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I do, but I don't

It was the end of a frustrating, humiliating yet satisfying performance. Everyone present on that night was captivated by their performance, especially Echizen Ryoma's performance as Snow White. He had mesmerized the audience, both girls and boys, by his enchanting present. Who would have thought that he would look so cute and beautiful dressed as a girl. Overall, the performance was magical, and it made all the actors feel good that they had put up a wonderful performance.

All of the 'actors' all gathered at the Kawamura's Sushi Restaurant to celebrate their success. Everyone was having a great time, especially Momo and Kikumaru, thanks to the extra sushis that Kawamura's father had made especially for them. It was a great party, except not all of them were enjoying themselves. Echizen was fidgeting with his food as he pondered deep in his thoughts on how to confront Tezuka later. The said older boy was also caught up in his own problem that he didn't notice a pair of golden orbs watching his every motion.

The party lasted to near midnight, before everyone noticed that it was late and that they should all head back home. Horio and the gang had left early since their parents came to pick them up respectively, leaving Echizen the only youngest member of the group. Being the captain, Tezuka felt responsible for the well-being of his team members, and volunteered to walk Echizen home.

They walked in silence for a very long time. Both didn't want to break the peaceful silence since they were both still fighting their inner battles to either confess their feelings or keep it hidden. Echizen couldn't stand the waiting any longer, so he did something that his recent acting lessons had taught him. He 'acted' out a coincidental 'accident'. Echizen tripped over something and fell over, twisting his ankle in the process, or so it looked like it.


"Daijoubu desu ka? Echizen!"

"I think I've hurt my ankle, buchou."

"Then let's get you to a hospital."

"Iie, it's just a twisted ankle, nothing serious. I'll be fine. I just want to go home."

"Your home is still far away…why don't I take you to my apartment so that I can treat your wound there."

"Arigatou gozaimasu, buchou."

And so, instead of going home, Echizen was taken to Tezuka's place. Tezuka carried Echizen all the way up to the second floor where his apartment is. Reaching his apartment, Tezuka brought out a bunch of keys and inserting one of them he open the door to a spacious living room. He switched on the lights and it brightened up the room, revealing simple furniture and a cupboard full of books and magazines. Tezuka placed Echizen on the sofa, which happen to be able to convert into a bed.

"Wait for me for a little while. I'll be back with the medicated ointment." said Tezuka.

"Uisu…" was the only answer from Echizen before Tezuka disappeared into the kitchen.

While Echizen was still busily contemplating on how to confront Tezuka, the older boy came back with the ointment and immediately set to work on rubbing Echizen's ankle to ease the pain. The pain hurts, but the touch of his skin sent shivers up Echizen's spine. His mind forgot what he wanted to say to Tezuka, and could only register the sensation of skin touching skin, however little it was.


"Daijoubu desu ka? Does it hurt that bad?" his face showed deep concern for his kouhai.

"Iie, betsuni."

"Here, let's do it this way." And he lifted Echizen up easily and sat him on his lap. He guided Echizen's arms so that they encircled his neck, and he brought him very close until Echizen could feel his hot breathe on his cheek. Echizen blushed at the contact, but it felt so warm and safe to be in Tezuka's arms; to be able to feel his hard chest and strong arms was like a dream come true; a yearning fulfilled.

"What are you doing?" asked Echizen.

"Don't worry. In this way, if you can't bear the pain, all you have to do is squeeze my shoulders hard or bite down on my neck. Then I'll know how hard I should place the pressure on your ankle." explained Tezuka.

"Oh, you mean…like…this…" and Echizen gently and sensually squeezed Tezuka's shoulder. He could feel Tezuka's arousal going hard beneath him as the older boy visibly blushed and was getting high.

"And what about…this…" said Echizen in a husky voice, clouded with lust, as he naughtily bit down on Tezuka's neck. This time Tezuka released a soft moan of pleasure and Echizen pushed his luck even further.

"Yameru… Echizen. Or else I won't be able to treat your ankle."

"There's nothing wrong with my ankle. You didn't want to talk, so I needed the excuse to make you talk."

"About what?" Tezuka was clearly puzzled.

"Why have you been avoiding me?" asked Echizen in a slow but steady voice.

"I've not been avoiding you, Echizen."

"Yes you have. You've not spoken to me during practices ever since that episode in my house. And when it was the real performance tonight, you didn't kiss me the way we've 'practised'. I was disappointed, and confused. I don't know what you're thinking about." Echizen was close to tears as he said those words.

"I wasn't sure that you were ready for all of it. I didn't want to rush you into something you may not understand."

"But ever since that night, my whole world changed. I dream of you; I craved for you; I needed you by my side. And when you weren't there, I felt so hollow inside, and lonely. My world changed because of you, buchou! Aishiteru!"

"Echizen…do you know what you're talking about? Do you even understand the meaning of 'love'?"

"I may not fully understand what love is, but all I know is that I can't go on without knowing whether you truly care for me or not, and that you will always be by my side. Buchou…onegai…"

"Echizen, I do care for you. That's why I don't want to hurt you."

"Buchou…onegai…I just want to be sure that you mean what you did to me that night. You must have a reason for doing that. Just tell, do you really care for my? Love me?" tears were already streaming down his beautiful golden eyes.

"Hai…Aishiteru, Echizen."

"Yokatta…arigatou, buchou." and he hugged Tezuka, not wanting to let him go.

Tezuka pushed Echizen apart so that he could see into his eyes; golden eyes melted in hazel ones. Both his hands cupped Echizen's face, as he slowly brought their lips together for a chaste kiss. Echizen automatically responded to the kiss and he opened his mouth to let Tezuka's tongue slip into his mouth. Soon that chaste kiss quickly turned into a passionate one, as both of them savoured each other's sweetness.

