"Hurry up Lil, the bus is going to be here any second! You don't want to be late on the first day of school!" Betty screamed from the bottom of the stairs.

"I'll be there soon!" Lil yelled back, as she dug through her bottom drawer furiously. She knew she had left her headband in there. Lil cursed loudly when she felt something prickle her pinky. She retrieved her hand quickly, noticing a splotch of blood forming.

Lil put her bruised pinky in her mouth, and looked down to the cause of this abuse.

Lil sucked in her breath, as she picked up the framed picture. The glass over it had broken from being in the drawer for god knows how long, and having things shoved over it.

Lil took a huge breath before clearing the glass over it, revealing a picture from the past.

It was of her with him. He had his arms around her waist tightly, while her hands had been draped around his neck. They were in a passionate lip lock, unaware of the picture being taken.

Lil felt a bitter smile play on her lips.

It was from two Christmas's ago. They were in his house, under the mistletoe he had cleverly planted

Lil shook her head dismissively; she had been so happy back then. She had foolishly thought her life would be perfect. She had thought she was in love… she had thought she was loved.

Lil grimaced at how naïve she had been. First year of high school, having the football quarterback boyfriend, it had all seemed so perfect. They had known each other their whole lives, their parents showered them with attention, letting their approval be known.

Everyone considered them the cutest couple. Everyone wanted a relationship like theirs. Tons wanted to be them. Little did they know, little did anyone know the way they'd turn out.

Sure they had their arguments, but their affection for each other always won out. They were the it couple in every way.

They were both considered popular and hot. Their looks very envied. Neither was conceited. Lil never tried to dominate anyone or put anyone down, and neither did he.

They were always loyal to each other. They only had eyes for each other, even though many crushed on the two.

Their parents approved. Their families were tight. Everything was going for them.

Lil was on top of the world, she had their whole life planned. They would go through high school together, and then to college, and eventually get married.

But she had never expected the darkness that clouded her life.

One day, she woke up to find that he was gone.

No, he hadn't died, or anything of that sort.

He just left town. He left his family and friends all behind, and ran away.

For weeks, Lil cried herself to sleep every night, and woke with new hope of his return, until one day she got a text message from him.

Lil could still remember the message word for word.

Thanks for the great times.

Later Lil.

And that was it. There was no explanation, no nothing. He just threw that line in her face after everything they had together.


Lil was startled at the rude interruption of her thoughts.

She brushed away the single tear that lingered in her eye, throwing the frame face down in the drawer, and shutting it.

All thoughts of the headband forgotten, Lil grabbed her purse and made for the bus…

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