He hadn't spoken to her since her little reveal outside the café but not because he hadn't tried. He'd come over several times trying to get her to talk to him, but she refused to see him And when they began raid homes for Jewish families and round them up to take them to camps, Peter could only hope that Ana was in hiding. Every now and then he would happen by the home and hope that she would peer out the window from behind a curtain to signal to him that she was okay. Though, he imagined it was hard for her to find trust in him now, he was well into his position as an HJ. She hadn't talked to him in weeks, there was no way for her to know if he'd been brainwashed just like Thomas had been.

Peter knew it was only a matter of time before he had to join in the raids himself. He hated the thought of going inside a family's home and kicking them out just because they were different. He hadn't been assigned to arrest Ana's home. He didn't even know that they were next until he happened by as Nazi's broke down the door to go in. He'd never been so happy to be in his uniform.

Following a group of them inside he made his way through the home he was so familiar with, looking around trying to blend in as just another solider following orders. He made a passing remark to one of the other men, saying he'd see if there was an attic, before running up the staircase. He wouldn't have found it if he hadn't seen the Star of David patch dropped on the ground just below it. The string was taped up against the door in the ceiling so it would dangle and give away it's location. Peter jumped up, grabbed the string and pulled down the stairs.

He made his way up the stairs and then pulled them up behind him, once he'd found stable footing in the attic floor. As he turned, he was met with something large and blunt nailing him across the face. He reeled, falling backwards and landing on his butt holding his arms up to shield himself.

"You asshole!" Ana spit. "I trusted you. And here you are to take me away like they took the rest of my family! I hate you!"

"Ana wait!" He called, frantic as she raised her chair leg weapon again to hit him. "I'm here to help you!"

She stared at him, skeptically at first but with shaking arms and her eyes quivering and glassed over with the beginnings of tears, she lowered her arms and put down the broken chair leg.

"How do you plan to help?" She asked, choking on tears.

Peter melted and wrapped his arms around her, slowly because she was still slightly skittish. Her whole body was shaking but she was keeping silent and forcing back her sobs so not to alert the men downstairs to his find of her hiding up here. He rubbed her back soothing her shaken nerves.

"I don't know yet, but I'll find a way to help you." He whispered.

She nodded burying her head into his chest to muffle the sobs she was losing control over. "They came for my family while I was out running errands. When I got home the place was trashed, my family was gone and they'd marked the door. I have been up here ever since, just waiting for them to come back for me."

"You aren't going anywhere." Peter told her. "I won't let them take you."

She looked up at him with tear stained and reddened cheeks, sniffling away the tears she was still trying to fight back. Ana gave him a long, examining stare as if she was trying to read his mind and see what was going through his head. It was almost unnerving and he shifted slightly in his footing.

"Why?" Ana questioned, "Why would you do that? Why would you risk your life to save mine?"

Peter didn't miss a beat. "I'm in love with you."

Ana leaned in on her tipped toes and planted a soft, gentle kiss on his lips. She leaned back down onto the soles of her shoes and looked away. The strong and breave girl he'd always known was replaced with someone blushing and shy, a young girl experiencing her first romance. He smiled at her, taking her cheek in his hand and tilting her head so her eyes met his.

"I'll be back… wait here. Be quiet and hide. I'll come when it's safe. Don't move until you hear the magic words." He told her.

She gave him a smirk. "What are those."

He made his way to the door in the floor that would take him out of the attic. "I love you.

Then he pushed it down and disappeared down the steps.

Peter Mueller had never considered himself a dishonest person. He did his share of little white lies, because he was a teenager and sometimes his mother didn't need to know all his details. So sometimes when his marks were a bit off par, or he was out later than he should be, he told his mother something a little skewed from the truth. He always felt guilty for it later. But as the stairs went back into the ceiling and the string followed, making it invisible again, he could have been the greatest liar. The lie slipped through his lips like a knife through butter.

"There's no one up there." He told the Nazi in charge.

The Nazi looked him over, as if tracing him with an internal lie detector before nodding. "Well then I guess we're done here. She's probably gone by now. If she comes back here, she's the stupidest Jew in Germany."

The comment made Peter's blood run a bit faster and more heated as the anger stayed strangled just below boiling point, so not to give them away. He gave a nod and followed as the commanding officer lead the Nazi troops to the door. On managed to clap him on the back.

"Give it time boy, you'll get to have all the fun too." He said, and then walked off a head.


"Peter." Her voice, soft and groggy pulled him back into the current events.

"Yes?" He croaked, his voice horse from lack of use.

"Why are you awake?" She yawned.

"How did you know I was, mein schatzi?" He replied.

Ana sat up and stretched a little, rubbing sleepily at her eyes from her place nuzzled against his chest. She then leaned down beside her, her elbow propping up her arm with her hand holding her head up. She gave him a sleep smile.

"Your heart is fast. When you sleep it's slower."

He smirked. "I was thinking about when you hit me with the chair leg in your attic."

She scoffed. "Oh, let it go Peter."

He laughed and gave hr a peck on the nose. She pecked his lips and ruffled her hair with her free hand.

"I love you." She said softly.

Before he could reply, they heard footsteps above and the creak of the floorboards being pulled up from their place in the floor.

Mein schatzi my little treasure