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Alice tugged Bella away from Edward's embrace as she and Edward stepped out of the Vanquish. Alice had insisted that the car would add to our masquerade. Robin herself had opted to bum a ride with Cat Woman, Superman, and Spider-Man. Unfortunately for the vampire siblings, Rose insisted on her M3. The convertible. With no top. That you can easily look into on the freeway. I think you get the point.

The drive to Port Angelos was an awkward one. Every car they passed stared openly, some ruder occupants actually breaking out in laughter upon sight of the obviously teenage crime fighters. Bella's face rivaled the color on Jasper's poppy red tights. Needless to say, tempers were riding hide as the groups converged at the destination.

"Let's just get this over with," Bella hissed. Her eyes narrowed as she spotted the convention hall with open doors. In Bella's mind, she cursed those open doors proficiently.

Alice chuckled as she skipped circles around Bella. The tiny girl was obviously enjoying the situation. She spun on the spot, her cape twirling around her. "Dear Bella, this is going to be fun. I can promise you that." Alice said in a singsong voice. To make her point clear, she tapped her head. "One day you will learn to trust your all-seeing freak of a sister."

"In your dreams." The brunette muttered, wrapping her arms around her chest.

Emmett, a.k.a., Superman scooped Bella into his arms at that moment. She bounced along with him as he laughed boomingly. "In her dreams? My dear Lois Lane, that was a low blow. Mocking us peace loving yet sadly dreamless vampires with your words." Edward grabbed his fiancée from his brother's arms, taking her against his chest.

"For the last time, O' man of steel, the name is Bat Girl. Get it right." She stuck her tongue out at him.

The assortment of comic book heroes and heroines gathered around the M3. Nervous glances were exchanged as Alice, alas, Robin hopped in place. After many calming breaths, courtesy of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, the vampires and human were ready to brave the nerd convention. I mean, comic book gathering extravaganza.

"Are we actually going to do this?" Edward wondered aloud as several members of the X-men passed them by to enter the fantasy haven. He twitched as a gather out of shape Storm blew him a kiss. "I don't think me pride can take it."

Jasper shuddered beside his tight-clad brothers. "Screw your pride. I fear I have lost my dignity…"

"What dignity?" He threw his twin sister a hate-filled glare. She merely shook her head causing near by admirers to swoon. "Don't hate the messenger, Spidey. Your wife got us into this." Rosalie reminded him.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, Rosy, but who is the one that lost track of their newborn charge, causing the near discovery of our kind and leading to this regretful moment?" He didn't wait for an answer before rushing on. "Three hours. That is my limit. No arguing," he shot as Emmett who was just opening his mouth. "This is not so much for the sake of my shattered dignity, I fear it is much too late for that. But emotions are running high with the excitement in there. Three hours in that turmoil is the most I can handle." He solemnly added.

Alice nodded, sighing. "That wouldn't be a pretty sight. Spider-Man running amok in a hall full of his supposed allies. His image would be ruined."

"Give it a rest, Mary Alice." Her husband growled before swinging her over his shoulder. The squealing duo entered the convention center, closely followed by their comrades.

Inside, chaos ensued. Never before had the Cullens nor Bella seen such a gathering of comic book nerds! From wall to wall, stands devoted solely to a certain series each stood one after the other. Frenzied fantasy fanatics proudly showed off their costumes of ranging authenticity. Random games of Dungeons and Dragons were spread across the floor by the players, crowding the already limited walkways. Jousting tournaments held in one corner, cards games in another, and a collection of computers in a third! It was geek paradise!

Rosalie sniffed. "Who knew such a large part of the upper part of Washington held so many closet nerds? It's a bit frightening, really." She shook her head as a pair in a dragon costume strolled by. "Should I be in awe or just disgusted?"

"I'm somewhere in-between myself." Edward muttered darkly. He held Bella closer to his body. "I fear for our safety. Some of these people have… serious problems."

"You're telling me." Jasper buried his head in Alice's hair. "Make the scary humans go away, Ally!"

She smirked. "Be strong, Jazzy! We can do this. Now, let's find the Superman booth before Emmett explodes."

