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Injury Seduction 1/3

"The way he danced, my god! His hips rocked back and forth. The movement wasn't fluid like the others." Neji spoke in a soft voice as he reminised about the night before. "It wasn't sensual, but it was rough and passionate yet primitive. Segmented even."


"Yeah, like he slit up the fluid movements into different sections. "

"Sounds hot." Sarcasm bled through his words.

"Its was." Answered Neji cluelessly. "All I did was sit by the bar. I watched him move all night. His hands were always moving. If not down his chest and abs then fimrly grasping someone's--"

"Okay I get it. He dances well. If you like him so much why didn't you ask him to dance?"

"I meant to, but watching him made the time go by rather quickly. By the time I got the guts to go and ask him the party was over." Neji took a drink out of the teacup he'd been holding.

"Did he go there with anybody?" Sasuke started crumbling the trash from his tray and taking the last sips from his drink.

"I don't think so. He did leave with Iruka-sensei though." Neji still continued to stare out at the trees near the academy which were right across from the small cafe they were eating at.

"He left with him?" Sasuke lifted an eyebrow at the comment.

"Hey, they're teacher and student." Neji answere defensively. "Nothing more, I hope." He added.

"Well, this was a great way to spend lunchtime, but I've got to get back. I told Naruto I'd meet him in 1/2 for--"

"SPARING!" Naruto laughed loudly and winked a hello towards Neji. He had his hands grasping Sasuke firmly by the shoulders.

"Come on lets go!" He yelled out at his friend.

In a more relaxed tone and several decibles less he asked "Wanna come, Neji?"

Neji looked at Naruto and then at Sasuke. How could he have no words at this moment?

Sasuke noticed the red hue start to rise in his friend and quickly spoke up for him. "Yeah he'll come."

Naruto took off running before both of them.

"Its a good chance take it." Sasuke playfully punched Neji's arm before taking off behind Naruto.

"Chance?" Neji asked nobody. He hastly formed seals and was in the middle of the training field before the other two.

Neji quickly fixed his hair and tightened his headband.

"Hey, you got here fast." Naruto stood next to him out of breath.

"Yeah." Neji answered nervously.

Naruto waited for more, but after no words came he said "Okay then." and turned back to where Sasuke was just reaching the the field.

"Oi Sasuke! Warm up with Neji. I want to beat you last."

"I'm still better than you." He waited for Naruto to stick out his tongue as he usually did. Naruto then turned his back on Sasuke. Saskue shot two quick kunai at Naruto.

The blonde dragged his left foot in the loose dirt as he spun ouf ot the way of the throwing knives. He stopped them mid air by stabbing through the grips holes with two ove his own kunai. He tossed them up in the air and quickly added the two to his own before the dust was able to settle.

"Nice try." He chuckled.

"Okay Neji ready?" Sasuke moved into position.

Neji nodded and moved into the field.

Narut knew his friends' abilities well. He moved out of the way in an instant.

Hyugga vs. Uchiha: that would take a while. Naruto needed action to truly pay attention, and action is the only thing this match lacked. Neji and Sasuke's trategic approach to battle made them waste no moves nor chakra for useless jutsu. Almost 15 minutes of minimal action bored Naruto. He removed his shirt and began doing push ups to pass the time.

Neji caught a glimps of Naruto pushing and releasing the earth beneath him. Sasuke took notice of his distraction a fraction of a second too late. The pair of shuriken in his grip had left his hand already. The two that kaiten could have easily deflected and Neji could have easily dodged landed with a wet thud in Neji's thigh and hand.

"Ahh!" Neji dropped down on one knee groaning in pain. In battle he could take such wounds but not now that he hadn't been expecting it.

Naruto sprang up and sprinted to his side. Sasuke evaluated the damage and both decided to take him to the hospital. Naruto placed one arm under Neji's arm and around his back for support. Sasuke mirrored the stance.

The three made it to the hospital in no time.

"What happened?" Tsunade was watching the new nurses clean the wound. The young giggling girls were more than happy to help.

"We were sparing and I just didn't move fast enough." Neji offered the weak excuse excluding the reason he wasn't able to move.

"Right." Tsunade took one more look at his hand and then at his bloodied white pants. "Well, its too small for me to waste time and heal it up. Its unecessary really. I want you to go home and let it heal up. With stiches it shouldn't be more than a week to get you up and running." Tsunade signed a couple of forms and ordered the girls out of the room to collect Neji's medicines and required gauzes.

"So, I can go home, right?" Neji tried to sit up, but failed.

"Yes, who is at home?"

"I'm alone, but that's okay I can take care of myself." Neji once again tried to sit up. This time he was able to sit without groaning.

"Actually, no, you can't. You are to stay off that leg for 4 days at least. If you walk the bending at the thigh will rip the stitches right open." Tsunade looked around the room. "Which one of you did it?"

Sasuke looked up from the magazine he'd been reading. He raised his hand. "That would be me."

"Okay then as your punishment for not being more observant you have to take care of Neji. Four days Sasuke, treat him well."

Sasuke only nodded and returned to the medical journal. The nurses all rushed back into the room with a small bag full of supplies. Tsunade took the bag and rushed the trainees out once more.

"Here." She tossed the bag at Sasuke which he caught expertly.

Nobody moved Naruto was still looking out the window, Sasuke at his book and Neji at his injured hand.

"Well?" Tsunade started to raise her voice. Everyone looked up and at her. "Leave already! I have sick patients who really need this bed. She smiled as the boys rushed out with their injured friend in their arms.

"Take good care of him. I'm gonna charge you if you damage that Hyugga, Saskue." She called after the three.


Sasuke and Naruto were having fun carrying Neji between them. Since he couldn't move on his accord they spent their time swinging him like a kid in between them.

"Stop it." Neji warned once more, but this only caused them to swing harder.

"You all having fun?" A voice asked from the tree tops.

"A lot why, Kakashi-sensei?" Sasuke turned to look at the older man.

"You, Sakura and me have a mission tomorrow." He pushed his book into his pouch.

"What about me?!" Naruto asked demanding to be brought along.

"You-- you--" He paused "What about you?"

"Why can't I go?"

"Tsunade-sama thought it would be best if you stayed."

"What is it about?" Naruto turned serious. The only times he wasn't allowed on team missions was when it involved Akatsuki.

"You know the answer to that. Anyways, Sasuke don't be late we leave at 5."

"What am I gonna do about, Neji? Tsunade-sama just told me to take care of him."

Kakashi smiled and said "Leave him with Naruto."

Neji was still trying to keep all of this straight. It went from a nice 'chance' to hang out with Naruto to him spending the week at his house. What a 'chance' indeed.

Kakashi dissapeared in a puff of smoke as was his trademark when he desired to take no part in the current conversation.

"Naruto would you mind?" Sasuke looked across at his friend.

"Of course not. I'm gonna need company anyways." Neji smiled at Naruto's grin.

Naruto swung Neji higher and made him squeal. Both Sasuke and Naruto stopped their laughter to look at the bright red Neji that was hanging on their arms.

"What?" Neji reddened even more as the boys broke out in laughter once more.

They arrived at Naruto's house in no time. He pushed open the door and without removing their shoes they layed Neji down on the couch.

"Well you all heard Kakashi, I have to go and pack." Sasuke looked at his watch. "Sorry about today Neji, but I know Naruto will take care of you." Naruto removed his shoes and was working on Neji's. Sasuke winked at Neji and started making out with his invisible partner. Naruto turned around just in time to see Sasuke molesting himself.


Sasuke snapped out of it and said "Okay bye." He opened the door and took off instantly.

"So, Neji lets get you into bed."