I seriously cant believe it, Its about 6 years after me and Logan got back together. It's so weird. After I caught Lola and him making out on the beach, I never thought that he could be trusted again, but...he is. And he is an awsome father. Yes I said father, our baby was born on August 23. We named him David Jacob Reese. He looks a lot like his father. Same eyes, nose, dimples, hair. Logan was right, his dad gave him his director job just like he wanted. Shortly after that David was born and Logan proposed. It was the cheesiest thing ever. Logan had a candel light dinner and he put the ring on my bread stick when he thought I wasnt looking. I was. Im so glad that I got on that plane and went back to PCA.

Zoey and Chase finally got married. I was maid of honor and Logan was the best man. They are also expecting a kid in late October. Its going to be Twins! 2 girls. Zoey is so excited everytime someone mentions that she is pregnant she goes on about how she is going to name them Ashley and Amanda. Chase on the other hand freaks out when someone mentions twins, but in the end we all know that Chase is happy about it. Zoey still works in the surf shop along with Chase.

Nicole came down to Miami to live with us just like we planed. It actually turned out that Nicole and Michael didnt have that flame any more, oops. They freaked out and Nicole made Mike sleep on the floor, it was kinda funny. We had to buy another bed. The only thing that sucks about Nicole living with us is her obsession with my son. Everytime she see's him she freaks out, like she wants him to be hers or something. Nicole opened her own beauty shop, for surfer fashions and Michael works in a skate shop next to

Presley and Josh are pretty happy but sometimes I wonder about them. They sometimes go days with out talking to or touching each other and the rest of the time they cant stop touching each other. Presley wont tell me what it is though. It annoys me that she keeps this stuff from me and Zoey. She even told Zoey once with out telling me, that pissed me off. I know what your thinking, a lot of things piss me off but that was one of the tops. Right now Josh is just depressed because Presley and her band got signed to a record label called Fuled By Ramen, and Pres is on tour. Josh still ruins moments and im glad he didnt ruin Logan's proposal. I had serious thoughts that he was going to.

Oh and if your wondering how I am, im doing fine. I ended up becoming a famous writer, all of my books have hit the top of the best sellers list. One was up there for about 10 months non stop. It was one of my favorites and guess what story it was? Well this is another chapter in my life completed, literally. So many books to write and so little time with a 5 year old in the house. So how did you like my life story? I thought it was complicated but you can judge that for your selfs. I hoped that I never saw Logan Reese again and that I wasnt going to get pregnant before I was married, and I hoped that I wouldnt have to go to PCA again but hey like I said in the begining hoping dosent always work. Right now im glad hoping dosent always work.

Dana Reese put her pen down on the tabel and cracked her nuckels. She smiled and closed the front cover of her new book...Miami Blues.


if you want a sequal give me a good idea or act like wedding bells is the sequal. i seriously dont have any ideas for this story.

Presley aka Crash