Her largest brother pulled Alice in his arms and dragged Bella in as well. Their respective husbands glared in response to his bear hug, but Emmett ignored them. "Come, my fellow superheroes! For justice! For truth! For the American way! Up, up, and away!" He shouted as he pranced off with his female hostages. Rosalie, Jasper, and Edward followed, sulking thoroughly.

The huge vampire skidded to a halt, dropping his sisters to the ground. "Wow!" And that about summed it up. The whole of the west wall was devoted only to Superman. Booths for comics, merchandise, and Superman-themed clothes went as far as the eye could see. Emmett looked like a child in a candy store.

"All for me, all for me!" He chanted, skipping about. He hugged a plush version of himself to his face. "The world loves me! I'm so famous! And I have my own line of action figures! I'm so loved!"

Bella buried her face in her hands, embarrassed by her teddy bear brother's behavior. He cooed and hugged the dolls in turn, praising them and himself with increasing volume. Edward popped up behind her, placing a kiss on her forehead.

"Now, now," Batman soothed his sidekick. "Just pretend like you don't know him. I've been doing it for years and years now. Putting up with Emmett is just something you have to get used to."

Rosalie sighed, but didn't try to stop her husband. "I don't know what is scarier: Emmett's psychotic antics or the fact that no one is acting like this is strange."

Jasper rolled his eyes. "As far as the humans can see, there is nothing wrong with this. A grown man obsessing over miniature action figures about a fictional character. Incase you haven't notice, we're surround by nut jobs like him. Most older then Emmett in appearance at least."

She looked grossed out. "People obsessing over characters who aren't real? Talk about unhealthy. Have they no real lives? Sheesh. Can you imagine that? Wasting time obsessing about a world that isn't real." Rose clicked her tongue as a man with a beer belly and dressed as a samurai walked by. "What a said existence."

At that moment, Emmett popped up from nowhere. He held in his hands a Superman Action figure. "Rosy, look! If you squeeze him, his pecks pop out! Watch!" He demonstrated this several times before Rose smacked the doll out of his hands.

"For godsake, Emmett! Age your age!" She hissed before stomping off. He stuck his tongue out at her as she left.


'Spiderman' leaned against the back wall, brooding as his wife skipped about with the occasional 'zroom' sound. He could only shake his head. At that time, a tiny boy dressed in a bright yellow costume with large pointed ears paused in front of Jasper. His face had two large red dots with a black nose painted on. The boy tugged on Jasper's bright red outfit.

"Hey mister!" Jasper looked down at the boy who was beckoning him. "Mister, aren't you a little old to be dressing up as Spiderman? I was him for Halloween four years ago!"

Jasper bent down to the boy's height. He glared behind his mask. "And aren't you a bit young to have a death wish, brat?"

The child wasn't fazed. "I'm not scared of you! I'm Pikachu! I'll shock you with a thunderbolt." But instead of shocking Jasper, he merely kicked his shin. It didn't hurt him of course, but Jazz wasn't in the best of moods to begin with.

"I hope you kiss your mom good bye, little boy." Jasper whispered. He got to his feet, picking the boy up by the back of his costume. Fortunately, Robin came to the rescue right then.

"Stop right there, villain!" She bravely commanded, pointing to her husband. She valiantly skipped over to him and snatched the boy into her arms. "Have no fear! Robin, the boy wonder, is here!" She placed the boy on his feet.

Jasper sighed. "He started it…"

"Aw, don't worry. You're my hero." Alice bounced to the tip of her toes to kiss Jasper.

The kid hopped back. "Eww! Mommy, mommy! Robin kissed a guy! Robin is a rainbow!" He ran off. The Spiderman and Robin duo just stared after him, laughing.


"Bella, please. We could just try to make a break for it." Edward sank down next to Bella. "Alice would never be able to catch us. She'd see it yes, but we would be long gone before she could stop us."

Bella just nodded her head as she was completely immersed in volume 17 of the Fantastic Four. "Bella! Earth to Bella?" Batman growled as she continued to ignore him. "Isabella Swan, listen to me before I tare that comic in half." He threatened.

She looked up, frightened. "But-but-but! Doom has captured the Invisible Woman! I can't just leave her." With widened eyes, Bat Girl pouted, jutting her lower lip outwards.

