Clow has always had the (highly irritating) talent for cleverly circumventing her mandates, and she knows in the instant that Hiiragizawa Eriol turns away from her shop and does not look back that it will not be the last time Clow Reed comes to call upon her.

She traps the memory of Clow's legacy's –Eriol's—kiss in her mind and then plaits the invisibly electric sensation into intangible gossamer filigree, which she spools carefully around her fingers like delicate iridescent netting. A heartbeat later, Maru is at her side with a diaphanous bauble, holding it out to let her gently deposit the barely-substantial, spider-thin floss down into it before retracting her hands and turning dutifully to store it away.

Yuuko touches two fingers to her lips when she can no longer remember the unfamiliar familiarity of his, and then she turns briskly to follow her creation into the shop.

There is new work to be done, she thinks indignantly, and wonders idly if she's got any good scotch left.

There might be a Part III to this fic, but there will definitely be a...well, a prequel, of sorts.

She gets to meet Eriol here and doesn't like him one bit (primarily because he's so much like the dorky-genius, duplicitous-prick aspects of Clow), but in the 'prequel' she's going to have to suffer through a visit from Fujitaka, who doesn't have a wish so much as a present he's going to have to pay for.

She's not going to enjoy his company any more than she did Eriol's, methinks.

That is all, chums.

Fudgeripple Butternipple.