Dana's p.o.v.

No one knew why Zoey and me left PCA the last year of school. Zoey left because she said that she couldnt stand how much pressure her parents were putting on her to make good grades and that she needed to stay in the top of her class and all that stuff. I personally think it has to do with one Chase Matthews, but she always tells me that im wrong and that it's nothing. She looks depressed a lot of the time. She always goes on his myspace when she thinks im not looking just to see what he is doing. We bought an pent house down in Miami, right before you hit the keys right next to the ocean, so that we could be as far away from PCA as possible without leaving the country. We have 2 other room mates, Presley and Josh. Josh has a thing for Zo but he wont admit it. It took me a long time to convince Zoey that it was ok to live in a house with a guy. No Josh is not gay, but I still tease him all the time about it. This one time me and Presley brought home this guy we met on the board walk and told him that Josh was gay and the whole night the guy was hitting on him. Back to the story, we still keep in touch with Nicole but she didnt go to PCA this year either. Her 'sickness' came back. She still talks to Chase and the guys, she said that Chase still loves Zoey, but Zoey thinks its a lie. Whatever.

Your probley wondering why I left well, it all has to do with the Mr. Logan Reese himself. We were dating in secret because, hello, Logan and me? Yeah right! We were keeping it a secret because I was afraid of what my dad would think 'cause of all the things I told him in the past about Logan. He wanted it to be a secret because he said and I quote 'I will do anything to stay with you, I love you that much'. I wish I would of told him what I was thinking when he said that, 'Sorry Logan, im allergic to bullshit', but like in idiot I believed it. I still kick myself for that daily. Well what happend was it was the first day of school and I only saw Zoey and she looked really stressed for the first day of school but anyway I was going to suprise Logan so I went down to the beach where we normally go together on the first and last day of school. I saw something I really didnt think I was going to see. Logan was on top of a girl with brown hair and a bikini on and you guessed it they were making out. I didnt say a word, I just walked away back to my room and packed my things again. Zoey asked what I was doing and I said that I couldnt take it anymore and she agreed so we packed our things and ran away to Miami. I went by Logan's room before I left and taped a letter to his door, telling him how much I hate him, well I said a lot of stuff that was pretty mean that im not going to repete so use your imagination.

How do we pay for all of this? Well my great grandfather was totaly rich and I was his only girl grandchild and his favorite so when he kicked the bucket I got 750,000 dollars but my dad makes me save almost all of it. Im only aloud to use about 10,000 a month unless I seriously need it. Zoey dosent really have any money because her 'rents cut her off from her family, except Dustin who calls almost everyday looking for advice about school and girls. Mostly girls though. Zoey gets money from me and Presley and Josh have to pay rent so she gets that money too. We have a lot of friends down here too. I think it helps that Josh owns the hottest surf shop on the east coast and I helped him buy it so all of us get to own it together. I help teach surf lessions to tourists, I dont do that a lot because you have to have a lot of patience which I really dont have. We dont go to school any more because of 'bad memories' thats our excuse, which isnt a total lie.We both hope that we never have to see PCA or anyone other than Dustin again.

But hey hoping dosent always work.

what do you think so far? Should I continue or what?

presley aka crash