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Hermione's POV:

One day, in the middle of 7th year, I was in my room studying, (surprise, surprise) when I

opened my Charms book and saw a piece or parchment in it folded in half. Scribbled on it

were the words, "To Hermione Granger" I stared at it for a moment and then opened it. It

is was written, "To Hermione, I just wanted to let you know that someone here, in

Hogwarts, a 7th year, loves you. That someone is me. I love you. At the bottom of the

parchment was, "Your secret admirer"

I was momentarily speechless. Then I ran to the common room and accidentally knocked

over Ron and Harry's game of chess.

"Sorry 'bout that!" I yelled.

"That's okay, I was losing anyway," Harry replied.

"You guys won't believe what I have here!" I was waving the parchment into the air, all


"Ah, a piece of parchment? Come on Hermione, we're not THAT stupid," Ron stated.

"No! It says that someone in the 7th year is in love with me!" I gazed out the window

with a dreamy expression.

"Oh," was Ron's reply.

"Let me see that," Harry stretched out his hand. I gave Harry the paper and saw

a look of surprise cross Ron's features as he read it over Harry's shoulder.

Ron said, "I bet it was Malfoy!"

"Ew, gross!" I retorted.

Harry looked thoughtful, "Maybe it's Colin..."

I replied by saying, "The note says he's a 7th year. Colin is in 6th."

"Oh yeah, I knew that," Harry responded absent-mindedly.

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