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Chapter 1

"No! Stop! Heel!"



A small puppy whined up at Mr. Lancer, its sad eyes huge as saucers. The English teacher surveyed the damage. The vase was completely shattered; its broken pieces littered the floor around the small dog. Lancer raised an eyebrow and Cujo whined once more. The man shook his head and sighed.

"Where's that dustpan..."

The puppy immediately perked up, giving a short yap and, seeming to have understood the teacher, ran into the next room and returned shortly with a small blue dustpan and brush.

"I hope you didn't break anything else looking for that," Lancer said. The dog gave another guilty whine and Lancer gave a small chuckle, patting the dog on the head. "Yes, I know you're sorry. You know I can't stay mad at you."

The dog barked happily and ran off through one of the walls. Lancer bent down and began sweeping up the mess. The teacher shook his head again; that little mutt was always getting himself into trouble.

The ghost dog came bursting back through another of the walls, yapping its head off. Lancer dodged the puppy's pounce and managed to catch the pup under one arm.

It had been just five days since Lancer had adopted his new little ghost friend but he had already learned how to deal with many of the dog's antics. He believed that since his recent encounter with ghosts, some of Danny's quick reflexes must have rubbed off on him. Though he supposed it helped that he had always been a fast learner. After all, that's what inspired him to be a teacher.

Setting the dog down, he gave a little tut. "Now don't go trying to sneak up on me like that. Why don't you run along and play for a bit while I finish up here. Then maybe you can visit with Danny."

The dog responded with a very thrilled sounding bark and rushed into the bedroom, most likely to play with the teacher's slippers.

"I have to get that mutt his own pair sometime."

Grinning to himself, the man finished cleaning up the ceramic mess and, tossing the debris into the trash, picked up the phone, dialing one of the few numbers he had memorized by heart.

After a few rings there was a silent pause before, "Hello, Maddie Fenton speaking."

"Hello Mrs. Fenton. I was wondering if Danny would be able to dog sit again. I have some errands to run and little Cujo is particularly rambunctious today. He's already managed to break a vase and I was hoping your son could just watch to make sure he doesn't break any more."

It was the story that had been agreed upon. Lancer would take care of Cujo and pretend he had adopted a normal puppy, then call Danny to "puppy sit" so that Danny could spend some time with his dog. It also gave the young Fenton an excuse to be out of the house and the dog was no hindrance to the boy's ghost hunting. In fact, Cujo was actually turning out a great help to the half ghost. Not to mention, when Danny watched the puppy many of Lancers personal items were saved from the canine's seemingly endless energy and nothing Lancer said had to be a lie.

"Of course Mr. Lancer. I'll just get him on the phone for you." Lancer heard her muffled call for her youngest child and it was a moment before the phone switched hands.


"Mr. Fenton. Yes, I was wondering-"

"If I'd watch Cujo. Yes, my mom told me. I think I have time today. We'll probably take him on a walk in the park so… yea, I'd be happy to watch him," Danny said. Lancer knew that that so-called "walk" meant that the trio of Mr. Foley, Miss. Manson, and Mr. Fenton were probably on the hunt for the ghost that had attacked earlier that day.

"Excellent. If you could come over as soon as you could that would be great. I think he's already chewed up half my bedroom."

"Yea, ummm… sorry about that. He is still a puppy. I'll try and get him to stop. I'll be right over. Bye Mr. Lancer."


Danny ran into the living room, snatching his backpack from the sofa as he made his way to the door, flipping open his cell phone. "I'm headed over to watch Cujo mom! Be back later!"

"Ok, be careful sweetie!" his mother called back from the top of the stairs, "And watch out for that ghost dog!"

Danny skidded to a halt, halfway through speed dialing Sam's number. "G-ghost dog?" he stammered, "What ghost dog?"

"The one that's been following that Phantom kid lately. If it's in league with Phantom then there's no telling when he might show up and attack." His mother said placing her goggles over eyes and tucking a screwdriver into her belt.

"Oh! Uhh… ok mom! I'll see you later!" Danny rushed out the door, shutting it behind him and dashing down the road, calling Sam's cell.


"Sam, you find him yet?"

"No Danny, not yet. We're staking out the fountain though. If he draws his power from water like we think, it'll be one of the first places he'll go," Sam reported. Then, "Tucker! Over there!"

There were muffled shouts on the other end of the line and Danny shouted into the receiver, "Sam! Tuck! What's going on? Are you there? Sam!"

"Danny get your ass over here, I think he found us!" Sam yelled into the phone before the line went dead.


But there was no answer. Danny glanced quickly around him before ducking into an alleyway and transforming.

Whoever this ghost was, he was going to get it!

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