-1So long since I have even tried to continue this. I was sorely tempted to can it and try another one but I managed to push it away. I will not apologises for the long wait because it will not be and never will be enough. I hope I can finish this and if not, then a better writer could help this story get the help it may need.

The scene of a new country would cause many normal people to look around in awe and wonder. They would be asking to see the all the sights and get to do all the nerdy, embarrassing events they would regret five months after they left and pray to whatever deity they believed in that no one would learn of what had happened. Ranma, on the other hand, had far greater control of his self and did not act like a total nutcase tourist. But, that is getting ahead of this narrator. We had only seen Ranma at the airport, so let us go back there.

The New York airport was that of an important city, so that meant it had to be big as well. Many people could become lost in an airport if they were not accustomed to the largeness of airports. However, if a person had another person waiting for them at their gate, where the plane let them off, holding a sign up with their name on it can help tremendously. That was the case for Ranma Saotome. He saw the sign say RAMNA SATOM, but he could figure out it was for him. A small man, in a blue formal komodo stood next to the youth holding up the sign. Ranma had guessed that was Lao Loung, but he had to ask. It was and he was introduced to his grandson Jake. After pleasantries were exchanged, Ranma was directed to where the cab was waiting. Ranma had learned that he was to stay with the Long family as they had made up a room for him. The youth, Jake, began to attack Ranma. With question of course.

"So Ra-ma, what's Japan like yo?"

After trying to shift through what was said, he answered. "It's very… unusual."

"Oh, like what?" Jake asked.

"Like forcing a student overseas." He muttered under his breath.

"I know your principle, unfortunately," Lao muttered under his breath. "I was wondering how you managed to annoy him enough to make him do work?"

"I had some running in with his baka son and daughter." He said with a dark tone.

"Yo, what does that mean Ra-man?" Jake asked with a preached eyebrow. Ranma sent a look to Lao who was sitting in the front and to the driver. Both knew what it meant, and decided not to say anything.

"It means idiot." Ranma answered with a grin. "It's infested with morons back home."

"Well, we got that here yo." Jake grinned. "So what do you think of the big app?" He looked outside, seeing the clouds gathering.

"I haven't really seen anything of it yet." Ranma answered, repressing a yawn. He felt the effects of jetlag, but he was forcing himself to watch the darkening clouds. The last thing he need was rain.

"Ah, jetlag." The driver, who was a human and nothing of any real importance, answered with a grin. "No one can ever beat jetlag." He gave a laugh, which turned into a cough.

"Well, I might not be able to fight jetlag, but against a person would be greatly different." He yawned, a little louder. He had tired to bit his lip to stem the yawns, but it was failing. "Do not worry young one. We are almost at there." Lao said with a soft smile. Something smelled a little different about Ranma. Either it was that he had some magic or he was in lot of contact with magic. He was leaning to the second one as Asia still had strong ties to magic. Within seconds, the cab had pulled up in front of Jake's house. A distant grumble of thunder was heard. The transfer student looked alert and moved out a with a quick bounce in his step. He reached for the trunk and began to pull out his luggage when Jake just got out of the car.

"Let me help you with that yo."

"It is fine." He picked it up out of the cab and place it down on side. He went to say thank you to the old man and help he had gave. When that was done, the cab speed off and Ranma turned to see Jake was struggling with his baggage.

"Yo man, what's in here, bricks?" Jake was struggling with the heavy suitcase. Only in his dragon form could he carry this. Ranma rolled his eyes, grabbed the suitcase with his right hand, flipped it over his back and began to walk up the stairs. Jake blinked. Whoa, this guy is strong! He gave a shrug, and followed Ranma up the stairs. The door opened up to a young girl with clear Chinese characteristics. She was wearing a pink dress and she had an innocent grin on her face. Due to his experience with women, he knew she was planning something evil.

"Hi, you must be Ranma. I'm Haley, Jake's sister. Do you want to see his teddy bear collection?" She said, without an evil grin. Ranma inwardly grinned, this girl was good.

"HALEY!" Jake shouted at his younger sister, turning red from embarrassment and not from going dragon. He turned to Ranma, and tried to defend himself. "It's so not true man! I don't have a teddy bear collection." He gave a panicky look, telling Ranma that his collection was massive.

"Oh, by the Jake, I needed to clean up a stain so I used Mr. Tinkle." She said with a grin again.

"WHAT? What I have told you about touching Mr Tinkle!" He shouted at his younger sister, only then realizing what he had said. "You are so dead." He growled at her, wishing to bite her head off.

"Jacob Luke Long, do not threaten your sister." A man came walking out, presumably Mr. Long. Haley quickly stuck her tongue at her brother. "And Haley, don't torment your brother." He patted her head as ran away. "You must be Ranma Saotome." He did an over the top bow, laughing at himself. Ranma eyes widen a bit, and then he forced himself inside the house. It was not a moment too soon as it to rain. Cold water. With strong wind. Jake had closed the door before the strong wind had pushed in any of the cold water. "Well, you must be bushed." He gave Ranma a pat on the side and he turned to Jake. "Jakey, why don't you show Ranma to his room ok so he can catch a few z's?" Jake nodded in agreement along with Ranma. The two boys went up the stairs. When they reached the top, Jake showed Ranma the guest room which would be his room for next number of his months. Jake looked at Ranma and Ranma looked at Jake.

"Um, I really don't have a t-"

"Don't worry." Ranma held up a hand. "I understand what women can do." And with that, Ranma entered his bedroom. He let out another yawn, went to the dresser to place his suitcase down when he heard a woman's voice.

"Ah you must be Ranma Saotome!" He turned to the woman, who had to be Jake's mother. "It is nice to meet you." She gave a bow to him, which he gave back. "I take you are tired?" She asked with concern for young man in her house.

"Only a bit." With that, he felt the urge to stretch his arms. "I am a bit hungry."

"Well, just get some sleep first ok?" She asked with concern. "After that, I'll whip up you a bite." She stood on the door threshold. She turned and closed the door before Ranma could object. He sighed, turned his head to the window. Before his curse and bad luck could take over, he ran over to close said window. But unfortunately, he did get hit by the rain. With a sigh, she then closed the window. Turning her head to what she hoped was a bathroom opened the door to a closet. Trying the opposite door lead to the bathroom. With a quick splash of hot water on her face, he left the bathroom. He slipped off his shoes, pulled the blankets of the bed and fell asleep within seconds.

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