Chapter Six: Kikyo, going to my School?!

"What do you mean she's been enrolled into our school!? There is no way I will be able to stand going to school with that…that…THING!" Kagome cried indignantly, while flailing her arms in every direction.

"I'm sorry Kagome but it is simply the only decent school in our neighbor hood and you know it. She is going to Einjeru High and that's finale!" Mia said in the tone that meant no arguments. "Maybe this time it won't be so bad, honey."

"Ya, and maybe I'll be lucky and get hit by a car before I get to school." Kagome mumbled under her breath, and shot a glare towards the girl that just walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning, wonderful day, don't you think?" Kikyo exclaimed while receiving glares from most of the girls in the kitchen. She ignored them and walked toward the food. "Ummm…. Aunt Mia, is there anyway I can have just a simple piece toast with jam? I'm on a diet." Kikyo asked innocently.

"Why the heck are you on a…mph!" Rin was shut up by Ayame's hand over her mouth.

"Good for you Kikyo!" Ayame cried "Heaven knows she needs it." She than added so only her sisters could hear her. Everyone stifled a laugh before giving their mom a kiss and running toward school.

"Wait for me!" Kikyo cried in distress for being left behind, before running out the door after her cousins.

"Okay Kikyo lets get you settled in." Principle Mare said while handing her a paper. "That is your schedule; homeroom is first, than math, then English, then you have a free period to be spent doing homework or studying. After that you have science, social studies, and then lunch. After lunch you have your elective and P.E." The Principle explained.

"Thank you Mr. Mare, I'm sure it will be lots of fun." Kikyo bowed respectively and walked out of the room, heading to her first class. She walked in and asked the teacher where to sit.

"Oh, you must be the newest Higurashi. It says here your name is Kikyo, which is correct right?" The teacher asked politely.

"Yes, it is." Kikyo replied not taking her eyes off of the gorgeous man she had just seen.

I think I'm in love! He's a babe and a demon so he's strong too. Kikyo thought while looking at the hunk sitting by 4 more hunks. I will have him as my boyfriend, no matter what.

"Okay Kikyo, you may take a seat behind your cousin Ayame." The teacher said before asking her to introduce herself. Ayame sat two rows from the back, with Rin to her right, then Kagome was to the right of Rin, with Sango behind her. Sesshoumaru Takashi sat to the right of Kagome with Inuyasha behind him. Shippo was to the right of Inuyasha with Koga in front.

"Well my name is Kikyo, I live in Hokkaido and I'm down here visiting my cousins. I'm glad to be here and excited to learn. Oh and I also am better than anyone at anything!" Kikyo said the last part while looking directly at Kagome. Who just glared in return, than smirked when the class laughed at her. Kikyo stomped over to her seat and put her head on her desk.

"Heh, told you she'd get laughed at!" Sango whispered from behind Kagome before giving each other a high five. Kikyo than lifted her head up and looked at the demon she saw before. Kagome turned her head to look at whatever her cousin is looking at, only to be met by Sesshoumaru who was giving Kikyo a death glare.

Oh, not again, there is absolutely no possible way! Kagome thought and spun around to give Kikyo a glare worthy enough to kill. Kikyo glanced at Kagome and blanched, before giving her a smirk. Kagome spun around to face the front, trying to think of a worthy death for her Dear cousin.

"Kagome," someone whispered, she looked around before meting gold eyes. Sesshoumaru gave her an almost invisible smile before using his demon speed to place something on her desk. Kagome looked around and noticed that no one had seen any of the exchange. She picked up the piece of paper and opened it under her desk.

Meet me at the same time, same place


Kagome gave a small smile before slipping the note into her back pocket. She looked to the front of the room to make sure she didn't miss anything and noticed the teacher erasing the notes. Figures Kagome thought before groaning and letting her head fall onto her desk.

"Finally, it's free period! Is it me or did the first classes take forever." Rin yelled over excitedly, while jumping onto the girl's favorite couch. "Oh shoot, don't look now but Kikyo is headed this way." Kagome groaned and glanced at Kikyo.

"Ummmm…you guys…I think she's headed to the Takashi table," Kagome said while following Kikyo with her eyes. "Shoot, she is." Kagome vaulted over the couch and ran to her cousin.

"WHAT!" All three cried simultaneously, diving over the couch to follow their sister.

"Hi, my name is Kikyo, I've been in most of your classes so far," Kikyo introduced herself. All she received were glares from all five boys.

"KIKYO!" Kagome cried along with her sisters.

"Geez, do you have a death wish, they are our rivals in the tournament. They have been forever. Remember the fight to prove who is better?!" Ayame cried, while pulling her arm.

"I just want to talk to them. Is that a crime?" Kikyo yelled, and pulled her arm out of Ayames death grip. "Besides, you don't care, you all didn't even want me to visit you. I know you guys don't like me, especially you Kagome!"

"Well that's true." Rin mumbled.

"No, I don't like you, how can I like someone who always tries to show me up, or steal my boyfriends, but I don't want to get you killed either. I may not like you but I don't hate you, and I defiantly don't want you dead," Kagome cried while pulling Kikyo away from the Takashi family, who were all looking on in interest.

