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Wear them gold and diamonds rings
All them things don't mean a thing
Chaperons and limousines
Shopping for expensive things
I be on the movie screens
Magazines and boogie scenes
I'm not clean, I'm not pristine
I'm no queen, I'm no machine
I still go to Taco Bell
Drive through, raw as hell
I don't care, I'm still real
No matter how many records I sell
After the show or after the Grammies
I like to go cool out with the family
Sippin', reminiscing on days when I had a Mustang
And now I'm in...

first class
Up in the sky
Poppin' champagne
Livin' the life
In the fast lane
And I wont change
By the Glamorous, oh the flossy flossy

"Gabriella, look here!" a camera-man shouted. "Give me a nice big smile! Come on, Gabriella, just this once!" Gabriella put her head down and firmly ambled through the crowd, body guards blocking screaming fans from attacking her. She was exiting the record studio where she was in the middle of recording her fourth triple platinum top of the best seller list hit. "Aw, Gabi, when are you gonna give us a smile?!" Gabriella continued into the stretch limo waiting for her, a guard opening the door for her.

"Good afternoon, Miss Montez," her driver greeted. "How was your recording session?"

"How many times have I told you, Patrick," Gabriella began, "call me Gabriella. Miss Montez is my mother. And, the session was good. They're kind of trying to cut off my creativity, though. They want me to sing it exactly as they want it, and you know me, I control my songs."

"Well," Patrick replied, "they'd be fools to try and change your style. You're previous three albums were so successful. You still have record breaking numbers being published."

"Well, I'm super-excited for this one. It's going to be even better than the previous three, I assure you."

"Oh, I'm confident it will be Miss Mon…Gabriella. You're albums certainly do keep getting better and better. Mrs. Baylor called me and told me to take you to her manor instead of to the restaurant for lunch. She said Mr. Baylor is not working today, and he has offered to whip you two up something gourmet on the terrace of their own house."

"Wonderful," Gabriella replied. "I like eating on the terrace better than the restaurant, anyways. There's the ocean view, the peacefulness, and of course, no screaming fans. It's like paradise."

"It sounds like it," Patrick said, pulling up to an iron gate on the bottom of a high mountain. He slipped an identification card into the code box on the side, entered Gabriella's personal password, and drove through the gate which opened for them. He proceeded to drive up the mountain, smoothly winding around the roads. After a few minutes of silence, he finally pulled up to the mansion, letting Gabriella off by the door. She rang the doorbell, the door opening not a second later, a screaming Sharpay pulling Gabriella inside.

"GABI!" she squealed. "IT HAS BEEN SO LONG!"

"Shar, I saw you yesterday," Gabriella laughed.

"Well it felt like a long time. Zeke is preparing steamed rice with shrimp and vegetable stir fry covered in sweet soy sauce, our favorite!"

Shortly after high school, Sharpay put her theater life on hold, and traveled to Hollywood, instantaneously landing numerous lead roles in popular movies, raking in the big ones. Zeke became a famous world-class chef, and opened the most popular restaurant in Hollywood. He was also given his own television show on the cooking channel. He made numerous appearances on news shows and shows like Oprah, showing the world how to bake the perfect crème Boulez and perfectly sautéed a mushroom. Zeke and Sharpay married each other and live in their own mountain, Mount Baylor.

"So, Gabi, part of the reason I wanted you to come here today instead of go to some public restaurant where the whole world can overhear our conversations, is I have something very important and special to tell you." Sharpay was so excited, making Gabriella itch to know what it was.

"Ooh, what is it?" Gabriella wanted to know so badly.

"I don't know, maybe we should eat first…" Sharpay suggested.


"I'M PREGNANT!" she screamed, happily. "Can you believe it?! I mean, I know what you're thinking. How can this happen with such a busy schedule? How on earth did Zeke and I manage it?"

"I have a pretty good idea how you managed it Sharpay," Gabriella laughed. "When a man and woman love each other very much…"

"Save the sex talk for your children," Sharpay snapped sarcastically.

"If I ever have any," Gabriella lamented.

"Oh, Gabi, you will, I assure you. You're too beautiful to pass up. Every guy wants you out there."

"Not every guy," Gabriella corrected her, "just the creepy stalkers."

"Gabi, there's someone out there for you and you're going to find them, and when you do they won't be married, have disgusting tattoos and piercings, or be creepy stalkers." Gabriella scoffed.

