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It was a nice August day, a few days before school began it's second term. But our crused pony-tail boy is not enjoying them. So what emotion the pony-tail boy was felling was expectable. Ranma was piss off. Here he was called in school even before the second term began. This was his days off from school, why the idiot principle Kuno want him to come in? Grumpily he walked in the school doors and down the hall to the principle room. The idiot was sitting in his damn chair with a guy standing the corner. For some reason, his danger sense was going off but he knew he could take the moron.

"So what did you call be in for?" He didn't want to here any longer, so he would put up with the crap he was called here for.

"I'll get to the chase. You're falling." He said with a grin.


"You're latest test scores are the lowest in the whole history of Furinkan High."

"You got to be-" Ranma started to say but Kuno raised his hand.

"You are. So here is what we have; two choices. One is that you stay in every school day and come in weekends and between terms till your grades start to go up."

"As if." Ranma said under his breath.

"Or I'll send you to a different school."

"But I am already done my first term. You mean I have to go and do my second term at another school?" Ranma said with disbelieve. It was pointless, so that ment ther5e was more to this then the idiot was letting on.

"No no no. You see, I have a friend. I meet him in China. His name is Shi Luong. His teenage grandson's schools principle owes him a favour like he owes me one. So made a few calls and…"

"Wait, you're sending me to China? But…" Ranma started to complain. All of his fiancés would kill him for leaving them that far behind.

"NO! He is in America, New York. There school year is about to begin. So they're willing to have you there if you agree to this." He said with big desire. It was clear why. He would be out of his hair and it was possible cheaper. Anyway, Ranma was already back-paddling.

"But you got to speak with my da-" He was cut-off by Kuno point to the chair next to his right.

"Whatever you chose, I am willing to accept it," His dad said. "Also Ranma, if I said no, your mom would be called in." He whispered to Ranma.

'Damn that basterd.' Ranma cursed silently.

"But you can just pull me out in the middle of one school and put me in one on the other side of the world!" Ranma was nervous. It seemed one way.

"This man here made sure everything is all right and legal," Pointing to man in the corner, "So you say yes to number two choice, everyone will happy. Here the good side; depending how well you, when you come back, you might not need attended some school lesson. Also to make sure you aren't distracted, none of fiancés would go to America. After all, you do well, you have more free time to be with them. So what's you choice?" He asked needlessly, everyone knew what he would chose. With a sigh Ranma said,

"Guess I'm going to America."

So this being the first Ranma ½ American Dragon: Jake Long crovessover I or anyone else did. I ask you thing. Get ready for next time, same fanfic website, same fanfic story.