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Here's Rusty!

Our favorite little bold, smartassed, ebony furred Jigglypuff.

Warning: He doesn't focus on details and has a temper. Not to mention he likes booze.

Sorry 'bout the suckyness.

Pearl, and Tamra are characters that might or might not show up in Xtreme gamer's Firefly Story, check his storys out!

I do not own Firefly she is Xtreme gamers little blazing glory.

Here are some quotes based off of Rusty's attitude. I don't own these either, but they rock even more!

"Boldness is ever blind, for it sees not dangers and inconveniences whence it is bad in council though good in execution."
-Francis Bacon

"The cynic is one who never sees a good quality in a man and never fails to see a bad one. He is the human owl, vigilant in darkness and blind to light, mousing for vermin, and never seeing noble game. The cynic puts all human actions into two classes - openly bad and secretly bad."
-Henry Ward Beecher

And here's another two that Rubic taught him, yet I still do not own these two either.

You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.
-Paulo Coelho

We can see, so we are always blind to things deeper than skin.
-Joe Chung

Rubic may have informed you of her past, but I had the sight first so I saw so much more detail.

Not that I'm bragging... Okay maybe a little. I'll never hear the end of this from Rubic. Oi!

I felt a prescence that day she lost her sight it was faint but there and I caught a glipse of a white fairy zipping by.(Guess who.)

My mother Nighthorn, was a lovely brownish-blackish colour. I, myself had inherited her dark fur, I was the most glorious shade of ebony.

Then there was the fact of my sister, she was a plain peach fuzz Igglybuff. Now I saw nothing wrong with that. We had the same coloured eyes, green -although hers were a pure sea foam green while mine were plain emralds.

I was determined to become her guide. And after two years of guiding her in the darkness, she became capable of sensing her way about.

She'd occassionally be whisked away- by that I mean she'd be sleeping one moment and the next there was not a trace. No pawprints going away from her current area, and she couldn't float like I could.

So I'd search ever tree, every place that a blind Igglybuff could have gone off to, and eventually I'd find her crying and using a technique unknown to Iggly's, Shock wave, yep she'd be sending out waves of electricity as I found her I'd call her name and the waves ceased.

I'd kick myself in the ass for being angry at her, after all it wasn't delibratly done. Still I began to keep my eye on her more than one would think appropriate, but; mind you, I never crossed that line.

Then disaster struck...

One warm, breezy autumn day.

I was watching Rubic while she sunbathed when she started getting blurry,(It reminded me of a technique some Abras I had ran into once called Teleport.) I tackled her with a shout. "Rubic!"

Then we both disappeared in a bright flash of white, whisked away. 'Is this how she gets lost? By telepot of all things?!' When the light faded we were inside of a truck and people with red R's on their suits quickly netted the two of us. "Rusty! What is this?!" Rubic screamed pushing against the net. "It's a net, Rubic, but don't worry."

I... Er...we were shoved into a cramped cage and they attempted to stick me with a needle, well Rubic got the first strike and I eventually got stuck with the second, then, the world spinned and went blacker than my fur.

Days later...

"Hey there cutey." 'Huh?' I awoke to find myself alone in a cage. "Rubic!" I shouted. "No such Pokemon by that name here." When I looked for the voice I met the gaze of lovely tangerine amber. It was a Smoochum, a rather vain looking one, but one all together.

"Where am I?" "In experiment central." It, she replied. "Experiments on Pokemon correct?" she nodded. "My names Pearl and you are?" "Rusty." she giggled. "Such a lovely shade of ebony." I shrugged, "Bah, this old coat? I'm about to shed all the faded hairs off and show everyone true ebony."

Someone walked in and stared at me, "Hello 258xb." "Hmmm?" "That's your number and what you will be called for now." I eyed the lady, white clothes, big blue eyes that had some emotions remaining, and black hair(I found that slightly comforting.) and obviously female. "Whatever," I then lunged at the bars and began to shout, "Where is my sister?!" over and over.

"Let me tend to this one, Tamra. We can't be too sure if he's even sane. Besides we both know how 'male' Jigglypuffs are." Oh the horror, I had been stereotyped for my species once more.

By stereo typing I mean... well, it's far too shameful for me to even come out and say, but I'll be as frank as I can, male Jigglypuffs are known for being overly amourous. That and the fact that their any Pokemon breeders dream says it way too clear enough in my mind.

I sat down and waited until he reached a gloved hand in to grab me, then I latched onto his right leg and began to scatch and shred. "Take this dirtbag!"

