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Title:Just You and Me
Chapter One: What is perfect?

He stared at her picture in the magazine and sighed. Why had his brother been the lucky one, engaged to her? He didn't even appreciate her, he was too preoccupied fighting with Tamaki to win Haruhi's affection. The irony...Haruhi was as clueless as ever, thinking it was all just a ploy to keep her from studying. Kaoru sighed again and tossed the magazine over his head where it landed on the floor along with a few others. All of them featured a model by the name of Yumi Yamamoto who was slowly gaining recognition all over Japan. But why did he care?

Maybe because he liked her? Loved her? No, it was too soon for love.

From the beginning... (Kaoru)

Kaoru had woken up that morning to the phone ringing on the night stand next to their bed. The other side of the bed was empty, Hikaru had left earlier that morning. With a yawn he picked up the phone, stopping it's incessant ringing. His mother was on the other end. It seemed that in her rush to get to work on time she had forgotten a dress some where in the living room. She asked if he would bring it for her before noon so that they can do the final measurments while the model was still in the country. He got up lazily and walked to the bathroom where he threw water on his face to help wake him up. After getting dressed and searching the first story of the house for the dress he called for a driver to take him to the studio.

He went right inside as soon as he got there and looked for his mother. Kaoru opened the first door in a long hallway of other doors with the dress hanging over his right arm. He stood there as a blush slowly made his way to his face. Before him stood a petite girl with eyes the color of the ocean and hair the color of the night sky that stopped halfway to her waist. She was unlike any of the other models he had ever seen. Maybe it was because she was shorter than most of the models and actually had hips, a waist and a well proportioned chest. Unfortunantly for him she was also in the midst of getting dressed into a baby blue corset dress.

"Are you here to help me with the dress?" She asked upon noticing the blushing boy standing at the doorway.

He shook his head, "Sorry, wrong room." He turned to leave.

"Wait!" She said. Kaoru turned back as she made her way across the room to him. "At least help me with the back before you go. I'm kind of in a hurry and can't be waiting around for who ever they sent to decide to help."

He nodded, nearly at a loss for words as she turned around so he could tie the corset. Kaoru grabbed the thick black ribbon she held out and looped them through the almost invisible holes until he reached the bottom where he tightened it then made a bow. The ends of the black ribbon hung down the back of the dress. Before the girl could turn around to thank him, Kaoru was already gone.
He found his mother in the second room across the hall and handed her the dress.

"Kaoru, are you alright? You're all red, do you have a fever?" His mother questioned.

"No," He responded. "I'm fine."

"Well drink some water and sit down for a few minutes before you leave," She said. "You can help me finish the measurements."

"Sure mom," Kaoru said. It wasn't like he had anything better to do at home. Hikaru had left, probably to see Haruhi and he would be all alone there any ways. Lately, that's how things had been between them. His brother spend all of his time with Haruhi or arguing with Tamaki. When he was home all he talked about was her. It wasn't like he wasn't happy for his brother. He was, but he just wished Hikaru would notice how lonely he was and make time to spend with him. But he didn't.
Kaoru spent most of that day at the studio helping his mother take measurments on where dresses needed to be let out or altered. By the time they had finished and his mother let him go, it was past lunch time. Since he had left the house without any breakfast and has missed lunch he was, to say the least, starving. As he waited for his driver to arrive he stood in front steps of the studio. The door swung open and hit him from behind causing him to fall down the last two steps to the ground.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry," He heard a woman say. "Here let me help you."

He kindly accepted the hand that was offered and stood up. His whole left side hurt.
"Wait, I know you," Kaoru turned to the person who had helped him up and found himself staring into the ocean blue eyes of the girl he had seen earlier. He could feel a light blush burning on his cheeks.

"You're the guy who helped me with the dress this morning," She replied. "You left before I got a chance to thank you."
"That's okay. You don't need to thank me." His stomach growled loud enough for the whole street to hear. He turned red.
She giggled. "Don't worry, i'm starving too. How about you join me for me lunch? Think of it as my way of saying thank you."
"Um, no that's-" While he wanted to kindly refuse, his stomache seemed bent on refusing to deny the offer. Apparently he was that hungry. "Sure."

"I'm Yumi by the way."
"I'm Kaoru."
Yumi linked her arm around his and walked him down the street. He could always have his driver pick him up some where else later. Right now, he was content to some what content to just walk with her where ever she was taking them and talking with her. Yumi. The named seemed more than perfect for her and described her well.


Hikaru had woken up early that morning and turned to look at his brother, still asleep, and drooling just slightly on his pillow. He looked over him at the clock on the night stand. The clock's blaring red letters read 6:45. He yawned and stretched before slowly crawling out of the bed trying not to wake his brother up. He grabbed some clothes out of the closet then made his way to the bathroom to change and wash his face before he left the house. By the time he finished and was out the door the phone had begun to ring. Not wanting to be late he let it keep ringing. Kaoru will wake up and answer it soon, he thought to himself as he closed the door.

By the time he arrived at Haruhi's apartment she was already dressed and ready to go. Some how he had convinced Haruhi to go out with him that Saturday and lucky for him, Tamaki hadn't over heard a word of their conversation or else he'd be out on a date with both of them. They would have plenty of time alone together before Tamaki figured it out and dragged Haruhi away from him muttering things about how improper it was for a brother and a sister to be alone like that. Sooner or later he would also realize that they were not brother and sister and that the affection he had for Haruhi wasn't of the fatherly nature but some thing else. But until then, why not have a little fun torturing him with it.

"So where are we going?" Haruhi asked as she looked out the window of the limo.
"You'll just have to wait and see," Hikaru responded with a grin.
The limo stopped a few minutes later in front of the entrance to the park. They got out and made their way past the entrance to the large fountain only a few feet away.
"What are we doing here?" Haruhi would rather have been at home studying or cleaning but knowing Hikaru would never let her get anything done if she refused,she had instead decided to agree to going out with him.
"Well I heard many commoners like to come to this park. They have people who just stand around playing instrument and people who do tricks. It sounded like fun." He responded as he looked around. He grabbed Haruhi's arm and dragged her in the direction of a man spitting fire into the air. They spent a good part of the day watching the magicians doing various tricks and listened to the assortment of musicians playing their instruments throughout the whole park. For lunch they found nourishment from one of the vendors and ate hot dogs by the fountain. After lunch they walked farther into the park until they came upon a large green house surrounded by various flowers, many of which neither had ever seen, and greek statues. Just like near the entrance, there was another large fountain in the middle of every thing shooting water into the air. They could faintly see the lights coloring the water in many different colors. At night this place must look beautiful.

After running after each other around the various statues and plants they rested at the fountain, breathless, before deciding to go into the green house to see what plants they had inside.
Before they entered Haruhi turned to him and said, "I'm having a good time Hikaru."

"Me too," Hikaru replied. He held her hand as they walked into the green house, causing a blush to spread on both their cheeks.

Author Note: Just to clarify, Yumi is a japanese name that mean beauty.
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