Oh me! Oh my! Dean's expecting!

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Chapter One: A Secret Wish Revealed

Sam and Dean were sitting in the diner, watching some children play outside.

"Any interest Sam?" Dean asked in curiosity. "In what?" Sam replied. "Duh, in having kids" Dean smirked. "Yeah, but not for awhile yet" Sam said chuckling, and then noticed Dean's serious expression. "Do you? he questioned. "With the right person I would" Dean suggestively implied to a now blushing Sam. "Dean!..." Sam growled in jest. "What...so shoot me...would it be so bad, us being parents Sammy?"

Before Sam could respond, the boys heard a small giggle from the other booth closest to them. A young woman, of undetermined age, was looking at both boys, a smile on her face.

"I can make that happen for you dear-hearts, if it's what you so wish" the woman told them earnestly. "Yeah right sister, and I can tap my boots together and be sent over the rainbow" Dean replied none too gently.

"Dean just let it go okay. Sorry about my brother, sometimes he can be a bit prickly" Sam called over to the woman. "No worries sweet-ums" she said as she stood up and came to stand beside their booth.

"I'm Unruh" she introduced herself "and you are?" she continued, extending her hand first to Sam and then to Dean. Their upbringing showed and despite any misgivings, both boys introduced themselves and shook her hand.

Unruh held onto Dean's hand. "So, you are the one who truly wants a child, there is no lying to Unruh, I can feel it coursing through you" she spoke as she looked down at Dean. Dean for whatever reason, could not pull his hand out of her grasp, it was as if she was reading his very soul. Their eyes were locked and he knew that she knew it was his wish.

"Dean, for God's sake, tell her it isn't will ya" Sam insisted, gawking at his older brother, who did nothing. Sam reached over and gently broke their grasp, urging Dean to get up with him and get out of the diner. Unruh had freaked him out, but not as much as Dean's unresponsiveness.

"C'mon Dean we need to get going" Sam urged, as he pulled Dean's arm from across the table, guiding him to the edge of the booth and out.

As Dean went to move by Unruh, he noticed a tear fall from one of her eyes, which she caught on her index finger and lightening fast, wiped over Dean's lips. Dean, following a natural inclination, licked his lips automatically. "It is done my darling, rest easy" Unruh said smiling at a stunned Dean and stone-faced Sam.

With Unruh's words ringing in their ears, the boys paid their bill and left quickly, not turning back. "What the hell Dean, I mean good God, what a whack job, how is it that we run into them all?" Sam was saying, as they climbed into the Impala. Dean was deep in thought, not really listening to Sam, as he started the engine and pulled out of the lot.

"Dean, did you hear me?" an exasperated Sam asked. "What...sorry Sammy...what did you say?" Dean asked. "Forget it, it's not important" Sam answered, gazing over at Dean with some concern.

Things were quiet in the car, both boys thinking their own thoughts, as they pulled into the motel's parking lot and eventually into their room.

Dean grabbed the remote and hit the bed, not even bothering to undress or take off his boots. He was pretty subdued and didn't feel like talking. Sam gave him his space and went and took a shower. He was surprised to find Dean already asleep when he exited the bathroom. He slowly took off Dean's boots and tugged off his jeans, leaving him in his boxers and t-shirt. Sam took the remote out of Dean's hand and then turned off the lights and the tv, climbing into bed and snuggling in close Dean, wrapping his arm tight around his brother.

Sam's mind wandered over the events at the diner. "It was surely impossible that Dean could be pregnant" Sam was thinking "and yet, Unruh had seemed pretty much on the level in her sincerity, but still, Dean being pregnant, not a chance." Sam worked hard to convince himself of this, as leaned over to kiss Dean goodnight. Little did he know what the fates had in store for them!

To be continued.

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