She couldn't help the tears as they made tracks down her cheeks. When she had seen the brother gathering kerosene and torches she'd had no idea this was their plan. It was rash and sad. No more images of Aunt Trisha cooling pies on the windowsill when she walked past. No more excited giggles as the brothers raced down those old stairs to meet her. No more pushing Ed on the creaky wooden swing so hard he got stuck in the branches. How could they do this?

"Now there's no turning back."


The tears gave way to sobs as she watched in horror as all of those memories burned. As she raised her hand to wipe away the tears, the motion caught Ed's attention. He turned to her, looking distressed.

"Why are you the one who's crying?!"

"Because, because…" the words wouldn't come and all she could do was sob. Den looked up at her, concern on the doggy features.

"…..Geez." His exasperated response caused a slight pause in her crying and she looked up to find him forcing a smile, framed in the wreckage of his burning home.

"You've always been a crybaby…..haven't you, Winry?"

Looking up at him, trying to be so strong and brave, she couldn't help but answer in kind. Choking her sobs back down she forced a smile in response as she felt one of Al's huge gauntlets pat her shoulder.