Here it is. The long awaited update. Sorry guys!! I've been so busy teaching English in Korea that I haven't really looked at this thing in awhile. But I am determined to finish it. It's going to be a little bit longer than originally planned, mainly because I kind of forgot my originally planned ending and it's going to take a few more chapters to incorporate the new ending. The next update shouldn't take nearly so long. I'm already working on it. Hope you enjoy!!

"You. Freaking. Idiot!" Elena shouted as she continued to batter Reno. "I can't believe you!"

"Hey, hey! I didn't force you to make the wager!" he shouted, still cowering under her blows.

"Yea, but you made me drunk! I can't believe you! Did you think you were going to get lucky or something," she yelled, pausing her beating.

"Maybe," Reno admitted sheepishly. Elena starting hitting him again.

"You asshole!" she shouted. Tseng stepped in and grabbed Elena's wrists.

"Now, now Elena. Let's just calm down," he said evenly. Elena stared at him a moment before attempting to beat him as well.

"You're just as guilty! You went along with it!" she shouted.

"Hey, now! I'm a victim too," he yelled, letting go of her wrists and backing away. "You guys made me do shots!" Elena kept hitting him.

"Yea, but who gets drunk after two shots?" she shouted. "I was just trying to loosen you up, not get you plastered!"

"But those were potent shots," Tseng whined, edging away from her. Elena stopped hitting him and stared at the dark-haired Turk.

"Good grief, I can't believe I subject myself to hanging out with you," she said, sighing and shaking her head.

"So…does this mean the bet is over," Reno asked cautiously, afraid Elena might start hitting him again.

"Are you an idiot? Of course it's over, I can't even believe we went along with it to begin with," Tseng said as he massaged the bridge of his nose. "I think I'm getting a migraine."

"You just want it to be over because you know you'll lose," Reno muttered. Tseng looked over at Reno and smacked him on the back of the head, his irritation present on his face.

"Shut up, Reno," he said. Elena looked back and forth between the two.

"The bet is still on," she said suddenly. Both men turned and stared at her, Reno with his mouth gaping. Both were speechless for a moment.

"I'm sorry, did I hear you correctly?" Tseng asked. Reno moved his lips, but no sound came out. Tseng reached over and shut his mouth for him. Elena took a deep breath.

"Well, technically, you still have until Friday and it's only Monday. And I never back out on a wager, regardless of my mental state at the time I made the wager," she said, her brown eyes flinting back and forth between the two. "However, I have a few more rules to add." Both men nodded solemnly.

"First of all, I am in charge. I'll change rules whenever I feel like it," she said.

"Wait a minute, that's not fair," Reno started to whine.

"Excuse me, but if I remember correctly you were the one who purposely got me drunk. I see that as means to make whatever rules I want," she said. Reno closed his mouth into a pout.

"Okay," he muttered. Elena rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

"Secondly, getting me drunk again does not count. If you are going to…seduce me, you are only allowed to use your natural charm and appeal," she said.

"Does that negate the no drugs rule?" Reno asked.

"No, that's still in effect," Elena said, narrowing her eyes.

"Damn," Reno said, snapping his fingers.

"And lastly, who the hell told the President about the wager," Elena demanded. Reno and Tseng looked at each other and then over at Rude, who was calmly standing in the doorway watching the whole ordeal.

"He did," they said in unison. Elena rolled her eyes and placed both hands on her hips.

"I am not going to believe that Rude told the President," she said. "Rude doesn't even talk to us."

"Nuh-uh, I saw him talking to the President this morning!" Reno shouted as he pointed to the bald Turk, who was now calmly cleaning his sunglasses with his tie.

"The President had already been informed of the wager when I spoke to him this morning," he said in a monotone. Reno's eyes widened as he stood speechless for a moment before shrugging and looking away.

"Well, you can't blame this one on me," he said.

"Reno! How could you!" Elena shouted.

"I didn't do it!" he shouted back.

"It was me!!" Tseng finally exclaimed. The three Turks looked at him in silent shock. "I was desperate! I needed some tips, so I went to Ru-the President for help. You all know I'm no good at these things." Elena stared at Tseng and then turned away, clamping her hand over her mouth to hold in her laughter. Reno started grinning as he ran his fingers through his bright red hair. Rude simply just put his sunglasses back on and stood solemnly in the doorway as Tseng hung his head in dejection.

"You went to President Shinra for help with seducing Elena?" Reno finally asked. "Wow, I never knew the President was a ladies man."

"Well, I would have asked you for help, but then that would lend way for sabotage," the serious Turk said as he sighed and lifted his eyes from the ground. Elena couldn't help herself. Laugher bubbled up inside her and she started giggling. For some reason she found it endearing that Tseng had to ask for help to woo her. It seemed fitting that the serious Turk leader would have no idea how to interact with women outside of a professional environment. Tseng looked over at her, obviously embarrassed by her laughter.

"Okay, I think it's time I left you both to your strategies," she said, still giggling as she started walking towards the door. Then she suddenly stopped. In her amusement she had nearly forgotten that they were standing her office.

"Wait, this is my office," she said as she turned around. "Everyone out. I have work to do." Rude vacated the doorway while Tseng straightened his tie and attempted to leave the office with as much dignity as possible. Reno grinned and winked at Elena as he started walking towards the door.

"Now the real fun begins," he said slyly as he walked passed her. Elena rolled her eyes and shut the door behind him, then turned and leaned against it.

"What have I gotten myself into?"