I watch his wildest dreams come true

Not one of them involving you

Just watch my wildest dreams come true

Not one of them involving...

"Lilly!" Miley catches up to me when I get to the beach. "Lilly, are you okay? Seriously, what is her problem?"

I don't stop walking.

"Lilly, slow down!" she cries, grabbing hold of my arm. "She's not even worth it Lilly. She's not worth it."

I collapse onto the sand, rubbing the tears out of my eyes with my sleeve. "You hit her pretty hard."

Miley laughs, and sits next to me. "I totally did. She's going to have a huge bruise there tomorrow. And you did pretty well. Until she eat his face. Your 'i would, but I didn't think to write it down' was genius."

"Thanks," I smile weakly. "Was that Oliver? Calling me as I ran out of there?"

She shrugs. "I think so. I don't think anyone else was that bothered to be honest. Jake was, but I doubt he would've called you. He was pretty mad at Amber though. And Ashley was too busy screaming about Amber's face."

"I wonder what he wanted to say," I thought aloud, watching the waves creep up to my feet. I kicked off my shoes, reaching out and putting them next to me. Then I spread my toes out over the sand, letting the cold water touch the tips of them slightly.

"I'm really sorry for making you go Lilly," Miley breaks the silence. "But hey, can you say drama? I mean I don't think things have been as dramatic as this for a while. I cannot wait to see everyone's face when Amber goes into school on Monday with a purple face. Because no amount of makeup is going to cover that."

I smile. "Miley, you didn't make me go. Oliver had a hand in it. And you know that I can't say no to Oliver. Even if he is going out with Amber."

"Lilly?" A voice from behind me says, making me turn around.

Oliver. Out of breath, and hair in a mess... but it's Oliver nonetheless.

That rhymed in my head.

"Oliver, just leave her alone. It's your girlfriend that got us into this mess, and I think I speak for both of us, when I say that we'd much rather distance ourselves from the drama," Miley says. "It's nothing personal, but when you're going out with Amber, you become involved. And you become involved on the wrong side."

"She's not my girlfriend," Oliver states, looking at me. As if he's looking for a certain reaction from me.

She's not? He dumped her? She dumped him? They're not going out anymore?

"Oliver!" A dishevelled looking Amber is running along the beach toward us, screeching Oliver' name. "You cannot just break up with me, and then run looking for her! Have you gone insane? Do you know what you're doing?"

Oliver doesn't take his eyes off me. It's sort of scary actually. But scary in a good way.

Miley looks from Oliver, to Amber, to me, and smiles. Then she gets up, and brushes the sand off of her legs.

"Miley, where are you going?" I ask, tearing my gaze away from Oliver, and standing up.

She looks at me. "I think you guys need to talk. I'm going to go and restrain Amber." Then she walks over the sand, standing a bit away from me and Oliver, and watching to see how things pan out.

I'd like to see how things pan out too. But I'd like to do it in her shoes.

"Lilly... what was all that about?" Oliver asks, putting his hands in his pockets, and walking toward me.

I shrug. "You tell me. It was your girlfriend's party. She kissed you. She came up with the question. I was just an innocent bystander."

"Almost..." Oliver says. "Did you really say all of that to her?"

I nod. "Yeah. Yes, I did, and I'd say it all again. But she isn't Little Miss Innocent, okay? She started it, by calling me a few things."

"I wasn't talking about the name-calling. I agree with that," Oliver admits. "I was talking about the 'you wanting me part'."

I look at the sand. The way it's made up of all these different colours is so fascinating.

"Lil, why didn't you tell me?" Oliver asks, moving closer. I'm now looking down at his Converse sneakers.

I look up into his eyes and sigh. "Because I never thought you'd go and date Amber! I was about to. At the party. I was so close... and then Amber came over and kissed you. And then you agreed to date her. A few minutes later, and I would've spilled everything to you."

"Timing really does suck, doesn't it?" Oliver observes, taking his turn to look down at his shoes. Or maybe he's looking at mine. I don't know.

"You're telling me," I sigh.

Oliver looks up. "I'm sorry for asking you to get along with her. Obviously, if I'd have known, I wouldn't have pushed so hard."

"If you'd have known, would we have had to get to know Amber? I mean, if you'd have known would you have still been dating her?" I ask.

It slipped out before I could stop it. I don't really want to know the answer. I don't want to hear him say that he would still have gone out with Amber, because he doesn't feel that way about me. I don't want to hear him suggest that we should just be friends.

"You have a point," Oliver says, a smile on his face.

I do?

Does that mean something?

Miley would know. But she's over there, watching this all.

"Oliver!" Amber screeches again. "Oliver, what are you doing? Come back, and we can say that it was all a mistake!"

Oliver ignores her. So do I. We're just looking; looking at each other. Trying to work out what the other is thinking.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I ask, curiousity making me ask.

He smiles. "It means, that if I'd known... I definitely wouldn't have been dating Amber."

"Who would you have been dating?" I say, daring to hope.

Oliver shrugs. "You tell me."

"Well, I'd hope..." I begin, but trail off. Oliver looks at me expectantly. "I'd hope that it'd be someone who looked a bit like me."

He laughs. "Just a bit."

And then, forgetting Miley, and forgetting Amber - who is still screaming at us - we both lean forward, breaking the gap between our lips. My arms snake around his neck, and the world around me blurs.

Who cares that Amber is stamping her foot, and screeching about Oliver's so-called betrayal?

Who cares that Miley is laughing, and clapping her hands in delight?

Who cares that right now I look a mess, and I've obviously been crying?

Who cares about it all?

I'm kissing Oliver! I don't care about any of that stuff!

Not right now anyway...