Zipporah and her siblings were working on the farm when some of the gang rode up. There Uncle Frank and the Comanche Tom were always coming around and doing oddball jobs with the kids. Zipporah especially liked Comanche Tom. He'd always told her the funniest stories about her father. It was Tom who taught her how to shoot and hunt. By the time Zipporah was twelve she had gone on numerous hunts with her 'Uncle Tom' as she called him because he had been there when she was born. Her father worked in town as the town Sheriff and her mother stayed at home to look after her and her siblings and the ranch. Her mother was with child again when she was taken. Uncle Tom was showing her how to skin a deer he'd shot on the way over here. Uncle Frank was with her younger brother and sister, over in the barn.

Uncle Tom had gone into the barn to get something when the raiders came up. They saw the girl and made a beeline towards her. Zipporah screamed, but was knocked unconscious and the scream never left her lips. Uncle Tom and Frank came out of the barn, guns raised, but they didn't shoot. If they'd shot, they'd probably have hit me. Uncle Tom took notice of what they were wearing, and made sure to get into town as fast as possible to get the gang together.