With a relenting sigh, Edward turned to the balding man behind the kiosk. "How much for the collection of that series she's reading?" He asked as her pointed to his fiancée.

The man scratched his chin, debating. "Hmmm… well, kid, it's normally 'bout 100 bucks. But for ya cute girlfriend, it'll be 80 even. That work for you?" He asked in his thick New Yorker accent.

Edward fished his wallet out from his black boot. "Perfect. And she's my fiancée, not girlfriend." A bag of the purchased books slid to his over the counter.

The man chuckled as he received the 100-dollar bill. "A pretty young thing that enjoys a good comic? Some people gets all the luck." He pulled a twenty from a wad in his back pocket. He shook Edward's hand as he slipped him the bill. "You make sure to take care of 'er." Edward took the bag and brought it over his shoulder.

"Don't worry." Batman scoped the brunette into his arms with a crooked grin. She kissed him light on the cheek, dropping her comic into the bag. "I plan on it. For as long as I am on this earth. Have a good day, sir." Bella responded with a giggle.

Later that day…

Rosalie dropped a rather large bag on the floor at Alice's feet. "I hope you're happy," the blonde snapped at her sister. "Thanks to this little geek fest, he more hooked then ever." She gestured over her shoulder to where her husband was 'flying' around the room. This 'flying' consisted of Emmett taking wild leaps into the air to extreme rounds of applause from the observing crowd.

"800." Rose whined. "800 dollars worth of this garbage! Perfectly good shopping money, wasted! And on what!?" She kicked over the bag. A small mountain of merchandise spilled over. Somewhere in the landslide, a doll must have been squished for a loud cry of "I'll save you, Lois Lane!" squeaked amidst the items.

Alice held in the urge to giggle. "Um… wow. Emmett has his own collection now."

Rosalie hissed. "'Wow', she says. Ohh, I shall never forgive you for this, Mary Alice Brandon Cullen! And eternity is quite a while to hold a grudge! Remember that…" And with that, Cat Woman stormed out of the convention center.

Jasper came up behind Alice, hooking his arm around her waist. "Should I even ask?" He pointed to the superman load spilling on the floor.

"Not unless you want to be scarred for life, Jazz."

Edward and Bella arrived a second later. He rolled his eyes at his largest brother. "I take it Emmett had a good time." He muttered.

"You don't know the half of it," Jasper said as he shook his head. "I'm just glad this horrific incident is over."

"But-but-but! We'll miss the costume contest!"

A thick silence fell upon then. All eyes locked on the pixie-like vampire. She smiled innocently.

"Not. On. Your. Undead. Life!" Bella shot at her, her face a shade redder. "We are out of her, like now!" She tugged on Edward hand, leading to the door where Rose had made her exit. But, in typical Bella fashion, she managed to trip over nothing before her dramatic exit.

"Oh!" She squeaked out as she collided with a tall figure. "Ow, I'm so sorry sir." Bella apologized quietly.

The person froze. "Bella? What-what are you doing here?!"

"Huh?" The voice sounded familiar, but the person wasn't. Decked out head to foot in a floor length robe, this man was the spitting image of an elf more commonly seen in War Of the Worlds. Pointed ears, bow & arrows, Celtic headband, and all. The long pale blonde hair tied back was clearly a wig on his tanned face.

Edward froze where he was. "No. No way." He was seriously in shock. "It-it can't be! Newton? Mike Newton?!"

"The Cullens, too?!" Mike stuttered out.

The group stared at each other in shocked silence. Bella blushed a red so fierce; Jasper's costume couldn't hold a candle to the color. Eyes avoided each other. Finally, Edward cleared his throat unnecessarily, speaking to the roof.

"So… yeah. We'll-we'll just be leaving."

Mike nodded furiously. "Yeah."

"We didn't see you here, you didn't see us, got it?" Jasper growled.

"Y-yeah. Later." And the elf-person ran off.

A few seconds later, the Cullen/Hale clan, plus Bella, had piled into their cars. Jasper turned to his siblings. "So we are all in agreement? This incidence shall never be spoken of ever again." Each head nodded, forcefully with Rose's assistance on Emmett's part, and they departed in an embarrassed calm.

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