Chapter 13 - Honeyed Days

"Sam, just so you know, I'm going to get even with you for making me eat this, if it's the last thing I do" Dean declared, as he looked down in disgust at his plate.

"Sure guy, you take your best shot. Meanwhile, get that into you, it's to help make you better, so eat" Sam replied in all seriousness, as Dean shot him a death look, before taking another bite.

Although Sam wouldn't admit it, even cooking the pork liver was enough to make him gag and he was sure glad he wasn't the one having to eat it, along with the broccoli. Unruh had insisted on iron bundling meals after the amount of blood Dean had lost, which included the pork liver, broccoli and orange juice.

Sam came up behind Dean, wrapping his arms around him, bending in close and kissing his neck. "How ya feel'in today?" he asked. Dean leaned against Sam. "Getting better everyday darl'in" he sighed, enjoying the feel of Sam against him.

"You scared the crap out of me" Sam said. "Scared myself too" Dean admitted. "Thank God Dean that Unruh was with us. I did some research on what happened to you and I know it's a bit different with our circumstances, but postpartum hemorrhagic bleeding is the leading cause of death in women worldwide. It was so close Dean, I just..." Sam stopped, the emotions he was feeling just under the surface.

Dean turned in his seat, Sam coming around and kneeling in front of him, putting his head in Dean's lap. "Hey, I'm here Sammy, I'm not going anywhere" Dean soothed, as he stroked his little brother's hair.

As Dean placed his hand under Sam's cheek, he lifted his brother's tear stained face to look at him. "Aw Sam" Dean whispered, as he slowly slid off the chair, keeping his hands on Sam, as he layed down on the kitchen floor and pulled Sam to him, offering comfort and reassurance. "I've got you. We came through it Sam. Everything's fine" Dean said gently, as he felt Sam begin to relax in his arms. "I've got ya, I'm not going to let you go" Dean murmured, as he continued to hold Sam tight, Sam clinging to him. As time moved forward, they layed there together, neither wanting to move apart from the other. Sam looked up into the warm hazel eyes of the one he loved and trusted above all others. "Better now?" Dean asked quietly, as he stroked Sam's dimple. "Much better" Sam replied, as he slowly began to get up, turning and then helping Dean up. They could hear Buttercup begin to cry from her nursery. "I'll go" Sam said, as he lovingly kissed a few of Dean's freckles before leaving.

"How's Daddy's girl doing?" Sam asked quietly, as he picked up his daughter and kissed her. As he rocked her gently in his arms, he caught sight of a photo frame on one of the shelves. It was a picture of their Mom and Dad, Buttercup's Granny and Grandpa, which usually resided in Dean's wallet. They were smiling, during happier times, when life was so good. Sam felt the sting of tears begin again, as he walked over for a closer look, not hearing Dean come into the room, until he felt strong arms around his hips, Dean leaning his face against Sam's back.

As they were changing Buttercup, the phone rang. Sam went and answered it, returning a short time later, carrying Buttercup's bottle, which he handed to a waiting Dean. "Some good news, the Impala is ready. Bobby is going to pick me up and I'll drive it back. Unruh's going to come over, cause she wants to make sure you are doing okay and to see Buttercup" Sam explained, as he watched Dean feed the little angel, not being able to resist the urge of a small tickle to those adorable little feet.

Unruh and Bobby came in a short time later, holding hands and looking very happy together. Sam shot Dean a quick 'I told you so look' before greeting them. "You ready?" Bobby asked Sam, who nodded. "We'll be back in awhile" Bobby called out, as he followed Sam, closing the door behind them.

Before the examination, Dean and Unruh went to see Buttercup, who was sleeping peacefully, all wrapped up in her cradle. "What a darling" Unruh enthused, as she squeezed Dean's hand.

As Unruh finished examining Dean later, she smiled at him. "You're healing quickly sweetums. Everything is looking very good and I believe that things will be back as they were before, in a very short time.

As they made their way downstairs, Dean put his arm around Unruh and pulled her into a hug. "Thank you doesn't even come close to saying how I feel for everything you've done for us" Dean whispered, as he looked down at her. Unruh reached up and ran a hand over Dean's flushed cheek. "You're welcome my darling" she said with love.

They heard Bobby and Sam returning, just as Buttercup woke up and started to cry. "I'll be back" Dean said as he went to get his girl.

"Hey sweetheart, you hungry again or do you need a change?" Dean asked, as he picked her up and held her close. "Uh, I think a new diaper may help eh sweetie" Dean said, as he began to change her, making faces and talking baby talk to Buttercup. As he finished, Dean stood there for a moment and just looked at his daughter, his heart welling with emotion.

"Everything okay?" Sam called up. "Everything's great Sam, we'll be right down. Can you put a bottle on please" Dean called back, as he picked up Buttercup and headed downstairs.

