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Disclaimer: I don not own the song creeping in my soul that belongs to bionicle. And I do not own harry potter, JK rowling does the lawyers hiding can leave me alone.

"I see your face before my eyes

I'm falling into darkness

Why must I fight to stay alive

Heroes falling"

I sit here and listen to my favourite song on my stereo, I sit and think about all the stuff that's happened to me through out my life.

You know what with my parents dying, being left on my aunts doorstep and the abuse I've been put through up til now, I can't believe I survived. Frankly I wish I was dead, but hey what's an 8 year old to do.

"wake me can't you here me calling,

Creeps from the deeps gonna be freaking up your mind,

Creeps from the deeps gonna be feeding off your spine,

Out of darkness they come crawling."

I find this song very suitable for my current mood, Uncle Vernon has just finished punishing me for accidentally bumping into my lard ass cousin Dudley. I didn't do it on purpose, I just tripped on a loose bit of carpet in the hall and fell lightly against Dudley, but that little shit made it out worse than it was claiming he'd have a bruise and everything, Frankly I think he's a spoilt brat in desperate need of liposuction.

Oh man Aunt petunia will freak if I get blood on her precious carpet, so I'd best get my first aid kit I made up of all aunt petunias things and sort myself out.

"here I am, I an lost in your land

And I hope you will be- creeping in my soul,

Shadows fall, let me out hear my call,

And I always believe- creeping in my soul,

"I fade away into the night

My eyes are closing in

Shadows fleeing from the light

My nightmares can begin,

"creeping in my soul- its getting out of control,

I got to find my escape and get out of this black hole,

Justice in the world is hard to find,

Time has comeā€¦ got to make up my mind,

No matter how deep or remote you hide,

All my thoughts seem caught up inside,

Creeps from the deeps gonna be freaking up your mind,

Creeps from the deeps gonna be feeding off the spine."

As the song finishes I turn off my stereo and finish bandaging myself up. I lie in bed counting down the hours til my birthday on the digital watch Dudley got for his birthday but threw away. I picked it up and set the alarm for 23:50pm so I could count my birthday in like I do every year. You never know maybe something different will happen this year, like a proper birthday present, ha, ha, ha yeah right like the dursley's would ever get me a birthday present who am I kidding this year will be like every other year, a day of chores and going hungry. Yay me.

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