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It was sparkling in the slightly more literal sense.
Haruhi blinked.
When had her apartment ever been this clean?
She couldn't remember.
There was no way her father had done this, at any rate. Speaking of which, he was nowhere to be seen.
She quickly swept through all the rooms, to confirm what she already knew-- he wasn't there. "Shit," she muttered before jogging back to the limo in which Kaoru was waiting for her. "Let me borrow your phone."
He reached into his pocket and grabbed his phone. "Why?"
"Just give me the damn phone," she huffed. He handed it to her and she flipped it open, searching through his contacts until she found the name she wanted. Otori Kyoya.
It rung once before he picked up. "Yes?"
"My dad's gone missing and I need your private police, add it to my debt or whatever, but--" she said quickly, running a hand through her hair, before she was cut off.
"What, no hello?" he chuckled dryly. "Anyways, he's with Tamaki. They seem to be under the impression that you need saving and are on their way to the Hitachiin mansion," he continued before hanging up, leaving her no chance to ask why he had this information or why her dad had agreed to work with Tamaki, of all people.
She hung up and looked at Kaoru. "We're heading back to your place."

"So, I'll get on your shoulders and climb up on the roof and go through the window, where Haruhi is being held captive. I'll rescue her and lower her down to you, and we'll run for it!" Tamaki exclaimed.
Ranka stared at him, then looked up at the roof of the patio they were in front of. "Why are you the one going up?" he finally asked.
Tamaki gasped. "You can't honestly expect me to be able to lift you! Beautiful men such as myself do not do things such as lift other men! However, I hear commoners do this sort of thing all the time, so of course you'll be fine! Oh, and I am the hero, so I have to be the one who goes in and rescues the princess!"
Ranka stared at him some more before deciding to let it go for now. After all, his daughter was being molested-- he had no time to waste arguing over who would go save her. He didn't say anything but squatted down instead. Tamaki stared at him quizically.
"Get on, stupid," he growled. The blonde made an 'aha!' noise and climbed onto Ranka's shoulders.
"I can't reach!" he cried.
Ranka mentally facepalmed. "I'm still squatting." He slowly stood. "Can you reach now?"
"Yeah! My arms are on it, I have to pull myself up... geez, this commoner stuff is harder than it looks! How do you people do this?!?" he squirmed a bit, causing Ranka to wobble.
"Stop squirming, you'll make us fall!" he yelled.
"I'm almost up!"
"No you're not, you haven't moved at all!"
A third voice joined in, causing Ranka to jump, which subsequently caused the two to fall. "...Dad... Sempai... what are you doing...?"

Both scrambled to stand up and simultaneously yelled, "Haruhi! My darling daughter isn't being molested!" and prepared to launch at her-- however, both stopped and turned to glare at the other.
"Jynx, you owe me a soda!" Tamaki exclaimed. However, Ranka had already turned and glomped Haruhi. It was then that Tamaki spotted Kaoru, who was hanging out in the background. He instanly began glaring at him, which Haruhi picked up on fairly quickly.

"Senpai, are you okay?" she asked.

"Am I okay with the fact that my daughter was molested by that sick bastard?" Tamaki asked.

Haruhi blanched. "Wait, when did Kaoru molest me and why am I not aware of this?"

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