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Author's Notes:I know its cliché, but this is a fairy tale…or more like a parody. So hope u guys enjoy it.

A Great Idea?

"WAAH!!!" was the exclaim coming from the tennis club members early one fine morning. Almost the whole of Seishun Gakuen could hear their screams and were perplexed as to what was the cause for such reaction.

The reason?

The storm last night had blown down a big and heavy branch from a nearby tree and had smashed into the club room, bringing down part of the roof and wall, and literally destroying a window. Equipments were strewn all over the place and the whole room was a mess. The teachers and other students had gathered around the site and were offering their heartfelt sympathy; for the tennis club was the pride of the school and to have such a tragedy happening to the club was indeed a misfortune. And as if the misfortune couldn't get any worse; the tennis club has to fork out their own money to repair the damage! Not like the school couldn't help out their proud tennis club, but with a damage this big the school could only subsidize half the cost. That was indeed a bummer…

Practice that morning was cancelled because of the accident, so the rest of the tennis club members had already left the court including Echizen since he had a project to present and needed time to prepare, as well as Tezuka because he had to follow Ryuzaki-sensei to the teacher's office to check on the matter of arranging some financial aids; leaving only a few regulars to discuss the next best thing to do to solve their problem.

"Does anyone have any ideas on how to raise the money to repair the damage? You know we can't continue practice without the room to store our stuffs, and the tournament is just around the corner." said Oishi.

"Why don't we have some kind of a bazaar or sell to raise the money?" suggested Kawamura.

"But what can we sell? I know you can make sushi and all that, but don't you think it's a bit too risky? We're not sure how much we can sell no matter how famous your sushis are, and what happens to the wastage if no one comes to buy them? No offence Kawamura-senpai, but its just too costly and risky. Unless we sell other things too besides sushis too increase the chances of raising enough money." answered Momoshiro.

"I don't know about the wastage part since you can finish whatever Taka-san serves you no matter now much he makes, but I do agree that it is risky to just count on sushi sells to cover the cost of repair. We need something big that can draw in a crowd." Fuji echoed in.

"I have an idea." said Inui. All eyes were turned on him suspiciously. The last time he had an idea, everyone was sprawled over the court; half dead after a hard practice session and a deadly potion which made everyone vomit their guts out. It was enough to be tortured; they didn't want to be embarrassed at the same time. So to accept Inui's idea was like accepting a death sentence.

"I'm afraid to ask, but what do you have in mind?" Kikumaru hesitatingly and timidly asked Inui.

"Glad you've asked. Why don't we put up a play? A drama or sketch or something like that?"

Apprehension sweat droplets had formed on all their heads as each and everyone of them contemplated the possibility of staging a play. It wasn't such a bad idea, but when coming from Inui, somehow the fun of it all seems to go sarcastically awry. But then, it was still a good idea.

"Not bad Inui, I think you might have just hit the jackpot." agreed Fuji, whose sense of humour matches those of Inui, and a faint ironic smile crept over his calm face.

"Nya, we can stage a play while selling sushis as refreshments at the same time. So that means we can earn double the expectation!" chirped in Kikumaru while tugging onto Oishi's arm playfully, which earned him a sheepish smile from the fuku-buchou.

"Then that's settled. I'll think of a title and direct the play since this was my idea. Agreed?"

More sweat droplets formed and each and every one of the regulars head, but they couldn't argue since, yes, it was HIS idea. So they all hesitatingly agreed and left the matter to that.

"Someone would have to tell Echizen and buchou about our plan." reminded Kaidoh, who had been quiet the whole time while the others had been busily thinking of an idea.

"Don't worry, Kaidoh. I'll tell them the good news… when I've completely perfected my plan." And an evil grin decorated Inui's mischievous-looking face.

More sweat drops… Boy, this does not look good at all…