"NO Gourry

"NO Gourry! That's MINE!" Lina smashed the swordsman across the face and snatched the chicken leg from his hand with her mouth. Zelgadis sat across the table from them, sipping his coffee idly, pretending not to notice them. Amelia sighed, smiling happily, Andrew beside her as were Zolf and Rodimus. On Gourry's other side were Leo and Glory, having their own food war.

There was a marked difference at the table though, Zelgadis was more sullen then normal and over half of the people at the table were the same. Zelgadis flicked his gaze up from his newspaper toward the table then looked back down. There was a large reprint of a sketch of Shabranigdu facing six people. The story was the biggest of the century. 'Dark Lord slain in backyard! Six warriors overcome the greatest evil alive.' Of course, the story was completely inaccurate and didn't mention that Rezo had been the one to summon the Dark Lord, nor did it mention Zelda's death.

Zelgadis closed his eyes, knowing very well that Zelda wouldn't have wanted an orbit or anything marking her death. He finally set his coffee aside and folded the paper, digging in his pocket as he stood. Most gave him no mind as he stood, only Amelia, Zolf, and Rodimus looked.

Reaching down, Zelgadis pulled Amelia to her feet, looking at her for a long moment, seeing the confusion in her eyes as he kneeled down in front of her, clutching her hands between his. "Amelia... Marry me."

Amelia realized what he'd pressed between her hands when he'd taken them, her jaw dropped when his soft voice broke through the clatter of dishes and snarls as the beasts called Inverse and Gabriev fed. Silence crashed over the group like a ton of bricks, waiting for Amelia's answer.

"...Yes..." she whispered, her voice refusing to work, but the word seemed to echo through the small tavern. The entire tavern burst into applause as Zelgadis returned to his feet, blushing as he removed the ring from Amelia's palm and slipped it on her finger instead.

Amelia threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. "Hey! Bring some champagne!" Lina yelled at the barkeep and called the toast once it and enough glasses for everyone arrived. "To Amelia and Zelgadis, may their marriage be happy and fruitful!" With that, they all drank, Amelia now sitting much closer to Zelgadis then before, her hands locked on his.

Zelgadis bowed his head somewhat, closing his eyes. Rest in peace, Rezo, Zelda... I'll keep my promise to you, Zelda, I guess I'd just needed an excuse.


AN: Were you expecting something DIFFERENT?!? ^_^