Sleeping With Friend and Foe

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Chapter 2: A Little More Fun

One afternoon while Harry and Draco were at a Quidditch game, Hermione had stayed back to have a little fun of her own. She had been feeling horny all night because Harry, Draco and Blaise hadn't visited her the night before so Hermione was stuck with pleasuring herself.

She was lying on the couch in the Head Girl and Boy common room and she was playing with a dildo she had gotten for her birthday from some of the girls who thought it would be funny. But it had been a very useful gift. Anytime Hermione didn't have a boy in her bed, she would use her dildo to pleasure herself.

Hermione wasn't wearing anything but an open robe and she was completely naked underneath. Hermione was thrusting the thick dildo deeply into her wet pussy. She was simultaneously fondling her clit with her other hand. Hermione was moaning and squirming in the couch when suddenly her back was no longer leaning on the arm rest of the couch but on the pillows of a large bed.

Hermione opened her eyes to see who had transfigured it and looked up into the face of Blaise. He smiled at her as he put his hands on her breasts. Hermione smiled up at him and moaned as he caressed her breasts. And then he leaned forward, kissed her ear and then whispered into it quietly.

"Why are you using a toy when the real thing is here now?" Blaise asked with a naughty smile on his face. He began to ravish Hermione's lips with his own and continued to caress her breasts as he moved on top of her. Hermione was still pushing the dildo in and out of herself and played with her clit. She began to move her dildo and fingers faster as Blaise deepened the kiss, pushing his tongue into her waiting mouth.

Hermione was moaning into the kiss, panting and so close to orgasm. Blaise noticed and gave both her nipples a sharp tweak and that sent Hermione over the edge. The orgasm poured through her sending her juices squirting out of her onto her dildo and had her screaming into Blaise's mouth.

He smiled and pulled the dildo out of Hermione, ripped off the robe she was wearing and removed his own clothing. Blaise moved to lie on top of Hermione and began to ravish her neck. Hermione's fingers moved up and down the strong muscles on Blaise's back and she giggled as he nippled her neck and moved slowly to her nipples.

He gently began to suck them as Hermione moaned his name. Blaise was glad that he had Hermione all to himself today, he had been thinking about her tight ass and her wicked tongue all last night and now he had her where he wanted her.

Blaise moved his body so that Hermione could move and rolled her over onto her stomach. Hermione growled at the unexpected movement but gasped as Blaise opened her legs from behind and pushed his weight down on her so she couldn't move. He moved his mouth to her ear and kissed it.

"Hermione do you know how much I've been thinking about you?" He whispered as he flicked her clit with his hand. He heard her whimper in the pulsating pleasure running through her. He kissed her ear again.

"And do you know how much I've been thinking about you moaning...groaning...whimpering...And the feel of you're tight ass surrounding my enormous dick?" At each stop of words Blaise had flicked his finger on Hermione's clit making her do all the things he described.

"Oh Merlin Hermione. Do you know what you do to me? You, every time you walk down the halls, I get hard. Oh so hard. Do you want to feel how hard?" As he said this, he moved his throbbing thick dick to the opening of her full apple ass. Hermione felt him pressed there and slowly he began to push into her.

Hermione moaned as a slow but strong river of pleasure flowed through her as Blaise pressed deeper and deeper into her ass. When he'd pushed all the way and was skin to skin with her, he pulled out and began to thrust into her. Slowly but powerfully. He lifted his weight off her and pulled her onto her hands and knees. Blaise could feel the tight skin of Hermione's ass pressing and tightening around his hard thick long dick. He groaned as he picked up speed. Hermione was crying out at the feel of Blaise pressing and pounding into her ass.

Every thrust had her moaning and squirming under his touch. He moved one of his hands to play with her clit. Hermione moaned even louder as she felt Blaise teasing her clit. She was yelling at the pleasure pounding through her and suddenly she exploded. She screamed as Blaise reached orgasm as well. He yelled her name as he shot wads of cum into her ass. Hermione was collapsing under the mind blowing pleasure but Blaise wasn't done yet.

He continued to thrust into her making her scream at each thrust and every flick of his finger had her orgasming again and again. All of Hermione's orgasm had him orgasming as well and he continued to cum and cum, flowing out of Hermione's ass and spilling onto the bed.

Blaise pulled out of her and turned her so she could suck his soaking dick. It was wet and sticky from all the cum, but he was throbbing for the feel of her wicked tongue. Hermione did not object. Her pussy was throbbing pleasurably but she could wait.

