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'blah' means thoughts

"blah" means speaking

Warning! This fic is sort of HBP compliant concerning Snape's past. Also, Snape and Harry will be a little OOC, more Snape than Harry, but it is there.

"The Ties That Bind Us"

"I hate Snape," Harry said, flopping onto one of the couches in the Gryffindor Common Room.

"We all knew that, Harry," Hermione put in.

"He swears I live the life of a celebrity even at the Dursleys's. You two know how far from the truth that is."

"Yeah, mate. I remember the twins and I had to break you out of that house."

"I just wish there was a way to make him realize how horrible my life can be," Harry sighed.

"There's probably a charm or a potion that could do that," Ron pointed out. "Right, Hermione?"

"Oh, no! You're not including me in this insane plan of yours!"

"What do you mean? We need you!" Ron replied.

"That's true, but you're talking about pranking a teacher!"

"It's not a prank!" Ron protested.

"It's the same thing!" Hermione countered.

"Whoa, whoa! I never said anything about actually doing something to him!" Harry defended.

"Good. Now I'm going to bed before you do come up with a crazy idea." Hermione stood up. "You two should get to bed, too."

"We'll go to bed in a minute, 'Mione," Harry promised.

Hermione went upstairs, heading to the girls' dorm. The second he heard the door close, Ron turned to Harry. "We should do something to Snape, Harry. He would deserve it."

"If we could find a potion, we could brew it in class tomorrow," Harry thought for a minute, "like a variation of the Polyjuice Potion; one that doesn't take as long to make as well as makes the drinker live a day in the life of the person whose hair is added."

"Great idea, mate. Let's do it."


Harry came up to Ron before Double Potions. "I found a variation of the Polyjuice Potion. We can go ahead with our plan."

They took their seats, and Harry brought out the book with the recipe in it. Once everyone was seated, the door banged open, and Snape stalked in. Snape dreaded Double Potions with Slytherins and Gryffindors. This class was the most volatile of all the combinations. "Today, we are brewing Disappearing Potions. The ingredient list and recipe are on the board." Snape flicked his wand. "Begin."

Half of the students went to the student cupboards to get the ingredients they needed for the potion. Harry got as many ingredients as he could carry safely. He brought the ingredients over to the table, and he was Ron got to work. Everything went smoothly at first, but then they lost their place. "Uh, Harry? What was the last ingredient you put in?"

"I don't know."

Ron looked up. "Snape's heading this way!"

"I better put some of these ingredients back."

"Which ones?"

"The ones that aren't part of a Disappearing Potion." Harry grabbed a few jars and hastened over to the student cupboard.

"Mr. Weasley! What have you done to your potion?" Snape asked.


"The potion is supposed to be Slytherin Green, not Gryffindor Red."

Ron's face matched his potion. Suddenly, the surface of the potion began to swirl, and not five seconds later, the potion exploded. Ron had already taken cover when the potion's surface had started to swirl, so Snape had gotten the full brunt of the explosion.


Harry had been putting ingredients away. 'I hope Snape doesn't realize that it's not a Disappearing Potion,' he thought as he put the last ingredient on the shelf. Then, he heard the explosion. He muttered a curse before he felt a sensation a la portkey. However, he was still in the Potions classroom. Unfortunately, he ended up next to Snape. "Damn."

"Ten points from Gryffindor for cussing in front of a professor."

Harry looked at the person beside him and decided to mention, "Well, you're not old enough to be a professor."

"What?" Severus looked at his clothes. Instead of his normal black robes, he was wearing tight black jeans, a green t-shirt with a raven on it, and a black jacket with the words Quoth the Raven Nevermore on the back. "Fuck."

"Ten points off Slytherin for inappropriate student language," Harry mocked.

"I-I'm not a student!"

"You're young enough to be one."

Severus ignored Harry. "I'm going to fix this."

"I'm going to talk to Dumbledore," Harry said.

Severus walked into his office, and Harry walked into the hall. Suddenly, they both were snapped back to where they had been standing, hitting each other's backs in the process. They chorused, "Ow!"

They looked at each other, and Severus said, "Damn."

"You said you can fix this?" Harry asked.

"I didn't know about being bound to each other. We should talk to Albus about this."


Severus sighed. "We are stuck with each other, Potter."

"Stuck in what way?"

"I never truly pegged you for a dunderhead, Potter. The potion made it so that we have to be in the same room within a specific distance of each other. Now, let's go." Severus started to walk out of the room, but paused when he realized that Harry wasn't following him. "Potter, move!"


