Slayers Switch

Slayers Switch

Yes, fear, ANOTHER Slayers fic from me. You all probably wish I'd just stop it ^_^ but I'm not going to because I'm obsessed with Zelgadis! More information about me then you wanted to know, probably. No, it's not a rehash of 'The Slayers', its going to be different. More of a 'What If' story here.

Now for the fic!


Zelda swung her sword at her invisible enemy, parrying and thrusting at the air before her, swinging around to face a different direction. Her short dark violet hair was wet with sweat and stuck out in all directions from her head, her bangs having fallen forward into her face.

As she moved, the sweater she tied around her neck came loose, falling from her shoulders to the ground. She didn't pause to pick it up, instead continued practicing, working harder and faster. "Strong!" she chanted to herself, "I have to be strong!" it wasn't just physical strength she wanted, she wanted emotional strength. Zelda hoped that if she were strong enough her grandfather/great grandfather Rezo would let her come with him when he traveled.

She hated being without him, he was all she had and staying with people she hardly knew frightened her. Zelda swung her sword hard, slamming the blade into a tree, lodging it firmly. "Ohh damn!" she cried, trying to pry the blade from the tree, putting her feet against the wood and gripping the hilt hard.

There was a soft laugh behind her that startled Zelda before she recognized who it was. "Young girls should not say such words," Rezo chastised, though he hardly meant it. She turned around with a smile, stepping forward to take his hand and let him feel her smile, let him know she was happy to see him. He moved his hand before she could reach it. "Do you truly want to be strong, Zelda?" Rezo asked.

The tone in his voice sent shivers down her spine and she watched as the Red Priest moved his staff, pointing it at her. Zelda had never experienced fear like she was at that moment. What scared her more was the fact that it was Rezo who was causing the fear.

Rezo raised his voice in a chant, the magic released with the words snapping around him then moving along his staff in waves of electricity. It collected at the jewel on the top of his staff, causing it to glow deep red then spark, sending the bolt straight into Zelda's chest. She screamed in pain and terror, collapsing. Her skin itched but it was too painful to scratch, she felt as if her insides were being torn into shreds. Again she screamed, and at least three more times, writhing on the ground before the pain subsided, leaving her gasping and shuddering.

Slowly, she lifted her head to stare at her grandfather/great grandfather's feet. The one she'd always trusted had just done something incredibly painful to her. "W-what...did I do?" she begged, "How did I upset you?" tears came to her eyes as she crawled closer to him to grip his ankle. "I only wanted to be strong so that I could come with you like Eris does. I'm sorry! I didn't mean to displease you!"

"You have not displeased me, Zelda, I have given you what you wanted. Now you may come with me," Rezo said gently, a slight smile touching his lips. Zelda lifted her head slowly to look at his face, his closed eyes and open expression.

"What do you mean?" she whispered.

Rezo's smile widened slightly, becoming different and it frightened Zelda to see such an expression on her beloved grandfather/great grandfather's face, "I have made you into a Chimera, Zelda. One-third golem, one-third lesser Mazoku, one-third human. The best of each. In return, Zelda, you must find something for me. You must find a statue. In this statue is the Philosopher's stone."

Zelda was too shocked to answer, she simply let go of Rezo's ankle, backing up. She watched as her grandfather/great grandfather turned, walking through the forest without making a sound other then the clanking of the rings on his staff that helped him find his way. Something to do with listening to echoes, Rezo had told her before when she had asked.

Zelda lifted her hands to look at them, her whole body shaking, "A...Chimera?" she touched her face, feeling the stones embedded across her brow and around her eyes, along her jaw and chin. Her hands trailed down her neck then she pulled her shirt out to look down it. "Oh.... no... no... please...let this be a dream. Please let me wake up." Tears were falling between the stones under her eyes. "Why did he do this? I'm only thirteen! I'm only thirteen!" she sobbed the last sentence, finally letting go of her shirt and putting her hands on the ground. "I wanted to get married, I wanted to have children... I just wanted to be with you, Rezo... why did you do this?"

