Title: Just You and Me

Chapter Eight: The End or A Beginning?

(The Third Music Room- xx Days Later)

Hikaru sat on the couch with an arm wrapped around Haruhi's shoulder. Her head was lying on his. It was after host clubs hours so they were free to relax in each other's company without much fear of the girls watching them and exciting some gay rumors that would cause more fangirls to follow them all day keeping them from any private time together. Though it could also be possible that this will raise the host clubs profits, though sadly for Kyouya, the two preferred to keep it out of the host club. It was their own damn business to begin with right?

The door to one of the dressing rooms opened.

"Haruhi, you are so lucky you don't have to be running around in this suffocating yellow mess." Yumi dumped the yellow dress onto a chair. "It's hard to move around in that thing."

Two arms wrapped around her waist. "I dunno, I think you look cute in that dress."

"You gotta be kidding," She pointed to the yellow lump on the chair. "I'll be glad when I can burn that thing posing as a dress."

Kaoru laughed as he hugged her from behind a placed a small kiss on her cheek. After Hikaru's interrupting phone call, he had decided to stay with her in Barcelona for the week while she did various photo shoots and a fashion show.

Unfortunantly, Megumi was made to accompany them wherever they went by Yumi's mother. She was some what strict but it was to be expected. Yumi was after all her only child and she didn't quite like the idea of her daughter running around the city alone and with a boy no less.

Sadly after the week was over he had to return to Japan and go back to school, his mother would not allow him to be gone for so long. Yumi stayed a couple more weeks before returning and being enrolled into Ouran by her Aunt Megumi who had tired of having her around the house all day when she wasn't doing photo shoots. It was also suppose to be some type of punishment for having had her sister insist that she cancel her daughter's engagement and allow her to choose her own husband. Of course how exactly going to school was suppose to be a punishment was still very unclear to Yumi and her cousin who was also made to attend. Apparently the cohort also being punished.

After breaking the engagement, Hikaru had worked hard at gaining Haruhi's trust again. And while she wasn't his girlfriend again yet, they would go on dates nearly every weekend, much to Tamaki's displeasure. After much prodding from Megumi, Kaoru and Yumi began dating shortly after she began classes in Ouran. It caused displeasure to many fangirls who disapproved of one of their favorite hosts being with some one other than his other half. To prevent a downfall in profits, they kept the relationship strictly to non host related times and events.

Yumi picked up the yellow dress and handed it to her cousin who would later kindly deposit it into the fireplace only have it saved by her mother before she could have a maid light a match on it. So maybe burning it was a little excessive.

The two walked side by side out into the school's court yard a few feet behind Hikaru and Haruhi who were on their way to her apartment for a cooking lesson. Yes, she was teaching him to cook. Though it was more about spending time together than worrying about whether whatever was in the oven would burn if they decided to take a short break. And trust me, a lot of things did burn.

Kaoru stopped abruptly before they got to the entrance of the school and looked at Yumi. He gave her a kiss on the lips as he pulled her to him.

"Why do you care so much?" She asked.

Kaoru smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "Because I love you."

Yumi gave him a kiss on the cheek before resting her head on his chest.

"And also because, what guy wouldn't want to date a hot model?"

"Kaoru!" She hit him lightly on the shoulder and started walking towards her car.

"Hey I was kidding," He said laughing as he grabbed her hand and laced his fingers with hers.

"I know and I still love you," She said smiling at him.

The two happily got into the car and drove off. A happy ending was some thing that existed in story books and fairy tales where ordinary life was nonexistant. While ordinary seemed to also not exist in the world of Ouran high, you can't exactly say that this is the end. It's true that a happy ending is the last thing you read of a tale, but reality is the story continues far beyond the last word you read. So to you this is the end, but to them this is simply the beginning of another story that will later unfold. Sadly, we may never know what happens at the end of our favorite stories and fairy tales, but we can always imagine. So when you finish a book, remember that it is not the end, but simply another beginning.

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