Before the kiss could go any further, Echizen pulled back a little, panting but teasingly said, "Ne, buchou, do you think we could this in a more…comfortable place?" his hands entangled with Tezuka's russet hair.

"You're so pampered…" said Tezuka as he muzzled Echizen's neck.

But he complied; he shifted Echizen on his lap so that his kouhai was straddling him with his legs around his waist, and he lifted the younger boy effortlessly. His hand quickly found the lever that changed the automatically changed the coach into an instant bed.

"Neat…cool gadget, buchou." commented Echizen.

"Fit for a situation… like this…" as Tezuka immediately propped Echizen back down on the 'bed' and quickly continued their unfinished activity.

Their lips found each other, and their kiss was now even hungrier and passionate. Tezuka's hand when beneath Echizen's shirt and began touching and exploring that young, soft, supple skin. It earned him a moan and a shiver of pleasure from the younger boy. His hand continued to stroke his kouhai until it reached his pert nipple; there he played with them, driving Echizen mad with desire.

Echizen's arms clung tightly around Tezuka's neck as he moved his lips from his buchou's mouth to his neck, leaving a trail of hot kisses. He licked and sucked at Tezuka's neck, then down to his collarbone. Both boys were now panting heavily and moaning endlessly, softly.

Tezuka quickly stripped both Echizen and himself of their shirts that restrained them. He continued to play with Echizen's nipples, licking then sucking them merciless, and Echizen moaned ever louder as the pleasure mounted. Then, he tipped his head even lower to lick at Echizen's stomach and his tongue played with his navel. Echizen arched his back deliciously, and as his head fell back, he moaned in ecstasy.

Tezuka's left hand trapped both of Echizen's wrists above his head, while his right hand moved to his erection that was already hard, straining for release, drawing out a gasp from the younger boy.

"Ahh…buchou…" as Echizen wriggled beneath Tezuka.

"Daijoubu, I'll be gentle…" said Tezuka, as he nuzzled Echizen's neck to reassure him that everything was going to be alright.

Tezuka slowly pulled down Echizen's pants, revealing his hard erection. He continued stroking and squeezing it until pre-cum leaked out. "Umm…buchou…hayai yo…onegai…" said Echizen, as he urged Tezuka to go faster. "Relax…we have the whole night to 'discover' each other." comforted Tezuka.

Tezuka then took off his own pants, revealing his own hard erection, and Echizen couldn't take his eyes off his buchou's longer and bigger arousal. He was fascinated by the effect that he had on Tezuka as he absently traced his fingers over Tezuka's arousal in an up-and-down motion, earning a moan of pleasure from the older boy, which fascinated him even more.

Tezuka stopped Echizen's track when he inserted his index finger into the younger boy's small asshole, which made Echizen cried out in shock. "It's alright. The pain will only last for short while. Can you trust me, Echizen?"

His kouhai only nodded, which encouraged Tezuka to go on. This time, he inserted two fingers and made a scissor-like motion, stretching Echizen and preparing him for the pleasure that comes later. Echizen felt like he was soaring high, it was like he was almost in heaven. He arched his back with pleasure, wanting more. His moans were getting louder and his nails were biting into Tezuka's shoulders.

When Echizen was continuously crying out Tezuka's name louder and louder, the older boy took it that he was ready and withdrew his fingers. His hard erection faced the entrance of that small asshole and he made a sudden motion, thrusting into Echizen's tight ass. Echizen cried out and a single tear fell from his eyes. Tezuka licked it away before comforting him with another passionate kiss, reassuring him constantly.

The tightness around his cock made an irresistible friction and he nearly couldn't control himself from just plunging deep into Echizen. But he knew that Echizen needed time to adjust with this new sensation, so he went in slowly.

He trusted and pulled out slowly and rhythmically, and Echizen soon got into the rhythm too. They moved in synchronized motion in the wave of passion, soaring higher and higher into pure oblivion bliss. Then, they both reached their climax together, as Tezuka pumped a few final thrust and his seeds spilled out into the small cavern while Echizen's seeds spilled onto their stomach. As they experienced their orgasm, they cried out the name of the lover respectively, for it was too late to muffle their lovemaking sound.

It was as if they wanted the whole world to know about them and how deep their love is for each other, as they voices carried into the night.

Echizen woke up the next morning, naked, and laying beside Tezuka. His buchou's arm was encircled around him possessively as his own head nestled comfortably in the crook of his shoulders. He looked up to see Tezuka's face, calm and so sweet as he slept soundlessly. He looked so handsome and strong that Echizen couldn't resist touching his beautiful face. He felt so happy and fulfilled, his heart nearly burst with happiness.

Tezuka awoke at the touch, and sleepy hazel eyes turned to meet golden ones.

"Arigatou gozaimasu, buchou."

"Iie, call me by my first name when it's just the two of us."

"So ka, ja Kunimitsu. But, it's too long. Can I call you Mitsu or Kuni?"

"Mitsu sounds better, Ryoma."

Echizen blushed to hear Tezuka calling him by his first name. he would have to get use to it though.

"Ne, Mitsu. Anata wa watashi ni suki desu ka?" (Do you really love me?)

"Hai, daisuki desu, Ryoma. Honto ni." (Yes, very much. Really.)

"Yokatta…" sighed Echizen happily as he snuggled even closer to Tezuka. "Aishiteru, Mitsu."

"Aishiteru, Ryoma…"


Author's Notes: There you have it… It's the end of the story… Finally… Hope you liked it… Till the next story! Ja ne, minna!