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Italics- A thought

Centered- Flashback

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"Hikaru, what's this?" Haruhi questioned, waving a a small, red note book with a leather strap and a lock with the initials 'H.H.' engraved into it.

"That's nothing, put it back," Hikaru answered, trying to snatch it away from her. She moved it out of his reach at exactly the right moment for him to fall flat on his face.

He quickly stood up and brushed himself off, then tried grabbing the notebook again, which Haruhi successfully managed to keep away from him.

They were in the twins' bedroom. Why, exactly, was Haruhi there? Hikaru wasn't exactly sure. All he knew was that Kaoru had something to do with it.


Flashback: Yesterday afternoon...


"Haruhi, wait up!" Kaoru called to Haruhi from behind. She didn't respond, but stopped walking and turned around, waiting for him to catch up. The club had just ended and she needed to get home to clean up the apartment, fold laundry, cook dinner, and complete other chores around the house.

When he caught up to her, she asked, "What's up, Kaoru?"

He shrugged and replied, "Not much. Hey, I was just wondering, would you stay at our house over the weekend? Mom wants you to try on a few new dresses she made!"

"Sorry, Kaoru, this weekend is our once-monthly full apartment clean up session. I also need to go to the grocery store..." and with that, Haruhi became lost in her mental schedule of various chores and tasks which were in need of completing.

"...Haruhi, you work yourself too hard. We'll make sure it all gets taken care of, don't worry! So, we'll see you tomorrow then? Great! See you!" Kaoru said quickly, not waiting for a response before he ran off, most likely to find Hikaru.

"I wonder why on earth I'm friends with these people?" Haruhi mused to herself.

---End Flashback---

"Haruhi, give it back," Hikaru demanded, becoming impatient.

"No thank you, I think I'll keep this for now. What is it, a diary?" Haruhi teased, giggling. "You'll get it back... maybe," she added as she moved to exit the room. Hikaru could hear her calling out, "Kaoru, are you back yet?"

"Maybe? Whazzat s'posed to mean!?" Hikaru yelled after her.

Damn, she's cute when she giggles, he thought to himself, feeling a blush take over his face.


Flashback, again: Earlier that morning...


"Haruhi!" Kaoru chirped happily when he saw her heading towards their mansion. She donned a pair of jeans and a button-up white blouse (because the authoress is unoriginal like that.)

As approached, he said, "I'm sorry, but I totally forgot something at

school! I'm going to get it, Hikaru is upstairs in our bedroom. He'll keep you company for now. I'll be back later, sorry again!" He ran off towards an awaiting limo.

"Um... okay then..." she half-yelled after him. She went upstairs and, after asking housekeepers for directions twice, found the twins' room. Of course, she was definitely surprised to find Hikaru sleeping, only in his boxers. She turned and faced the wall, then stuttered, "U-um, Hikaru...?" slightly blushing, because she had seen him half naked.

Why didn't Kaoru mention that he was ASLEEP?

"Mm...? Wha'... oh, 'ey 'aru'i, wadsup... (Translation: What... oh, hey Haruhi, what's up?). W-waidaminnuh... (Translation: Wait a minute...) ...WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Hikaru yelled at her once he realized what was happening. He desperately grabbed at the blankets to cover himself.

"Uh... Kaoru requested that I stay here for the weekend. He told me to wait here with you while he was getting something from school, he didn't mention that you were asleep... I'm sorry," Haruhi apologized, embarrassed.

"Ah... don't be..." Damn it, Kaoru, what the hell is this?, Hikaru thought. He ran over to the closet and shut himself inside to change.

At that point, Haruhi decided to explore the room. A minute or so later, Hikaru came out of the closet, wearing a grey t-shirt and khaki pants. He watched her curiously. Then he thought of something and quickly glanced around the room- Kaoru had obviously done something to the room, just to get to Hikaru...

Oh, that's what he-- Oh, shit, she noticed it first.

He had found what it was- his notebook/'diary' which held some things he didn't want anyone, especially Haruhi, to read.
Of course, she noticed it a second before him, and was closer to it. She walked over and picked it up.

--- End Flashback---

As long as she doesn't figure out about the fake--

"Hikaru! Why does this have a fake lock, is there any point in that?" Haruhi asked, walking in again. She noticed the pained expression on his face. "Oh, don't worry, I haven't read it yet. I'm planning on it, though. Anyway, is there a sensor that explodes or something when you try to open it without doing something special?"

Hikaru hadn't noticed what she was wearing until that moment.

Damn, she looks hot in jeans. (A/N: ...couldn't resist the urge... xD)

He shook his head, not really noticing that he was doing it.

"'Kay, thanks. I have an idea to pass time, by the way. It reminds me of something you and Kaoru would come up with, to be honest," she told him, seeing that he was curious.

"Well, what is it?" he responded, trying to (but failing) to hide his excitement.

He's like a little kid. It's pretty adorable, he's so enthusiastic and curious like one, Haruhi found herself thinking.

"Okay, so basically, what happens is, you give me twenty five minutes to hide--" the mansion was huge, she'd need the extra time. "--and then you look for me. For every ten minutes after the twenty five pass, I get to read a page in this journal."

"Sounds great!" Thank god the first few pages are just some of Kaoru's doodles... I just need to find her as soon as possible.

"Okay, I got these for free at the supermarket, so here's a stopwatch for you, and one for me. (A/N: why does she have them with her? oo Ack! Sorry, I interrupted the story again!) You aren't allowed to start the stopwatch until I leave the room. I'll have the journal with me. Ready?"

Hikaru nodded.

Just find her as soon as possible, and you're safe.