Bobby and Unruh were sitting on the couch, as Dean came over to them. "Would you like to hold her?" Dean asked Unruh, who held out her arms for the welcoming bundle. Bobby reached over and gently tickled Buttercup under the chin, as Sam came in with the bottle. "Do you want to feed her Unruh?" Sam asked. "Next time my angel. Here you go sweetie" Unruh said as she gave Buttercup to Sam, who held her in his arms, smiling as Buttercup took the bottle eagerly.

Unruh went over and began to collect the presents they had brought over prior to the delivery, placing them in front of Dean for opening. The room was soon filled with an explosion of multi-coloured baby clothing, books, stuffed animals and all things baby.

As Sam finished feeding and burping Buttercup, he placed her on a blanket on the floor, close to the fire, before coming over and looking more closely at the presents. Both boys hugged and kissed Unruh and hugged a red cheeked Bobby, thanking them both for their generosity and caring.

"We have a question to ask you both" Sam said in seriousness, as he looked at Bobby and Unruh. "What is it my angel?" Unruh asked, as she looked back and forth between both of them. "Would you and Bobby consider being Buttercup's guardians?" Dean asked. The question hung in the air for a moment, as Bobby and Unruh looked at each other and then back at the boys before responding. "What an honour that you would consider us for this my angels. Yes, we'd be proud to be Buttercup's guardians" Unruh said, as she quickly wiped away a tear. Bobby came over and awkwardly hugged both the boys to him, no words were needed, the understanding and trust of the request and response was clear.

The remainder of the time was spent enjoying each other's company, admiring the gifts and adoring a sleeping Buttercup, before Unruh and Bobby departed.

"Would it be too soon to ask if we could babysit Buttercup for you? I thought maybe tomorrow would be good and you could have some alone time together" Unruh asked hopefully. Both guys looked at each other in uncertainty. Well, it was Unruh and Bobby, and who better to take care of Buttercup aside from them. "Sure, that would be fine" Dean said, as he kissed Unruh, before she climbed into the truck. "See ya tomorrow" Bobby called out as they drove down the laneway.

As Dean took Sam's hand, he stopped dead in his tracks as he looked over at the Impala and saw the new addition to the backseat. Sam squeezed his hand. "You okay with that?" he asked. "Uh ya sure, it was just kinda a shock. I mean Sam, a car seat in the Impala, who would ever have thought huh?" Dean asked. The times were sure changing.

"Hey baby girl, how's my sweetheart doing on this brand new day?" Dean asked Buttercup, as he held her in one arm, while running the water in the sink with the other. He was getting her ready for her big outing with Unruh and Bobby.

"You all set for your first bath angel?" Dean continued, as he dipped his elbow in the water, just like Unruh had shown him, to test the bath water to make sure it was the right temperature, before gently placing Buttercup in the sink.

Sam came in at that moment, carrying two outfits, going to ask Dean for his opinion on which one for Buttercup. He stood there smiling at the scene in front of him. He couldn't imagine life getting any better than this.

"Oh baby, Daddy's here" Dean spoke softly, as he ran the face cloth over Buttercup, bending down and blowing kisses on her tummy.

Sam came up and ran his hand up and down Dean's back, before holding up the two outfits. "Which one do you like?" he asked. "Geez, I don't know, I like them both, but what about the orange coloured one" Dean replied. "The orange one it is then. Hey Buttercup, what do you think? Do you like this one? You're sure gonna look adorable" Sam said, as he bent down and kissed his girl.

As Sam put down the clothes, he picked up the towel, ready for Buttercup. As Dean placed her in Sam's waiting arms, Sam wrapping her up tight, their eyes locked, Dean reaching up to cup Sam's cheek.

An unfamiliar car was driving up their laneway a short time later, as Sam and Dean were sitting on the verandah stairs, Buttercup in Dean's arms. It was a little putt-putt car, with Bobby driving and Unruh in the passenger seat. Bobby had a disgusted look on his face, as he got out of the car and came up to the boys. "Not a word" he said, as he shook his head. "It seems my dear is having trouble adjusting to a change of vehicle. I simply don't understand this about men and the vehicles they drive. Why must it be so important?" Unruh asked in general, as she winked at Sam and avoided Bobby's and Dean's looks of disbelief.

"You all set for a happy day princess?" Unruh cooed, as she walked beside Dean to the car, opening the back door for him, as he placed Buttercup in the infant carrier. "Be good sweetheart" Dean whispered, as he gave his girl a big kiss. Sam waited his turn. "See you later baby girl" Sam said between kisses. As they pulled away, Sam glanced at Dean and would have missed the look of loss on his brother's face, if he'd blinked. "She's going to be fine Deanie. Don't worry" Sam said, as he put his arm around Dean and pulled him close.

Neither of them felt like cooking, so Sam went out to get them something to eat. As he returned and parked the car, he could hear the music before he even hit the door. Dean had cranked AC/DC's Back in Black to full volume, which of course, could only mean one thing.

