Nobody Knows


Disclaimer: I do not own anything but myself. Based on a true story. All events are true the night this tragedy happened.

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Rest in Peace – Chris Benoit (and his family) you all will forever be missed /3


I couldn't believe what my eyes just witnessed on the television. The story was spread fast across and a huge cry was being let out of all the WWE fans in the world.

Chris Benoit and his family had just died moments today.

I was shocked, I honestly couldn't believe it. Fox News reported that it was a double murder-suicide. They said that he had killed his wife and child and then killed himself. My heart was broken and sick. It was just hitting me now.

I thought to myself; why and how could he do such a thing? What made him so depressed or angry that he had to do that? It's so sad, but I guess know one will ever know what happened.

Everyone has different sides to them; no matter if they're bad or good. Chris Benoit was known as such a great person and friend to everyone. No matter if he was a heel or good guy you couldn't say one bad thing about him. He was definitely one of the most hard-working wrestlers this business will ever know. He didn't do it for the money; he did it for the rush of just being out there. But Chris Benoit probably had this other side to him that was completely opposite to what everyone knew him by.

Seeing the faces of the wrestlers of WWE talk about Chris Benoit was just heart-breaking. Especially Edge, it was just horrible seeing him break down in tears. See, I really despise his wrestling character, but deep down I guess he wasn't such a bad guy after all. Another side of him.

It was WWE's darkest moments indeed. Vince's death was all completely fake and everyone knew that. Though "Sensational" Sherri Martel's death was real. I was also shocked at her death as well considering she was one of my female idols. She was tough, beautiful, and strong. That's what I wanted to learn how to be. Then Chris Benoit died and I was just so sad. It was horrible.

But considering whatever he did, I pray to God that He has mercy on his soul. May he, his wife, and his child rest in peace. Forever he will be missed.