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"S-She LOVES ME!?!?"

Chapter 1

He had climbed up a tree, he climbed up a tree, for her. For a little girl he didn't even know, for a little blonde girl in a cute baby blue dress, he had climbed up a tree, to get the girls balloon back. Arnold dusted himself off after he handed the little girl her balloon.

He smiled at her, it felt good, to help an innocent little girl, she hugged him in return, which made Arnold's smile widen just a tad more. The blonde boy patted the girl on her head. "Your welcome, just be careful so you don't lose it...In fact.." He grabbed the balloon and tied it to her wrist. He smiled again. "See? There you go, now it wont fly away!"

The little girl giggled and hugged him again, then ran to her parents telling them how her balloon was saved. With a satisfied grin Arnold headed for the sidewalk, when he saw a rush of blonde and pink run into an alleyway. 'Helga?' He thought to himself. 'She was running pretty fast! Is she hurt?'

Worry filling his mind he ran across the street, (Nearly getting hit a few times) and into the alleyway to see Helga, her back facing him, kicking a can, and she was saying something that he couldn't quite hear...

And Arnold moved closer, before he could even think to leave the alley when he realized she was alright, before he could realize that spying on her was wrong. He moved closer and hid behind a garbage can, trying to hear what she was saying, and see what the heck she was doing.

Helga kicked the poor can again. "Heh, Arnold, what a buffoon...What a stupid doormat, he climbed up a fricken tree just for a stupid balloon! Is he so stupid as to realize he could just buy the girl another one?" She kicked the can again. "Heh, Arnold, how I despise him..." She whipped her head around looking around frantically, and when she thought she was SURE nobody was there, reached into her shirt and pulled out her heart shaped locket..."And yet...I love him!"

She twirled around. "I love his compassion for a small child, I love how he has the decency and bravery to pull off such a feat, such an act of kindness, courage, not once even thinking of a reward nor expecting a thank you!"

"Oh Arnold my love, how I wish I could be like you, how I wish I could be brave and kind, yet I cannot, for I know I shall never be strong enough to show my emotions..."

She held the locket against her chest. "Oh, how I yearn to be near you, how my heart longs to hear you whisper words of love into my ear. Oh I dream of the day that I can gather up the courage to tell you of my undying love!!"

She sighed and leaned against the alleyway wall. "And yet, I fear that if I someday do gather up the courage to tell you, that you shall reject me, even fear and hate me...Oh...Arnold..." She closed her eyes and let out a sigh of adoration, passion, and morbid depression...

All the while, Arnold stared at the girl, (Who was still holding the locket to her chest) in shock. 'S-She...LOVES ME!?!?'

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