Sam threw the bag of food on the couch, before taking the stairs two at a time, skidding to a halt outside their bedroom door, as he observed Dean, in all his naked glory, sprawled on the bed, with his arms folded behind his head, waiting for him.

Sam let out a strangled gasp, as he took a flying leap onto the bed, landing beside Dean.

"Somebody missed you. You gonna say hi?" Dean asked in amusement, as he observed Sam.

"I'm gonna welcome Little DW back in right style" Sam said laughing, as he quickly started to get undressed and then re-join Dean and Little DW on the bed.

As strong hands ran over rippling flesh with gentle caresses, there were tongues dueling and bodies tingling, the room filling with shivers and light laughter.

" weren't kidding. You sure know how to throw a welcome back party" Dean exclaimed, still trying to catch his breath, as he shifted in the sweat soaked sheets, wrapping one leg over Sam's trembling body. "Wanted to make sure Little DW knew how much he was missed" Sam murmured softly, as he trailed his fingertips over Dean's jaw, before pulling him as close to himself as possible.

Dean was able to just reach the corner end of the blanket and draw it up over the both of them. Sam was drifting towards sleep when he felt Dean move and opened his eyes. "Sam, close your eyes darl'in, I just grabbed the blanket. You just stay settled down in my love there fella, right where you belong" Dean whispered to Sam, as he ran his fingers through Sam's dampened hair. "Love you so much" Sam mumbled, as Dean reached over and kissed his forehead. "I love you too babe" Dean answered, enjoying the feel of holding a sleeping Sam against him.

Both guys woke up later to feelings of contentment and competing hunger. Cold burgers and fries never tasted so good, as they sat together on the couch.

"I guess we can't have Buttercup as a first name huh?" Dean asked Sam, as he finished the last of the fries. "I don't think so Dean. I think she'd get teased a lot and we sure don't want that. There's nothing stopping us though from having Buttercup as her middle name and we can still use it as our name for our baby girl. What do you think?" Sam asked, as he ran his hand up and down Dean's forearm, before entwining their hands together.

"That sure works for me" Dean said in a relieved tone. "She'll always be our Buttercup Sammy no matter what other name she may go by. Speaking of which, I guess we need to choose a first name. So tell me guy, what have you come up with?" Dean asked.

"Well, I was thinking of one that really fits our angel. What do you think of the name Maggie? Not as a short form for Margaret, but just Maggie. It means fun loving, a protector and independent" Sam asked, looking at Dean expectantly. "Maggie. Maggie Buttercup Winchester" Dean said aloud, trying it out, looking over at Sam and smiling. "I love it Sammy. I'm all for it" Dean said, as he squeezed Sam's hand.

As Sam gently let go of Dean's hand, he put his arm around him and pulled him close, working up to the question he needed to ask, as he stroked Dean's hair. "Deanie, when you first got pregnant and I asked you about being Mommy..." Sam hesitated. "I remember Sam" Dean murmured softly. "Well, do you still...I mean" Sam was at a loss on how to continue. "When we're together, just us, I'd still like to be Buttercup's Mommy. Is that okay with you?" Dean asked in a quiet voice, sending Sam's heart soaring.

Sam shook Dean gently, trying to get Dean to look at him. It didn't work. Dean was feeling shy about this whole issue.

Sam bent forward slightly, lifting Dean's chin up, their eyes meeting. "Thank you for this darl'in" Sam said with affection, as he kissed his big brother, before settling Dean back against him, embracing him with all the feelings of love and protectiveness running through him for the person he was holding in his arms.

"You missing Buttercup as much as I am?" Dean asked. "Oh yeah" Sam replied. "I wonder what time they'll be back?" Dean said. "How about right now" Sam said, as they heard the car pull up, both of them moving quickly to the door.

"What an angel you have here my darlings" Unruh gushed, as Sam lifted Maggie out of the back, Dean bending down to kiss her. "Hey Maggie" he called out softly. "Maggie? You've chosen well my angels, it suits her beautifully" Unruh said, as she kissed each of them goodbye, as Bobby leaned over the passenger side "I like it too fellas", he said, before they drove off, promising to stop by tomorrow.

It was getting late, by the time the three of them headed upstairs.

Sam held Maggie on his chest, talking to her in soft tones, as Dean came into the bedroom. As he climbed onto the bed, he slid over to Sam, Sam rising slightly, so his head was resting on Dean's shoulder, Dean wrapping his arms around his family.

As Maggie fell asleep, Sam looked up at Dean and smiled, a gentle smile, full of love and warmth. Dean smiled back, looking into the eyes of the person he adored, sending up a silent prayer of thanks for the wonderful blessing and joy of their beloved Buttercup and for Sammy, the love of his life.

Three lucky souls, bound together by love. Life couldn't get any better!

The end.

Author's Note: Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I want to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who has supported this story. It was a pure joy to write and I'm sad that it has ended, but I'm so glad you all enjoyed it. Thank you again everyone. Wishing each of you all the best.