All of the Takashi boys were surprised at what was going on. Sesshoumaru was glade the girls had stepped in, in case he almost killed that Kikyo girl, because of the way she was looking at him. Kagome is honorable, kind, and honest. Good. Sesshoumaru thought to himself, before standing.

"You would do well to get out of this area girl, you are not wanted," Sesshoumaru said with as much malice as he could.

"Ya, go away you really reek, even the other Higurashi girls don't smell this bad," Koga grimaced, covering his sensitive nose with his shirt. The girls were surprised, and bewildered. Then Ayame decided to be just, and mouthed 'Thank you' to Koga. He looked stunned, but nodded in return.

"Well, I really don't need you girls to protect me, I can do it just fine myself. Especially you Kagome, you made it very clear that you don't like me. I hate you Kagome Higurashi." Kikyo yelled, while slapping Kagome across the face. Kagome was stunned and hurt, a small tear slipped down her cheek and fell to the floor.

Sango lunged for Kikyo, with Ayame right behind her. Both grabbed her and threw her to the floor. She got to her knees and opened her mouth to say something. Rin ran forward and punched her with as much force as she could muster. Kikyo coughed and fell over holding her stomach. Ayame walked forward and offered her hand, "Don't ever do that to Kagome again, now let's put this behind us, and get ready for class." Kikyo glared at Ayame and brought her hand up, but instead of pulling herself up, she used her other hand to scratch three lines into Ayames face.

"Ahhh!" Ayame fell backward to the ground with blood seeping between her fingers.

"Ayame! Are you okay?" Sango ran over to the counter and grabbed a cloth to put over her face. "Here this will help."

Rin walked forward, but Kikyo stood up and pushed her into the support pole. Kagome snapped out of her reverie and ran forward, catching Rin before she hit the ground. She had a small cut above her right eye, but looked okay. Kagome laid her down and walked toward Kikyo. Kikyo scrambled to her feet and faced Kagome.

"Stop this Kikyo, you've hurt my sisters. Stop this before you get to out of hand." Kagome warned, while leveling a glare at her.

"No! I will prove I'm better than all of you." Kikyo cried before running to Kagome.

Kagome sighed and braced herself. Just as Kikyo was going to lunge at Kagome, Kagome dropped to the ground, grabbed her arms, put her foot level with Kikyo's stomach, and launched Kikyo over her. Kagome than rolled over and ran to Kikyo, pining her to the ground.

"Now, you need to stop this, if you stop right now, we'll forget this ever happened and move on." Kagome offered, "But, if you continue this, we will have you sent home immediately." Kikyo glared at all of the girls, but agreed. Kagome got off her and offered her hand which Kikyo took and pulled herself up.

"I'm sorry about your face, Ayame. I shouldn't have done that. Is Rin okay?" Kikyo said in a defeated voice. Kagome walked to Rin and tried to rouse her. "She's unconscious, but she'll be fine." Kagome picked her up, and walked to Ayame. "You should probably go home, do you think that you could carry Rin?" Sango pulled Ayame up and steadied her.

"Yes, I'm fine, she is the smallest of us, and so it should be easy." Ayame took Rin out of Kagome's arms and walked out the door to go check out.

"I'll be going now," Kikyo walked out of the room, receiving glares from the two remaining Higurashi girls.

"You alright Kagome?" Sango asked walking forward and pulling her twin in for a hug.

"Yes, I'm fine, I can't believe Kikyo did that, she's always had a temper, but she's never done that. I mean pushing Rin into a pole, while her back was turned." Kagome looked ready to kill her cousin.

"I'm gonna go call mom and warn her that Ayame and Rin are on the way home, both hurt." Sango said pulling away, "I'll see you in class, kay, Kags?"

Kagome smiled and nodded, watching as Sango walked off, grabbing her stuff on the way.

"What the hell was that about!?" Shippo cried, looking distressed. Inuyasha, Koga, Miroku and Sesshoumaru all looked to Kagome to explain.

Kagome grimaced "Well none of us really get along with Kikyo, so we fight a lot. Enough said." Kagome glanced and Sesshoumaru and noticed what looked like concern in his eyes, but before she could be sure, it was gone. He gave a small almost invisible smile, before walking away, his brothers following him.

Kagome walked toward the same place she met Sesshoumaru before, not realizing that she had a follower.

Where is she going? And why? Kikyo thought following her cousin, as she rounded a corner.

"Hey," Kikyo heard Kagome call to someone. So she moved to someplace that she could see.

"Do you want to go to the same restaurant, or a different one?" A deep voice asked.

Kikyo finally got into viewing distance and gasped.

The gorgeous Takashi boy, oh what are they doing, are they going on a date. Heh, maybe I should steal another of Kagomes boyfriends, maybe that'll show her that I'm better then her. Kikyo thought maliciously.

"Hmmmm…I think a different one would be nice." Kagome replied, while glancing behind her.

"Okay, let's go," Sesshoumaru picked up his bag that was at his feet and walked off with Kagome.

Hmmmm…this is the perfect way to get back at Kagome for her beating me in that fight earlier. Sesshoumaru Takashi, you will be mine.

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