She grabbed Blaise's dick and began to lick off all the cum then she suddenly swallowed him into her mouth. Blaise couldn't breathe as he felt Hermione's tongue swirling around him making him groan as she sucked him hard. He put his fingers in her hair and began to push her head hard onto his dick. He was groaning and suddenly she grabbed his balls and began to caress him. This was all to much as Blaise yelled and sprayed cum into Hermione's mouth. She pulled him out as she swallowed his cum but he continued to spray, and sprayed cum all over her face.

At this moment Harry and Draco walked in after a hard Quidditch match and saw Hermione cum dripping and covered, stroking Blaise's thick dick and Blaise panting on the bed. Harry and Draco smiled at eachother and began to take off each other's robes. Harry kissed Draco hungrily and roughly as he'd wished to touch the boy for so long. Draco took the kiss and pulled Harry's body and pressed him to him. Both boys felt eachother grow hard. They stripped off their clothes and jumped onto the bed with Blaise and Hermione. On the way Draco found the dildo and picked it up. He rolled Hermione over and kissed her.

She kissed him back and smiled as she looked up into his lust filled eyes. Blaise had already moved over to Harry and was kissing his navel.

"So...did you win the Quidditch match?" Blaise asked between slow kisses that were leading to Harry's throbbing erection. He groaned at the torture.

"Yeah and I think I deserve a reward." And as he said this he gasped and held his breath as Blaise took his thick dick into his mouth. Blaise's tongue was amazing and Harry was gripping his hair and thrusting into his mouth as Harry brought Blaise's head down on to him. Draco looked over at Blaise sucking Harry's dick and Draco smiled. He moved over to Harry and moved underneath him. Draco fingered Harry's ass opening and he heard Harry gasp as well.

Draco pushed himself, all of his thick long cock into Harry and Harry cried out at this unexpected pleasure. He felt pleasure over pleasure as Draco pounded into him, hitting his g-spot every time and Blaise's hot tight mouth sucking him hard and fast. Harry was dying in pleasure but he still noticed Hermione watching and wanking off to the three boys. Harry noticed she was close enough for him to stick his fingers into her pussy, so he did. He finger fucked Hermione as she played with her clit. Harry could feel her tight pussy muscles getting tighter as she moaned at her own pleasure and then Harry cried out as he hit the largest orgasm he'd ever felt. He slammed into Blaise's mouth and poured cum into him. Draco cried out at the pleasure as he sprayed into Harry's ass and Hermione screamed as she hit orgasm and her juices spilled on Harry's hand.

Blaise swallowed Harry's cum and wiped his mouth. He moved and kissed the sweat soaked boy. But Harry was still wanting more. He moved over and moved on top of Hermione and began to push into her tight clenched pussy. She screamed as Harry pushed himself into her and he grabbed the dildo that was near by. Draco couldn't bear looking at Harry's tantalizingly hot tight ass without fucking it. Draco moved and pushed himself into Harry again having him groan in pleasure as Draco's dick smashed into his g-spot. Blaise felt alone, so he pushed himself into Draco's ass. Draco yelled at this torment. Harry saw Hermione's flushed face and began to push the dildo into her ass. Hermione screamed at this unexpected twist. They all pounded into eachother. Harry into Hermione, Draco into Harry and Blaise into Draco. Harry thrust hard hitting Hermione's g-spot and had her yelling at each thrust of the dildo and his throbbing dick He could fell her tight muscles swirling around him. And pleasure washing through him. He pounded her higher and higher and finally when she reached her orgasm, she hit it so hard another came before the last was over. She screamed squeezing Harry over and into his orgasm. He sprayed into Hermione, so much he was dripping out of her as well. Draco felt Harry's orgasm and felt his ass muscles clench around him sending him into an orgasm. He pulled out and sprayed onto Harry's back. Blaise was dying in pleasure too and seeing all three of them orgasm and spray juice and cum all over each other, made Blaise orgasm too. He sprayed into Draco's ass and collapsed on him. They were all on top of eachother. Each of them moving once in a while to send someone into a domino affect of orgasms.

Eventually they got up and cleaned themselves off. Hermione loved all the sex she was having and smiled at each of the boys. Harry and Blaise kissed her good bye as Draco settled beside her and kissed her again. They began to fall onto th bed with Hermione's arms around him.

"Oh gentle." She laughed as he swallowed her in another kiss.