A/N: So, have you ever read one of those weird online questionnaires? Me neither. This is one filled out by various Star Wars characters and based in part upon one of the stories on the favorites list (can't remember the name…). Have fun and review with requests!

Disclaimer: Mine (except the characters and some of the places and alcoholic beverages).

Dear Sir—

This is a questionnaire; fill it out, send it to all your friends!!!

--some mysterious person

Preferred name Jedi Knight

Favorite color blue, green

If you could have anything right now… blue milk

Favorite article of clothing my Jedi robe

Have you ever been cut…? My hand got chopped off once, is that an answer?

If you could change anything about your appearance… height

Favorite alcoholic beverage Wyren's Reserve, I guess

Favorite number 19

Half empty or half full? Half full

What kind of toothpaste do you use? What?

Your first time… um…if that means what I think it means, then I'm not answering, but if it doesn't mean what I think it means, then I don't know the answer.

Do you eat the apple peal? yeah

Turkey or chicken chicken

Morning person or evening person morning person

Favorite thing about your appearance I don't know…

Gummy worms? What's a gummy worm?

If you could be doing anything right now… flying!

Ever been in love? Not really

Siblings one (Leia)

On my background… black…wait, you can change it?

Pickles yuck

Guys in pink shirts… how is that a question?

What pajamas do you wear? Jedi stuff

They're coming for you… who is it this time?

Saxophone or trumpet what are those?

Chocolate or vanilla vanilla

The first person you killed and when some random stormtrooper on the Death Star

Ever worn your hair up? Um, no

Least favorite smell rotted flesh, wet dog, sand

Favorite smell rain

College thesis subject what?

When it rains… I go outside and get wet!

One word to describe yourself confused

One nice thing about the person who sent this no one sent it, so…

Where are you? bedroom

Boxers or briefs not answering that

What do you think of this questionnaire? I wish I understood more questions

Languages you know Basic

Blondes or brunettes red-heads

Favorite food too many to choose

Married? no

Name of future child Ben, unless Leia takes it first

Et tu, Brute? Huh?

Who you are Luke Skywalker