A/N: This is simply a collection of conversations between Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson over the years they spent at Hogwarts. They are not necessarily in chronological order except for the first conversation and the last.

Disclaimer: Any recognizable situations and characters are the property of J.K. Rowling, etc., and were used without permission. I'm not claiming them as my own nor am I using them for profit. It's Rowling's universe; I just play in it.


We were stunning together, everyone always said. We were night and day, didn't you know? The silver-haired Adonis and the jet-black Persephone. We were king and queen of Slytherin. We were invincible. We were destined.

"You exaggerate," you always told me. "We were children. How can you possibly believe all that nonsense? Don't you dare tell me, you the cynic—you the practical. Don't you dare say that you believe in fate."

But I did, and I do. How else can you explain us? From the very beginning, I knew. You and I were made for each other—meant for each other.

Even then, ours wasn't the greatest love, or even the most content or most faithful. More often than not, it was confusing, and chaotic, and sometimes abusive. I don't know, looking back, whether we had more good days than bad. We cheated. We doubted each other and ourselves. We both purposefully—maliciously—hurt and mocked and lied.

"It's so difficult loving you," you've said, casually inspecting your perfect fingernails. "It's like trying to love an animal who longs—even begs—to be petted but attempts to bite off your hand as soon as you come near."

There were days when I loathed you just as much as I loved you.

But what we had was genuine. We never made what we were more than what it was… but what we had was enough. Because in spite of it all, we would always return to each other, to this little clearing. Alone together here, nothing else mattered. No one else mattered...
No one but us.