The girl, Tamra began to ask me what she could do to get me calm. I sighed, "I just want. To see my sister." Is that the Igglybuff that was with you?" "Yeah," She smied slightly. "If you let us do some experiments and a couple of tests on you, I'll be sure you get to see her from a nearby cage, Okay?" I nodded.

"And what's to stop me from blowing this joint after I do see her?" "About enough strong trained Pokemon to rip a full hundred dozen Snorlaxes apart and then devour them bones and all." I cringed that must be a pretty difficult path to freedom. "Ah... Er fine then."


The so called 'experiments' weren't too bad. Mostly stuff like taking blood samples, or examining my eyes and my ears and my mouth and my throat. They said they were making sure I had no dangerous or highly conmtagous deseases and such crap. I'd rip their faces off, but they have taesers.

They also wrapped weird strips around my ears and paws, they burned a little. Their main deal was some other examination that I won't go into for it was demeaning to experiance yet alone relive it ever again.

Now those strips were itchy, but I felt oddly compliant for some reason.(I think the girl drugged me while I was attacking that idiot of a human male.)

I remember being looked at by a very 'business like' dressed man he could easily pass as a drill sargeant with the scowl he wore constantly day in and day out.

Thje first word that came to my mind was simple, bastard. And that's exactly how my thoughts stayed. He was indeed a bastard.

"Whatever is a 'male' Jigglypuff doing here?" he said glaring at me. "Well, sir... He's not like other males of his species he hasn't got the lusty nature instead he's a fighter as I'm sure you've heard." His eyes flashed for a breif moment before he nodded, "A fighting one is indeed interesting. I heard what happened to ben, but maybe that will teach him, carry on."

And he left, I stared at him and then glanced up to Tamra. "Is he always such a bastard?" she nodded, "Pretty much." we both snickered.


When I was finally allowed to take the strips off I found my fur had become red where the strips had been wrapped. A fancy ketchup red. "Odd." I muttered turning them over curiously.

"More like sexy," said an oh so familiar feminine voice. I saw her, "Pearl? That you?" she smiled and waved, thing is, she was a iceberg shade of blue now and there were three little Absol like tails where her normal Smoochum tail once was.

"Yeah, nice decorations. Halloween already." she joked in a kind way. "Har, har, har. What about you? Looks like ice has flowed through your genetics, yet you aren't cold hearted, and would you stop flicking your tails?! They look like three little blades."


Pearl was my closest friend besides Rubic who I also spoke to that day... Damn they had made her sport custard spots, ugh, I shudder at the creulness that was.

I never had to fight all this much, it turned out they did these things to us to see if we'd die a short lived life or suffer future problems, bastards.

I met Stickers later when I had finally been allowed out of those so called 'cages'. My sister's condition remaineed unknown after that for quite a while.


This one deay I bumped into a Vulpix with wings. And when I say bumped I mean we plowed into each other. "Watch it!" it, she snarled. "No room to yap, missy." I said in an annoying tone of mock respect. "Aw, shuddup!" "Yappety yap shut your damn trap." I couldn't stop. "Could you be a bigger ass?" I shrugged, "Nope not even if I were a obese Snorlax." We both burst into a fit of giggles, and when it subsided she smiled, "Names Firefly."

"I'm Rusty, not Rust, sure as hell not russle, and don't ever call me Dusty. Especially if you want to keep those feathers. And how 'do' you preen yourself?! I mean if I were I know I would surely get a crick in my neck just gnawing all the dirt off of them. Oi! My head is hurting just thinking about it!" I said falling onto my tail, which thank Celibi(Who doesn't even have a tail!) had not been jiggered with by the crackpot scientists.

I'd rather not go into details..." she trailed off avoiding eye contact while flame furys sprung from her cheeks, she didn't notice how hot her blush actually was. And she changed the subject off of her hygene in a sad way.

"So... erm lovely weather eh?" I could have face-faulted. 'Oldest ice breaker in the whole history of historys.' I thought.

"Yup. It's simply lovely, divine as wine." "What?" "Oh, come on please don't tell me you have never heard of booze." she shook her head. "Well, you are ever so lucky I know where the secret stash is at and it's almost five -o clock."

I wandered off, convincing her to follow. "Come on let me show you the path to freedom."

Well, that's all I will tell you other then Firefly after a few shots spilled practicly her whole life story and I did the same.

To think that we can even gain access to fall into the bottle here, who ever would have thought? Ah, well, I hate stale beer.(Author's note: W.T.F is he rambling on about? Beer can't go stale, can it?) so cheers to having the ability to hold a glass, hic, bye...