Chapter One: Takashi and Higurashi





"Stupid damn alarm clock, and its bad timing," a girl mumbled while trying to go back to sleep after throwing the alarm clock across the room only to smash against the wall.

"KAGOME! Did you just destroy ANOTHER alarm clock? That's the third one this month. I am not buying you another one," Kagome Higurashi winced as her mother yelled up from the kitchen. She glanced at the remains of what used to be her alarm clock and grumbled something under her breath, while falling out of her bed.

"Wha….? Hey Kags, what happened?" Her twin, Sango asked.

"Nothing, San. Go back to sleep." Kagome replied with a short giggle.

Kagome was a young woman of seventeen and a half. She was the oldest girl in her all-girl-family. She had three other sisters all of them younger then her. Her hair was jet black that could almost be considered dark blue, and it ended at her waist. Then her eyes were chocolate brown, with flecks of a honey in them. She was about five feet, six inches tall, and had a very good figure.

Sango was her twin, only two minuets and thirty-three seconds younger then her. Kagome made sure she never forget it. Her black hair was much like Kagome's only much softer in color. She had light baby blue colored eyes with flecks of silver in them. She was about an inch and a half taller then Kagome but both girls sported the same figure. To top it off both of them were total tomboys.

Then there was Ayame, who was sixteen, not far from seventeen either. She had blood red hair which was always wore in two pigtails with a clip on one side. She had green eyes with flecks of blue in them. At five feet three inches she loathed the fact that she was shorter then her older sisters. While she loved to play sports, and mainly schooled the boys, she enjoyed make up much more than her sisters did. Her figure was filled out but not as robust as her older sisters.

Then last was Rin, who was fifteen, but will be sixteen in 2 months. She was the youngest and the smallest. Her short black hair was always worn in a side ponytail. With purple eyes with flecks of green in them, she stood out from her sisters. They had a tendency to darken dramatically, almost making them glow, when she got angry. Despite loving her sisters very much she despised being the youngest. Her figure was still developing. Like Ayame, she took pride in how she looked but their mother taught them to be far from overly dramatic about it.

Speaking of their mother, Mia, she has dark brown hair with streaks of black, which was always in a messy bun. She had silver eyes with little bits of blue-green in them. She was well known for her strong morals and honest opinions, even if they were unwelcomed. When her husband died on the police force three years ago, Mia made sure to instill good morals into all of her daughters, something her and her husband had constantly done.

The Higurashi family, though a nice and honorable family, had a long lasting feud with the Takashi family of demons. Most people believe that all demon families had the same type of demon kids but this is not always true. The demon type can vary depending on the attitude of the child. This particular feud started by the Takashi families desire to prove that humans are not as good as demons. They did this by tricking the Higurashi family into entering the tournament of fighting arts, held once a year. The Higurashi family didn't like this idea one bit, so naturally they fought back, and proved that humans are just as good by tying with the Takashi family in almost every event.

For every fighting technique used in the tournament, at least one of the Higurashi girls had practiced since they were young, for they lived in a shrine. It was their duty to learn how to protect the shrine, thus they had to learn to fight. Kagome and Sango, being the oldest knew the most. From then on both families had a desire to beat the other, and so the feud began.

"Kagome, Sango, you'd better be out of bed or you'll both be grounded for a month!"

Mia threatened, knowing it would get both of the down into the kitchen before school started. A screech followed by a thump and a resounding crash was satisfying enough for Mia.

"Eek! Mother! What the hell was that for?" Sango screamed after falling out of bed.

"Mother, that was uncalled for!" Kagome yelled right after Sango having banged her head on their desk, where she had been picking her backpack up from underneath it.

"Geez Mother! You scared me half to death. And I've been up for an hour." Ayame complained.

"Sorry Ayame. I didn't mean it toward you." Her mother replied, trying to sound sorry but you could hear the laughter in her voice.

"School starts in twenty minuets. Move it!" Rin yelled up to her sisters. They all go to the same high school, unfortunately, so did the Takashi boys. The schools name is Einjeru High. It let in all kids from demons to mikos, and to humans.

"COMING!" Ayame, Sango and Kagome yelled down at the same time. Unfortunately Ayame and Sango ran out of their rooms at the same time, colliding into each other and falling down into a tangle of limbs.

"Safe!" Kagome cried, happy that she let Sango go first, as she jumped over her fallen sisters, grinning at them. Both girls glared at her then smirked at each other. Sango grabbed one ankle while Ayame grabbed the other. At the same time both of them pulled, causing Kagome to fall flat onto her back.


"Itai! You guys! I'm going to kill you." Kagome screamed. Both girls shot up, jumped over Kagome, grabbed their backpacks, run down the stiars, and out the door.

"I'm gonna be late!" Kagome cried as she grabbed her backpack and ran downstairs. She grabbed a piece of toast, gave her mom a kiss and ran out the door.

"Inuyasha, Miroku," A sweet voice called up the stairs, both boys grimaced. Being half awake, they knew what was coming. They both quickly grabbed their pillows and put them over their ears before going back to sleep. "GET UP OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES AND GET READY FOR SCHOOL!" Their Father Inutashio the Great Inu-demon yelled, hoping to wake up his sons. No sounds came from above. "Damn, they put their pillows over their ears again. Oh well there are other ways to get them out of bed," Inutashio got an evil smirk on his face before grabbing the two cleaning buckets off of the ground in the pantry, and filling them both with ice water.