The girl turned Chimera stumbled to her feet, falling back against the tree in which her sword was still embedded. "I'll get what you wanted, Rezo..." she murmured, "But I won't give it to you without something in return..." She lifted her hand, grabbing the hilt of the sword and easily pulling it from the tree.

* * *

Two years had passed, Zelda was glad to note that she had grown taller even if the more female aspects of her body hadn't grown as well. She wasn't sure if she wanted those who were under her command to know she wasn't a guy like they thought. Zelda did her best to cover up the fact that she still had 'That Time of the Month' by simply making it chances for her underlings to prove themselves to her. Thankfully, no one knew the reason why she sometimes lost her temper over small things. They chalked it up to her continual anger over being turned into a Chimera. They called her Zel-sama, out of fear and respect. She hated it.

Zelda was standing at the window of one of the tower rooms in the abandoned keep which she'd claimed as her base to track down Leo Inverse, supposed greatest sorcerer to ever live, truly the most girly looking boy to ever live. People believed that Zelda was a man, but they couldn't believe that Leo really was male.

"Zel-sama," Zolf called from the door he'd just opened, he was covered in bandages due to the recent attack on a bandit fortress where the Orihalcon statue they were looking for was.

"Yes Zolf?" Zelda replied, turning her back on thoughts of jumping out the window just to see if she'd live, her light violet wires that had become her hair was still stuck in the same position it had been in when she was changed. She didn't bother to try to fix it, it kept half her face hidden and made her seem more male.

"Leo Inverse and his companion Glory Gabriev are on the move, once more," Zolf reported.

"We shall go to him and try to purchase the statue, if that doesn't work, then we'll just have to kill him."

"Yes Zel-sama," Zolf replied and bowed, leaving the room. Zelda turned, picking up her sword and tying it to her belt then picked her cloak up from the bench that had served as her bed for the past three weeks. Tying the strings of the silvery grey cloak, she headed out the door, Zolf falling in behind her.

* * *

"Damn! It didn't work," Zolf snarled, slamming his fist into his hand.

"That would be an understatement," Zelda murmured under her mask, eyes hidden in the shadows of her hood.

* * *

"We might wake up dead!" Glory exclaimed, looking at her companion, Leo Inverse.

"I know his type. He says he'll wait till morning, then he'll wait till morning. Don't worry about it, Glory!" Leo smirked, his short red hair falling in his eyes from over the black strip of cloth, which was tied around his forehead. "Go get some sleep, okay?"

"Sure, sure," Glory agreed and left, closing the door behind her with a sigh, "That guy scares me sometimes," she muttered.

* * *

Rezo smiled, "Zelda, I'd like you to come with me," he said softly, turning and walking down a hall in the abandoned keep. Rodimus had reported Rezo arriving only an hour before she and Zolf returned. Zelda glanced around to see if any of her underlings had heard the Red Priest call her that but followed the blind man.

"I can't help but think that your talents could be used elsewhere, Zelda," Rezo said gently, leading the way into a large empty room, possibly a dining room. Zelda noticed Eris off to the side, dressed in her usual white robes with a white cloak pulled over them. On the floor was drawn a magic circle. Zelda felt her stomach clench in fear.

"I have appointed someone else to take over getting the statue. Your mission is much more important and dangerous. Please, step into the circle." Rezo gestured accurately, though his eyes were closed still. Zelda carefully placed her feet to keep from disturbing the white dust that the circle was drawn with. When she was in the center she stopped, looking at Rezo, lips pressed firmly together under the mask she'd neglected to remove.

Fear pressed itself firmly in her mind as she saw Rezo grip his staff in both hands, chanting the words of a spell she did not recognize. Something occurred to her then, Rezo had not told her what her mission was.

Electricity crackled around Zelda then, snapping up to connect with a point far above her head in the exact center of the circle. She only hoped that this was going to turn her back into a human. With a abruptness that startled Zelda, the glowing ball above her head snapped a bolt down through her body.

Zelda couldn't bite back the horrible scream that disturbed the birds outside the keep. Dimly, she saw Zolf and Rodimus burst into the room. Then her sight faded, she collapsed in a heap. Rezo smiled almost sadistically.