Voice Notes of Professor Coburn: Project Advancement

Project Advancement: April 20th 2006

We have begun to gather test subjects. This project shows much promise. It must for if it fails it means the end of the New Shop. The subjects are being placed in a sleep state until they have all been gathered and readied for the first stages. Now I must go, for there is much work to be done.

Project Advancement: May 8th 2006

The subjects have all been gathered. There is much hope for this project. We have concluded that the trials must be done on the adolescent type body. The college age subjects of the last attempt were too fully developed to accept the infusion. The one semi success was too young and held too much power. The type of infusion necessary, however, is still unknown. We have expanded beyond just mind stimulants. There are various types to be tried. We will succeed.

Chapter 1


"Ahhh!" With a horrible jolt of pain, Katie woke up. Her initial thought was 'where am I?' but the immense headache she had was too much for her. She leaned back and felt a metallic coolness on her back. After a while she felt calmer. Now that she could focus more on what was going on, she realized that she was in some sort of cage. It was pretty big, but empty except for a cot and a small enclosed bathroom like area. Outside her own cage she could see others in similar situations. All of them were kids about her age. She tried to stand up, but the energy from that simple act was enough for another headache to seize her once again. She fell back and sat there, waiting for something to happen.


Valentine's eyes shot open and he was on his feet almost instantly. He had no idea what was going on and he was filled with a sense of fear that came from not knowing who or where he was. After a while he calmed down and told himself, " I'm Valentine. I'm…" but he still had no idea where he was. He was shocked with what he saw, though. Kids in cages. A lot of them. Next to the cage he was in was a girl hunched over with her head in her hands. He tried to say something to her but his mouth was dry. His attempt at speech came out as a raspy painful moan so he gave it up. She didn't seem to notice him anyway. On the other side of him were countless other cages. He took in a deep breath and smelled the over-clean smell that reminded him of hospitals. What kind of place is this? His mouth seemed to get drier. He traced the inside with his tongue and found gaps in his teeth. He began to pace and, doing so, he found 3 teeth.


"Ow." Danny had been having the craziest dream when he fell off of his bed. Except—this wasn't his bed…. Or his room… what? around him he saw kids all of who had faces of fear and confusion. Across from his cage, there was an older boy pacing his cage. Danny thought hard back to the last thing that he could remember. He had been… somewhere… on the street… suddenly overhead the lights flickered and eventually turned off above his cage.


"Please. Stop it! Please!" This was what awoke Ricky. He was in a huge room filled with cages and kids. Some of them were asleep—or unconscious. The ones that were awake were looking at a boy who seemed to be going crazy. He was ranting and shouting. As he ran around his cage the sprinklers overhead went off and water flew. It went everywhere, and that was when they saw their first adult. Questions filled the room. He wore a white lab coat and looked to be in his mid 30's, and although he was being barraged by so many questions, he answered none. He only stepped in to the boy's cage and as he did something the boy collapsed. He then dragged him away amidst shouts and cries.


Kyle woke up panicked. He looked around with a frenzy he had never experienced before, but within seconds he was left without energy and lacking hope. As he collapsed on a cot he saw a boy looking just the same in a cage across from him. As the man in the lab coat came out he went through a myriad of emotions and afterwards he was left with a headache and wonder about what happened.


Its too quiet. She had been awake for a while now and still there was no movement from anywhere in the room. A few feet over the only other human she'd seen, lay sleeping. That or dead. She was getting frustrated, kicking and shouting at the bars that wouldn't listen. As she let loose a kick to the bars the one she hit melted. She stood back and heard the girl next to her finally speak.


Alicia looked up after she heard a loud gasp. She was in a cage and next to it was another with a girl in it. "What are you doing?" she asked as she saw the remains of what seemed to be a bar. Then she quickly replaced that question with another. "Where am I?" Then a burst of flame appeared in the cage next to her. "Ahhh!" she screamed and heard the other girl tell her to get away from the fire but as quickly as it appeared it went away. She lay on the floor in shock and fear.