He brought both buckets upstairs, passing his other kid's rooms in the process. Sesshoumaru, his oldest son, an Inu-demon stuck his head outside the door, and smirked when he saw his father show him the buckets with ice water in them. Koga, the third youngest a Wolf-Demon walked out from the bathroom and glanced at his father before stifling a laugh and moving into his room. Shippo the youngest and a Fox-demon looked out his open door, then ran over and shoved his head in his pillows to keep from laughing.

"Oh Boys…" he started really softly before yelling, "MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!" and dumped the ice water on top of the two twins.

Both boys shot out of bed screeching any and all curses they knew.

"YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO DO THAT DAD!" Miroku, a Tiger-demon yelled giving his dad a death glare.

"NO KIDDING! DAMN IT, DAD! MY FREAKING BED IS SOAKED!" Inuyasha, a silver Inu-demon growled at his father while trying to burn a hole through his head.

'If looks could kill.' Suddenly ran through Inutashio's mind while he glanced between his sons. "Well if you boys would get out of bed when I told you too then I wouldn't have had to pour water on you." Inutashio pointed out. He then ducked and ran out of the room to avoid the many objects that the two were throwing toward him.

"GO AWAY!" Miroku yelled.

"DAMN IT, GET LOST!" Inuyasha followed up.

Now the Takashi family wasn't very out of the ordinary. Well if you say ordinary is trying to kill people that piss them off. Then you have your ordinary run of the mill family.

Inutashio, the father, is also one of the greatest Inu-demons of this time. He has long silver hair that goes down to about the inside of the knee, and has pointed ears. He is about six feet and three inches tall. He also has a tail which he keeps draped over his left shoulder. His eyes are amber with flecks of brown, and his demon form is a large Inu.

Demon forms and types seem to vary with the attitude of the child that is a demon. For all of Inutashio's children look and act differently from their father. Two are Inu-demons just like he is, but they have major different attitudes, though they look similar. His other children though, look and act differently. One is a tiger demon who happens to be the twin of the younger Inu-demon, and the older of the two, which he likes to remind his brother just to tick him off. Another is a wolf demon, and the last is a Kitsune.

Sesshoumaru, his oldest son at the age of 18 and a half, is also a dog demon. He is in his last year of school, but does want to go to college, unless he finds a mate first. He is about six feet one inch and also has pointed ears. He is a little cold unless by some stroke of luck he actually likes you, then he will be nice. His hair was silver and is only a little shorter then his father. His demon form is not as big as his father but it's still very big.

Miroku, the second oldest is a minute and twenty-four seconds older than Inuyasha. They will be eighteen in two months and an off number of days. He has short black hair with a small ponytail in the back. He has a long tail that is straight, and is colored exactly like a tigers. He has violet eyes and is very kind. He can be the wisest of the family but he is a pervert. He gropes all women and asks them to bear his child. His face has soft features and he doesn't really have a temper, though he does tend to say very stupid things, causing everyone to call him and idiot.

Inuyasha has long silver hair that is shorter than Sesshoumaru by a couple inches. But unlike Sesshoumaru and his father, instead of pointed human ears, he has furry dog ears on the top of his head. He has gold eyes that are warm and usually inviting, unless you piss him off, though he does roll over for anyone if they give him ramen. Though he does have a really bad temper that he can never control. He also tends to let his mouth run on auto-pilot, but he can be very sweet if you're his friend.

Koga the third youngest is the wolf-demon. He is seventeen and thinks he's king of the world. He has long black hair that is about Inuyasha's hair length, but it's usually in a ponytail. He has a temper, and loves to spar with Inuyasha. He believes wolves are better than Inu's and wants to prove it, though he usually ends up with a face full of dirt once his father finds out. His ears are pointed like Sesshoumarus and his fathers. And he has a straight tail that is fluffy and looks almost identical to a wolfs tail. He thinks every cute girl is his woman, though most hate his guts or call him a possessive moron.

Shippo, the youngest, who is sixteen, has blood red hair and handsome features. He's very kind and only has a temper toward Inuyasha and Koga. He has a long fox tail that is very fluffy with a white tip. He has a bit of a mischievous side and likes to tinker with electronics. He loves candy, but his favorite is chocolate. He is fun to be around, as long as you're not in line for one of his famous pranks.

"MOVE IT! SCHOOL STARTS IN TEN MINUETS!" Inutashio yelled up to his sons.

"COMING!" Yelled five voices simultaneously. Unfortunately Shippo, Inuyasha, Koga and Miroku all were running out of their rooms and ended up colliding with each other, and fell to the ground.

"Morons." Sesshoumaru insulted while walking on top of his brother's, causing them to groan.

"Oh no you don't." Koga grabbed his ankles and pulled causing him to fall.

"Shit, Koga. Do you have a death wish!" Inuyasha screamed. Everyone scrambled up and ran, ditching Koga in the process. Koga didn't move fast enough to get away. Sesshoumaru jumped up and grabbed his tail and tied it to the doorknob.

"I'm going to be late!" Sesshoumaru jumped down the stairs and ran out the door.

"HEY! DON"T LEAVE ME HERE! ANYONE? PLEASE!?" Koga cried while trying to untie his tail to get to school. His Father had already left for work, so he had to call for his brothers to help.

"SEE YA!" Everyone cried in the window, running toward school. Leaving Koga to fend for himself.

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