Harry had been in a state of shock. He was stuck with Severus. Of all the people the potion could have exploded on, why did it have to be Severus? Why couldn't it be like Hermione or even Seamus? Well, at least it wasn't Malfoy! Severus's voice made him jump. Even though the potion also turned him sixteen, Severus's voice was still silky smooth. Harry started moving slowly at first, but picked up the pace when he realized that Severus was almost out of sight. The green-eyed teenager managed to catch up with his teenaged Potions Professor before the bond too effect. As the two teenagers walked down the hall, Severus asked Harry some questions.

"What were you and Mr. Weasley brewing, Potter? It wasn't a Disappearing Potions, was it?"

"No." There was a brief pause before he admitted, "It was a variation of the Polyjuice Potion."

"Why were you two wasting precious class time brewing a Polyjuice Potion?"

"Well, uh, we were kind of planning on using it."

"On me?"

"Yes, but Ron is the one who messed it up."

"Why did you want to use it?"

"So, you'd realize that I don't live the celebrated life at home."

"Don't lie." Another moment of silence passed. Severus, realizing which potion Harry had chosen, asked, "How did your hair end up in the potion?"


"The only way we could get bound to each other is your hair landing in the potion."

The Gryffindor thought for a moment. How and when could his hair have gotten into the potion? "I guess it could've fallen in the cauldron, when I was gathering the ingredients, so I could put them back."

"So, you are saying this is your fault?"

"Yes, and you can't give me a detention for it."

Severus scowled and jumped Harry, who was surprised. Harry didn't think Severus would fight anyone and without a wand!


Dumbledore exited his office. He was going to have tea with McGonagall. 'Maybe she'll try a lemon drop.' Scuffling brought him from his thoughts. Rushing to see what the commotion was took Dumbledore to the scene where two boys were fighting! The Headmaster could identify one of the boys as Harry Potter, but he couldn't identify the other. He looked vaguely familiar, but Dumbledore couldn't out a name to him.

It didn't matter anyway. He couldn't allow two of his students to fight. Dumbledore, not being feeble despite his age, grabbed the two boys by their outer wear (one robe, one jacket), pulled them apart, held them off the ground, and said, "Enough."

The boys stopped trying to get at each other and muttered. "Sorry, Headmaster."

Dumbledore looked at Harry, whose glasses had been thrown off in the struggle. "Are you all right, Harry?"

"Yes, sir. I'm used to fights. My cousin usually fights with me, but my glasses are probably broken."

Dumbledore waved his fingers, and Harry's glasses flew into the elder wizard's partially open hand. The Headmaster allowed Harry to take them, before he turned his blue gaze to the other boy who was still being held up off the ground. He froze when he saw the boy's face, black eyes, black hair, hooked nose, and pale skin. "Had a mishap, Severus?"

"Obviously, Albus."

"Why were you two fighting?"

"It's a long story, Sir."

"No, it's not, Potter."

"Maybe from your point-of-view it's not."

"I'm still your professor."

"You're not old enough to be a professor, Snape."

"Maybe not in body, but where intellect and magical ability are concerned I far surpass you."

Harry glared at Severus. Dumbledore had been watching the verbal sparring, looking at each boy when they spoke. The back and forth movement was giving him a headache. "That's enough. You two are giving me a headache."

"Sorry, Headmaster," they chorused.

After a moment of silence, Severus asked, "Albus, could you put us down?'

Dumbledore then realized that he was till physically holding the two boys off their feet. He set them back on the stone floor.

"Harry, go back to class, and Severus, come to my office," Dumbledore said.

Twin looks of embarrassment crossed the two teenagers' faces. Harry looked at the floor and scuffed his shoe, while Severus simply said, "We can't do that, Albus."

"Why ever not?"

Severus's next words had bite to them. "Because of Potter's mistake-"

"It was more Ron's fault than mine!"

Severus shot Harry a glare that clearly said, Don't interrupt me. ""He and I are bound."

Dumbledore stared at the duo. "All right. You two come with me to my office, and we'll figure this out."

The walk to Dumbledore's office was quiet. Harry and Severus were simply glaring at each other. The Headmaster could feel the tension during their walk. Once they got to the office, Harry sat down in a chair near the door, and Severus leaned against the far wall. Dumbledore went to send Fawkes to alert McGonagall that he would not be coming for tea that afternoon.