"So now Taylor's at home with Nicole, a little flustered that they won't give me paternity leave," Chad said to his best friend and teammate on the airplane to Miami to play the Heat.

"Yeah, well, you still have a kid and a wife," his friend reminded him, "better than me."

"Hello, have you picked up any magazine lately?" Chad asked. "Troy Bolton, the most eligible bachelor of our day, batting his dashing eye lashes, and piecing your heart with his lovable blue stare…"

"Shut up," Troy snapped. "Do I really have a lovable blue stare?"

Chad rolled his eyes. "Wow, Troy, wow."

"I was kidding."

"And what do you mean about having no wife or child?" Chad pointed out, "you have a girlfriend."

"Yeah, I guess," Troy replied, "but I never get to see her. I love her to death, but like, I never get to spend time with her. I only get to talk to her on the phone at night, and although I hear her say those words, I love you, I doubt she really means them."

"Newsflash, I don't get to see Taylor much, either," Chad reminded Troy.

"Yeah, but you know you have her," Troy explained, "there's the commitment of marriage and a child. Kelly and I have…nothing."

"You and Kelly have something, Troy, you've been dating for two years."

"Yeah, well like I said, we don't spend that much time together. I don't even know if I love her…well I know I love her, but I don't know if she's the one, and I am dying to find out, and I'm not quite sure how, I don't have the time."

"What is in your heart?" Chad questioned him, "What is it saying? Does your heart say she is the one?"

"I can't trust my heart, Chad, it lies to me too much. A long time ago, my heart told me I had met my match, and boy was I wrong. I have to find out for myself who is the person for me."

"How about you bring Kelly with you to a game, an away game I mean," Chad suggested, "just fly her out here and have her stay here with you."

"Um, that's kind of a married couple thing," Troy answered nervously, "we'd be judged by a lot of people if she tagged along."

"Then sleep in two separate rooms," Chad advocated. "Then, no one will thank anything of it. They'll just assume you two missed each other."

"I guess."

The first thing Troy did when he arrived in his hotel room late that night was call Kelly. He hadn't talked to her all day, and he was dying to hear her voice.

"Hey baby," he said once she picked up, "you don't know how much I miss you."

"I miss you, too," she replied, "how was your day?"

"It was okay. All we did was travel, pretty boring. Listen, I am really tired and need to get some sleep obviously with the big game tomorrow, but I have an idea. How about you come with us to Phoenix next weekend? We play the Suns, and as you know I grew up in Arizona, so I was thinking we could meet my parents and stay with them. How does that sound?"

"Sounds fun," she replied happily. "I can't wait. This is the first time you've ever invited me to travel along with you guys. Why now all of a sudden?"

"I'm so sick of never being able to see you and be with you," Troy explained, "I want us to be together more, now. I love you, Kelly. I don't want basketball to control our relationship anymore. I'm exhausted. I need to sleep. Good night. I love you."

"I love you, too, bye."

"What may I get you, Miss?" the bartender asked Gabriella nicely.

"Bloody Mary," she replied.

"And you?" he asked Sharpay.

"Non-alcoholic cocktail," she ordered. The waiter gave her a questioning look. "I obviously can't celebrate, now," she whispered in Gabriella's ear.

The two were at a celeb party at Hollywood's finest club. The paparazzi was everywhere outside the club, for this was one of the biggest parties of the year. Gabriella and Sharpay joined Zeke at a table and caroused joyously. They were celebrating Sharpay's pregnancy and Gabriella's soon-to-come hit album.

"May I have this dance?" Zeke asked Sharpay, bowing low pretending to be a gentleman.

"Of course," Sharoay answered springing from her seat and heading off to the center of the dance floor with Zeke. Gabriella was now left alone. She looked around awkwardly, expecting to wait for Zeke and Sharpay to stop dancing, even though that could take hours. At least Sharpay was sober.

"You're Gabriella Montez, right?" an attractive blonde man approached Gabriella saying.

"That's me," Gabriella replied.

"I'm Jace Rendel," he introduced himself. "Would you like to dance?"

"Sure," Gabriella agreed. They took their place on the dance floor next to Zeke and Sharpay where they danced with each other all night long, exchanging phone numbers at the end of the night.

"I'll call you tomorrow," Jace promised as they left.

"Oh, Gabi!" Sharpay squealed excitedly. "You must tell me everything!"

Gabriella sighed and began to recount the events of the night to Sharpay.

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