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The Legion of Super Heroes, pt 1.

Bella, Edward, and Alice sat on the couch at the Cullen household. They stared absentmindedly at the TV. With a sigh, Bella rolled over into Edward's chest.

"I'm so bored… We should gather everyone and do something fun." She announced.

Edward flipped the channels idly. "Such as what, Bella?" He tickled her under her chin. "Forks is a rather boring place. Thanks to Emmett, we're banned from most amusement parks in the state. And I'm sure we'd rather avoid another fiasco such as the super soaker incident in WalMart." He shivered involuntarily.

Bella pouted. "I guess you're right there." She rolled her eyes and watched the TV. It was an older version of the Superman television show. The overly muscular man in tights laughed valiantly, bounding over a skyscraper easily. He smiled widely, flexing his proud body.

"Urgh! Turn it off!" Alice buried her petit head into the cushions. Her whole quivered as she hid in the pillows.

Edward groaned as well, switching the TV off. "At least he wasn't in the room this time…"

Bella raise an eyebrow. "What exactly was that about? I thought all Americans loved the 'Man of-'" Edward cut her of, clasping his hand over her mouth. He shook his head.

"Don't ever say his name allowed in this house. Trust us Bella: some things are best left in the past." He glanced back and forth quickly. "Alice, where is he?" He urgently asked.

Alice closed her eyes briefly before answering. "He's in Rose's garage. He didn't hear a thing." Both siblings exhaled loudly.

"Should I even bother to ask again? What's going on?"

Alice nodded at Edward. He pushed the power button, turning the television back on. But he hit the mute button. "Okay. We really don't like to talk about this for one. We're not proud of the things we did. All of us were young, eccentric vampires who just wanted to be liked by the public." He paused to let that sink in. "So… there was this guy. Jerry Siegel. He was a comic book artist in the 1930's. Pretty crazy imagination. In 1932, he had created this… story. About a super human guy. Him." Edward pointed at the screen where Superman had swept a beautiful blonde woman into his arms, flying her into the sky.

Alice bit her lip. "It was pretty good stuff. But unrealistic. So no one wanted to buy his comics. Then he got… inspired." She stopped, not sure if she should go on.

"What do you mean by inspired?"

Edward answered me. "Newborn vampires are not only dangerous because they feed on humans. They have ten times the strength of the average vampire. They are… difficult to control. Even for a whole household of experienced vampires." He shook his head. "And… Emmett was extremely hard to stop. His strength was unheard of! So… sometimes we couldn't keep an eye on him. And he escaped." Edward hung his head.

"This was before Jazz and I joined up with them. Rosalie had just been changed, so they were sticking around New York. She wasn't quite ready to give it all up. One day she ran off. Rose came back with Emmett. Then Carlisle changed him, you know the story." I nodded. "But… like Edward said, he was so strong. They were living in Albany when he… escaped. Now don't be frightened!" Alice interjected in the middle of the tale because I had gasped. A super strong Emmett? Loose on unsuspecting New York? "He was well feed! I mean… it was seven months after the transformation by now. Emmett was just… was just bored. You know how he gets. So, he was messing around, lifting cars up in an abandoned dump. Tossing them with easy, jumping high into the air, and showing off his skills. Guess who happened to walk by?"

I shook my head. "No way! A human saw him!"

"No just any human." Edward said darkly. "That Jerry Seigel. He just stood there watching this large man lifting tons of metal like tissues and tossing them miles away with no problem. Well, Jerry though he was crazy at first. I showed up a few seconds later and dragged Emmett forcefully out of there. I wasn't giving the human a second thought. Until two years later when that damned comic came out." He huffed.

The man on the screen drew my attention again. "You mean to tell me…" Alice smirked. I took him in now, comparing him to my biggest brother. The dark curly hair and muscles upon muscles were very familiar. Even that same dazzling smile. "No way! Emmett Cullen? He is the inspiration for-"

Edward didn't even have to stop me this time. For Superman himself pounced into the room. "Yes, it is I! The Man of Steel!" Emmett grinned madly, flexing. Edward banged his head into the sofa. "So fair Bella, I see you have come across my long forgotten past." He swiftly gathered Bella in his arms. "I am not just a mild mannered vampire. No, I am so much more! The defender of truth and justice!"

Rosalie sighed and shut the TV off. "We really need to block those channels." She glared as her husband 'flew' around the living room with Bella, Edward growling after him as he went. Alice just sighed.

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