Disclaimer: I own nothing at all within this fic.

Author's Note: Second torture fic that I created featuring Albel Nox. To find out who came up with these check out the torture on Vincent Valentine, my first fic. Thanks :)

1. Tug on his really long hair

2. Say he looks like a girl, then run for your life, yelling it over your shoulder.

3. Everytime he walks into a room, start singing "He's a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie world...!"

4. Keep staring at him, ignoring him if he asks why.

5. Ask him why he wears a skirt, in the most innocent voice you have. When he denies it, ask him if it's a kilt instead then.

6. Follow him around and snigger behind his back. When he turns round, hide behind something.

7. Nickname him "Alby" and constantly refer to him as that whenever he goes into a public place.

8. Ask him where he got his sword from, then ignore him. Repeat if you feel suicidal.

9. Whenever he makes a comment about Nel, state that you can see something between the pair. When he questions your sanity, simply tell him that you said nothing.

10. While he's sleeping, pour yellow paint on him. When he wakes up, mention that he looks very 'bright' today. Then run.

11. "Accidentily" lose his clothes while he takes a bath. Then offer him a "better" alternative while you "search" for the missing clothes. Make sure you give him something with pink on, fluffy rabbits and hearts.

12. When he's not looking switch the scabbard of his sword to a pink and green fluffy one.

13. Ask him his opinion of everyone in the main group. When he starts to tell you to go away, persist with the "why?" method.

14. Hug him. Let go. Hug him again. Let go. Repeat as neccessary.

15. After it has becomes apparent that he hates the Aquarian Wench (Nel), change woman and insist that he should ask Sophia out because they are exact opposites. When he asks why being opposites matters, just giggle maniacally...

16. Tell him that Adray wants to know if he'd like to be the husband of his daughter Claire. When he says that he wants nothing to do with her or her father, insist that they'd be a great couple.

17. Ask him if he's anorexic(sp?). When he doesn't answer due to not understanding, tell him that there's councelling that can help with his problem. Then run.

18. Ask him if he has ever seen someone about his anger problem. When he starts to look angry, say that Adray can help him out. Then sit back and watch the show of him trying to kill Adray.

19. Tell him that today is short-hair day, then proceed to try and "trim" his long locks.

20. Braid his hair!!! Now there's a funny sight to behold.