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Neji placed his hands on the sides of the tub and leaned his head back while Naruto watched him. Slowly he dipped his head under the water. Seconds later Neji's head slid back up now with his hair dark black, slick and sticking to his face. Naruto moved his hand slowly across the tub and moved the strands that covered Neji's lilac eyes.

"So, I'm ready when you are." Neji's knees were touching the sides of the small tub.

Naruto only took a deep breath as he reached across and reached blindly under the suds covered water. His hand came to a flat stomach that was slightly rippled with muscle. Naruto made a small trail with his finger. He let his hand feel every dip and curve until he suddenly dipped into Neji's small belly button. Neji instantly opened his eyes and gasped involuntarily.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to stick it in you." Naruto tried to smile apologetically.

"You can stick it in me, if you want." Neji leaned his head back again so that Naruto couldn't see the look of sheer joy on his face. "I mean its only your finger, friend."

Naruto ground his teeth in anger. "Right only my finger." With that said Naruto grabbed at Neji's quick beating muscle and clenched it in between his fingers. Slowly he moved his hand up and down. Neji let a moan escape his mouth. It was a short deep groan that got Naruto's full attention. Naruto kept moving. His fingers occasionally rubbed at the tip encouraging Neji to say his name.

"Who are you thinking of?" Naruto almost slapped himself on his face when that came out of his mouth.

Neji lowered his head to have his eyes level with Naruto's. "What's the fun in telling you?" Naruto kept pumping while having a mental stare down with Neji.

"Is it somebody I know?"

"Yes." Neji bucked once into Naruto's hand when he noticed the movement had slowed down.

"I'll continue if you tell me." Naruto loosened his grip.

"How about you continue if I do this?" Neji pushed Naruto back and straddled his knees. He let his hand search under the water for Naruto. His fingers brushed up lightly against a very sensitive spot which sent sparks of white to Naruto's brain. Neji's fingers were wrinkled from being under water. The tactile sensation was different. Soon he was slowly moving Naruto.

"Okay." Naruto stroked Neji while Neji touched him.

"Naruto." Neji shuddered out his name when Naruto hit the base of his pubic bone in one hard thrust. He pulled hard to hear his name again. "Naruto!" Even if they were shouts of pain Naruto would hear his name exit those lips. That last 'Naruto' was more than enough inspiration for him. The painful throbbing would soon cease and beautiful release would come. Naruto pulled hard one last time to hear his name before it happened.

"Dammit." Neji looked at him with angry eyes and stood up. He climbed out of the tub and grabbed a towel. The wet footsteps could be heard as he walked into Naruto's room and slammed the door.

Naruto now sat alone in a tub of cold water with suds sloshing around from the sudden movement. He stood up and looked down. His problem was still there.

What did I do? Poor Neji. Naruto wrapped a towel around himself and knocked at the room's door.

"Neji, can I come in?" No answer. Not even a shuffle. "Please. I'm sorry." Naruto waited for an answer once more. He couldn't even hear movement from behind the door. Naruto gave up and left to change into clean clothes. He slipped into comfortable pajama pants that fit loosely around his midsection and left his belly button exposed. Naruto quickly looked for his favorite shirt. It was white with a small lilac swirl in the center. "I'm so stupid."

"Yeah you are." Neji was standing behind Naruto with his backpack in his hand.

"Where are you going?" Naruto wrinkled his brow at the sight.

"I'm going home." Neji lifted the bag and threw it over his shoulder. Neji started walking away. "Thanks for everything."

"Wait!" Naruto reached out and stopped Neji by placing his hand on Neji's broad shoulder. "You shouldn't be walking."

"I'm fine." Neji rolled his shoulder back and let Naruto's hand drop from him. "I'll see you."

Why is he so angry all of a sudden?

"But Tsunade-sama said -"

"I'm fine. That's what she said. I just got back from the hospital. She sealed up the rest with a bit of healing chakra and I'm fine."

"When did you go to the hospital?" Naruto stood in front of Neji.

"When I left to the room I climbed out your window. It didn't take long." Neji side stepped Naruto and was at the door before Naruto could move.

"Hey why are you leaving? I though we were having fun." Naruto said a bit more seriously.

"Maybe you were having fun." Neji reached for the door handle. "Personally I don't like being jerked around."

Naruto smiled. "You didn't seem to mind at first."

"Grow up." Neji opened the door and finally stepped out leaving Naruto with only the echo of wood against wood.

What the hell is going on?!

Naruto headed to his room. He noticed Neji left his pills and medicine bag. "Well, great now I have to return it. I hope he doesn't kill me." Naruto opened up the bag and looked inside. A small label stuck to the bottle of pills.

They were very strong narcotic pain killers. In the very least that would explain the way Neji had been messing with him.

Naruto closed the door behind him and started making his way to the empty Hyuga mansion.

"Hey Neji you forgot this." Naruto yelled into the closed door. No answer. Naruto jumped onto the roof top and made his way around the windows until he found Neji's room again. He took a peek and started calling for Neji before stopping in his tracks.

"Nej-" Naruto watched Neji as he laid with his eyes shut in ecstasy. He was panting and sweat was accumulating on his brow. Neji's hand moved quick. His moaning grew with each second. Naruto could only watch with excitement. Just when he thought his problem had gone away he felt a surge rise from his mid back to his shoulders when his unsuspecting member rubbed the edge of the door. A loud gasp escaped him.

Neji instantly stopped and sat up. "Naruto, I felt your chakra spike. Come in." Neji was bright red. He'd been caught, but more than anything he was angry at Naruto for watching.

"Sorry. You forgot this." Naruto sheepishly smiled and held out the medicine bag for Neji to take.

"You could knock." Neji took it from his hands and placed it on the night stand.

"I did. You didn't answer so." Naruto fell silent.

"So? So, you came in to watch me." Neji held tightly to the blanket on his lap. He was naked except for the shirt he wore.

"No. Well, I saw, but-" sigh "Neji please all cards on the table." Naruto took a seat on the bed.

"What does that mean?"

"It means I'll be honest. No more games." Naruto faced Neji. "I really like you. I mean I invited you to spar with us because I like you. I was happy you were staying with me. I was even happier when we started playing that little torture game. I was so excited until the end. I thought that maybe that would be the last time I'd get to be near you like that so, I wanted to hear you say my name." Naruto blushed and lowered his head.

"Dummy." Neji smiled. "I like you too." He reached out and touched Naruto's hand.

Naruto lifted his gaze and raised his hand as if to kiss it. He grinned. "It smells good."

Neji instantly pulled his hand away from the boy's nose. "Pervert!" Neji looked over at Naruto's laughing face and joined in the warm laughter.

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