Hello my dears!

Jenn here aka xBakura's lovex.

The reason I'm spamming your inboxes with this is because, quite frankly. I CANNOT re-read this fanfiction. If only because my writing style, my skill, has gotten SOO much better. Honestly, so much so that reading this makes me cringe and want to take a power drill to my skull.

That being said, to you, my dear fans of this fic, would you like me to re-write it? Of course I'll keep this version up, but I'm thinking of writing an entirely new "SHE LOVES ME!?!" New plot points, filling in the gaps and such. Honestly my writing has improved soo much, and I honestly feel ashamed to have this be one of my post popular fics, knowing that I could do SOO Much better and satisfy you more.

SO once again! I am asking you! Should I write a new version of it? Incorporate more depth? More skill? Less spelling and grammar errors? The choice is yours!! Tell me what you think~!!