it that one gets to witness her mom and her mom's girlfriend covered in mud? A glare from her mother stifled any comments the teen longed to make, though, and Lindsey settled for snickering into a couch pillow.

It had been a long shift for both CSIs. They had been working with Grissom in an alley. Of course, Grissom being Grissom, he requested that the two of them search the dumpster for evidence. Never mind that the lid of the dumpster was open and that the pouring rain had turned the garbage into soup- there could be evidence in there.

After finding nothing in the dumpster, Catherine increased the volume of her complaints so that Grissom could hear them. Sara privately agreed with what her lover was saying, but knew from experience that disturbing one of Catherine's rants was not a smart move- even if you were on her side. So she just swung herself out of the dumpster and held out a hand to help Catherine do the same.

Catherine took her lover's hand gratefully, and in between yelling at Grissom, she managed to spare Sara a smile. What neither of them considered was that their hands were extremely slippery after their fun in the garbage soup. When Catherine took hold of Sara's hand and tried to lift her self out of the dumpster, her own hand slipped and she fell right on top of her girlfriend, sending them both into a mud puddle.

For a few seconds, they just stared at each other, not quite believing what had just happened, and fighting off the desire to start making out in front of their boss. Summoning up every ounce of their self control, they rolled away from each other and stood up, glaring at Grissom for good measure.

Deciding that he could take the gathered evidence back to the lab himself, Grissom said that they could both take the rest of the night off. Neither woman made much of an effort to thank him, given that their current misery was pretty much all his fault. They both got into Catherine's car and left the scene, ignoring the steady dripping of mud from their fingers onto the car carpet.

Once home, they both tore off their muddied clothes and threw them on the bathroom floor. They stepped into the shower and turned the water on, waiting for the relief it would bring.

They wrapped their arms around each other, not caring that their stance would probably make the shower longer than it had to be. They both needed the comfort more than they needed the mud gone. The feeling of their warming hands on each other was heavenly, as it always was.

It had been a long, short shift.

Leaning slightly away from the hug, they met each other's eyes and smiled.

"I love you."

It didn't matter that it was storming outside or that they were still covered in mud. It was their first declaration of love, and it was perfect.